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Point Pleasant Overview

Point Pleasant is most famous for a series of local legends centered on the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed 46 people. According to these legends, a moth-like humanoid was seen by several Point Pleasant residents in the weeks leading up to the disaster. The creature is said to have predicted the collapse. This is the source of the book and movie, The Mothman Prophecies.

The town is also noted for the October 10, 1774, Battle of Point Pleasant, in which Virginia militiamen led by Colonel Andrew Lewis defeated Shawnee Chief Cornstalk and his coalition of Shawnee and Mingo warriors. The event is celebrated in Point Pleasant as the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, a distinction made official by an act of Congress in 1910, though the battle is actually the largest and only confrontation of Lord Dunmore's War.

Point Pleasant is home to the mothman museaum. There is a 12 foot tall, stainless steel sculpture of the Mothman by artist Robert Roach is in downtown Point Pleasant.

A replica of Fort Randolph, a fort from the American Revolutionary War. The town of Point Pleasant was built on the site of the original fort, and so the rebuilt fort was located nearby.