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Amongst a plethora of cities so enticing its amazing Italy isn’t even more inundated with tourists than it already is, Pisa stands out for one reason alone: The Leaning Tower. In a seemingly constant state of near collapse, the ornate column is perfectly placed for photographs of visitors ‘holding it up’, ‘leaning against it’ and ‘pushing it over with one finger’.

The leaning tower, after all, is one of those iconic oddities that you just have to have amongst your travel photos. Despite its international fame, though, it’s far from the only sight that you’ll find on arrival. The Field Of Miracles – home to The Tower – is also the spot where you’ll find the (upright) Duomo, a Baptistry and a mammoth cemetery, each of which is equally worthy of your time. This one small, historical area of town alone is worth a whole day, lounging on the grass surrounding the old buildings or ogling the treasures housed within.

Pisa is a port town, and the Museum of Roman Ships takes you back to its early days with an array of scale models, while the colorful river front is worth exploring in terms of archeological oddities built into the stone work and tower houses, which once acted as guards to the town and its river entrances.

Pisa is also a student town, which means both bargain shopping and a hectic nightlife. Plenty of fashionable fakes can be found on the instantly removable market stalls, while an abundance of affordable bars and an energetic clubbing scene are there for the taking, too (there aren’t many clubs, so ask around – when you find one you’ll invariably find it crammed to the rafters and full of energy).

Pisa isn’t Rome or Venice, but its sights are equally memorable, and the city itself makes for more of a personal, small-town experience. Surprisingly, most don’t come back talking about the tower (though it is a must see), but about the charming streets and laid-back way of life the locals seem to have perfected. All in all, it makes for the perfect taste of Tuscany.

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