Playa d'en bossa

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Is there a really a boss in boss-a and if it is a woman is she so new? nova nova! Nov 07, 2015
I just wanted to add this review to alert and inform others, perhaps it needs not review but I thought to add it quickly to express a certain change of environment that I have seen prevalent in this strip that is very notorious and/or famous with people that flock to the island:

Located in Ibiza, this place cannot be missed. You will one time or another go to this strip of clubs, pubs, hotel and shops. Perhaps this review might serve as a little surviving guide as to what I have experience there. Many people experience it but I rather review it as it is a relevant place on many peoples travels to this island.

The strip of this beach can be comprised of the following parts:

1) shops selling random artifacts for clubbers, such as beachballs, towels, key chains and/or small things besides food as well.

2) hotels and boutique hotels.

3) clubs

4) pubs

5) shady places like brothels and/or massage parlours.

Now, I will be quick to the point:

The strip is fun. You have to like dealing with people however, people that are drunk, people that are noisy, people that are needy, people looking to score, girls looking for guys, guys looking for girls, drunk people, hookers, escorts, drug dealers, people everywhere.

If you dont like crowds and crowded beaches stay far away.

Best advice to survive this place without being harassed too much: be a bit aggressive and try to be friendly to those that you know are selling dope. Not to be stereotypical but those who are in the streets selling drugs, used cds and/or the prostitutes of African descent.

They are usually nice if you actually take a little bit of time to get to know them. I guess part of my review is to actually endorse better relations between tourist and these type of people. Why? - well they can be your look outs in times of need. When you are at your weakest, they can tell you who did what to whom and find out information for you as well. Like where is what. And usually they can be more trustworthy than other tourist that might actually give you wrong information and are probably in an altered state of mind. Other than this otherwise non complacent European perspective towards these street people, be careful with thieves and pick pockets inside the clubs. The crowded beaches full of people drunk and high.

Places to look out for and attend within the strip:

ushuia beach hotel. Simply amazing.

space . great club.

muphys pub - great place to meet and have a cheap beer.

Tantra bar - Great bar with hip crowd and better than average music with very good pre-parties.

Dunes - a very big restaurant/pub. good for meet ups

etc etc.

In my opinion this place has decayed in terms of affordable places to go without having to pay an arm and a leg (for a budget minded traveler) for a beer and/or food. With perhaps the exception of some pizza joints and/or small shops.

Where I would recommend buying beer and taking to the beach in coolers containers to save on the high prices of cocktails. Although this is actually frowned upon due to the current new wave of v.i.p culture that has made the prices soar of everything from alcohol to water. Which has made the strip less hippie-like and friendly and more money driven. Which can be seen reflected in the shows, the crowd , the atmosphere and the way people carry themselves. I think it is important to make this observation because it seems customers are likely to behave in herd like behavior given that there is a certain prevalent nature and attitude that most people adopt. Thus the strip of this beach has created a certain modern attitude that seems to be breeding a new wave of beach dance culture. Where hippies, clubbers and muscle dudes sort of co-exist in a friendly environment to the point where consumerism allows them to. To the point where people are nice to each other as long as you can pay or someone can pay for you. Unless you know someone. The anti-thesis of this type of environment would be burning man festival, where everyone shares everything or this would be the main prevalent idea. It is important to state that there are parties that still hold this type of atmosphere, community and good music with less emphasis in money culture. Within this economic model therein a tourist will all sorts of travelers from all over the world. Youth in its main component , drug, wanton for sex and music.

The all inclusive package for love scams, tourist traps, broken hearts waiting to find a significant person and party animals looking to score. Leave inhibitions at home, leave them far behind.

my perspective. My youth , still existent. It's my life! - i guess, even though it might be only momentarily.

have fun , be safe.
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