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port villa vanuatu snorkeling Jan 17, 2009

we were only in port villa for one day , on a cruise ship,which was cool.

so we got off the ship and wanted to do the snorkeling and see the city, so we got off the ship and the taxi drivers were trying to rip us off and charge like $80 for a sight seeing trip, so we eventualy bargined and found a driver and some like minded people. it cost like $15 for four hour tour.

well the driver basically took us through all the little townships and explainded the french influences, etc, but none of this was very interesting so we asked him to take us to hideaway island, which is like 20min from the boat dock.its over in the next bay from irriki island and resort, by the way that looks nice. anyways its a free boat ride (2min) form where we got dropped off. so we arrive on the island and have to pay a small entry free as a day tripper, whic is fine, and alot cheeper than any other tour u can do. so we hired snorkeling gear, and jumped into the water, which is warm and shallow, so we are like one meter deep and the coral starts, and we make our way to a deeper section where the coral really gets interestin and colourfull, like yellows and purples , grey , brown etc, there is the worlds only underwater post office where i write on a waterproof post card and send it home,rally cool. the clairty is remarakble and there are plenty of fish you can almost touch them.

after that the same taxi driver who waitd for us took us to the duty free shops, and there are a few but the one at the end/begigind of the main strip is the best, its owned by asians. so you can get a bottle of vodka for $18 and its a litre and Absolute. well we made it back to our boat jsut in time and shipped off on to the next location...

we bought some local voda in the suoermarket and smuggled it onto our crusie ship (as they do not allow alcohol to be consumed on the boat if its not bought from them) so we smuggled it in water bottles and got away with it and got tanked. the duty free stuf they gve u back when u arrive at home port.

cheers craig
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