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Plan Your Trip! May 20, 2009
You'd better plan your trip, under these conditions:

1. You want your trip to smoothly going on.

2. Low tolerance or zero tolerance to unexpected things that may happened during your trip.

3. On a budget travelling. Like I did many times :)

But if:

1. You are excited on how things, life, faith would turned out to be.

2. See bad things happened as other moments to be remembered in the future and to be laugh at.

3. Have plenty of money that you don't care on how much you would spend during the trip.

Then, don't bother to see this review. It is really a waste of time for doing so...

If you want to know what I usually plan before I do the trip, below is the answer (step by step):

1. Define the length of your trip.

2. Search the flight schedule.

3. Search how many places that you might visit.

4. Survey, which places worth to see and which that don't.

5. Calculate the time to go back and forth from/to the airport. By doing that, you will get the nett duration of your trip.

6. Calculate the time length for every place. Consider the transportation time to get to the place, time needed for sightseeing, resting, having lunch/dinner.

7. Group the destination places by its area.

8. Try to connect from one place to another. Is it possible to have 3 destinations in a day, for example.

9.. Survey hotels arround each place.

10. Decide which hotel you should take. Considering: the location, the facilities they offered, the comments from others who have stayed there, and finally the price which should match with your budget for accomodation.

11. Survey the local food, how it looks like, the taste, from what it was made, the price, and how/where the best to get it (the delicious but affordable one).

10. Survey additional details needed: the cost and available transportations from the airport to downtown and vice versa, the vehicle you want to use during the trip, vaccines and visa if required (the procedure of getting it, where to get it, and at what price), where to buy souvenirs, etc.

11. Summarize the cost and the time budget into one table.

12. Check your passport validity.

What else? I think it is enough so far.

After that, the preparation is final. Take rest, then :)
ariwardani says:
Hahaha....good input, Bernard! :)
Posted on: May 20, 2009
bernard69 says:
What else?first I check the climate:))
Posted on: May 20, 2009
ariwardani says:
Yeah, it's not efficient to have a long queue on the immigration. Really takes time. Also, waiting for the conveyor belt in order to get our luggages. :)
Posted on: May 20, 2009
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