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From Rain to Sun in Piran, Slovenia
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Sep 18, 2007 – Oct 11, 2007
Remember, clicking the + sign on the map to the left will zoom in so you can see where I am! Whew! I just heard the word…
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Sep 20, 2014 – Sep 27, 2014
I had mentioned to our Slovenian host that I would have liked to see the coast, and especially the Venetian cities like Koper a…
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This blog was featured on Monday November 10th, 2014
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On to the Slovenian Coast
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May 17, 2006 – May 31, 2006
After lunch, bikes were put up on the trailer for the final time, biking gear was put away and it was into the vans for th…
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May 16, 2013 – May 21, 2013
the drive was another great one although im not sure if i fell asleep or not.. im thinking in didnt.. just closed my eyes.. but…
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This blog was featured on Saturday May 25th, 2013
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