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Pike Place, Seattle, WA, USA

Pike Place Market Seattle Reviews

Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Seattle's Best Market Place Sep 28, 2017
I rated this expensive because Seattle in general is expensive. The cost of living is high in comparison to other cities in the United States. We made a stop at the market during our Fall break vacation trip.

I must admit Pike place reminded me of my childhood and the vegetable and fruit markets of Uganda. It was refreshing to eat fresh exotic fruits and enjoy the smells of fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

The flowers are such a feast for the eyes, my husband and daughter even bought me a bouquet for just $5.

If I was living in Seattle at the time, I would have bought some of the fresh seafood and made my own at home.

Highly recommended. If you find yourself in Seattle, make a point of stopping by the market, you will not be disappointed.
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Pike Place Market, Seattle
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travelwithsuz travelwi…
25 reviews
Pike Place Market, Seattle…..Fresh is King & Food is Queen! Aug 11, 2015
Why do markets inspire me? Could it be the array of fruits and vegetables laid before my eyes? Markets fire up my creative glands, as if I was a painter, splashing a blank canvas with colors of the rainbow? Is it the fresh smell of fish with its glistening scales and gills, heads attached and wearing a smile on their faces, as if saying to the fish monger, “Sir my work here is done”!

Clams, mussels, oysters, still throbbing and breathing until the shell shuts itself, keeping inside the memories of their good life spent in the wild. Or that heavenly smell of freshly baked bread, which makes my taste buds go berserk, as I go closer and closer to the bake shop. I am sure you believe I can only utter two words at that point, “I WANT”! These were my emotions as I travelled the small alleys of the popular dreamland called the Pike Place Market.

The journey began at ten in the evening when we conducted a reconnaissance mission. Every good food journey requires proper scouting, of course. Our driver, who happened to be my brother, just had to know the best parking spots and maneuvering grounds. My sis-in-law was determined to identify how we are going to scour the market wisely, which included watering holes and best chow places. My fifteen year old nephew, who practically lives on cheese and pasta, saw a cheese shop and said, tomorrow guys, just leave me here will ya? And what about me? Well, being a greedy, cheeky monkey that I am, I wanted to “SEE ‘EM ALL”!

That night, whilst walking along the empty alleys, we stumbled upon the Gum Wall alley! Luckily, there were a few people around so we managed to have our photos taken without any obstructions. With a wall of masticated gum to ourselves as the backdrop, we took millions and gazillions of selfies, to mark the start of our special, summer, holiday treat. Think, what better way to start an adventure than a picture with tons of chewing gum? Come on, live a little!

Just like any other market, the hustle and bustle starts very early in the morning. Armed with our empty tummies and our determination to find the best breakfast, we made our way to the market. Our last night’s mission paid off as we managed to park right across from the market. There was an Italian guy at the parking area. He saved us from paying top dollar at the public parking area. Well of course, we gave him a tip to return the favor.

The market was already teeming with people when we arrived. The first stop was at the fish monger who attracted buyers by throwing the whole salmon across the counter, to be caught by the shop assistant. He found it cute and funny, to dangle the whole fish, an inch away from the potential buyer’s face. So if you don’t like to experience eye to eye contact with a dead fish, don’t stand close to that counter! This was marketing with a real flair.

From there, the walk began.

We saw the beautiful flowers in all varieties. Fresh fruit and vegetables, all kinds of meat, dried flavored pasta (chocolate flavored pasta is available too), fresh honey, olive oils, wine, cheeses, dried fish, printed shirts sold by the artists themselves, glass jewelries, stones, earthenware, kitchen gadgets and the list goes on and on, and on and on….seems like forever. Our trip ended with the lovely baked goodies we bought from the Russian Bake Shop…PIROSKY, PIROSKY. We bow our heads and pay tribute to the bakers who knew how to create these happy treats because every time I bite into my chocolate cream hazelnut roll, I closed my eyes, smiled and said….Mmmm…..Yummy…Ohh my Happy Tummy….I Pike Place Market6am alive !

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the hundreds of farmers and producers who kept the market alive and healthy since 1907. And of course, not to forget the Seattle residents who understood the principle that Fresh is King and Food is the Queen!

Oooops, pardon me, I have to leave..I have some more pastries to experience!
It's 10 o'clock in the evening...
Stick Your Gum and Be a Part of Hi…
Say Cheese Fishes!
Lucky Pig!
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travelwithsuz says:
Thank you fellow writers for the recognition! Please check out my blogs at sujatravel.com too :)
Posted on: Aug 20, 2015
rsvpme says:
Hey...Congrats on the feature. Read this first in www.sujatravel.com and figured it was a feature..Well done !
Posted on: Aug 20, 2015
vulindlela says:
Posted on: Aug 20, 2015
mineher mineher
2 reviews
Pike Place May 21, 2012
Seattle's Oldest Farmer's Market. Spring and summer is the best time to go. The long row of beautiful locally grown flowers are the main attraction. There's fresh seafood, and other local goodies there as well. This Market is actually really big, taking up almost 5 blocks long if you count post alley, three different levels, and hosting many restaurants. Don't miss the FIRST Starbucks EVER, piroshky piroshky (russian bakery), and Pike place's very own brewery. Lots to see and look at. At the north end of the market, is a park where you can relax and enjoy the ferries come in and out of Puget Sound. Its a tourist area, but a must see. There's also a ghost tour available, watch guys throw fishes, and don't forget to visit the gum wall and add your very own piece to it. =)
One of the many flower vendor at P…
Lowell's Restaurant
Flying Fish!!
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night_cruiser says:
Thnx for the tip ,you are right ... this market can't be missed ..
Posted on: May 09, 2012
ahtibat17 ahtibat17
266 reviews
Get Lost in Here Jul 13, 2012
Pike Place Market is a wonderful place to get lost in. I could have easily spent hours here. There is so much to look at. The fresh flower stands are gorgeous, fresh blooms pop with color and bouquets are just $10. There are baked goods stands, and jewelry sellers. Others sell Washington produce like cherries. Of course, the fish vendors are entertaining, throwing large fish back and forth across the counter. There are restuarants located at the market, as well, if you are needing a bite to eat.

Pike Place Market is located at First Avenue and Pike Street. It is within walking distance of the Light Rail system, something like four blocks away, or so.

The market is a bustling place, both with tourists and locals, alike. There are two levels to it: street level and "Down Under". Pike Place Market is open everyday of the week; closing only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
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X_Drive says:
What, no pictures of the fish tossing?!? It sure is a fun place. :D
Posted on: Jul 13, 2012
Glynnes says:
Nice review and photos. Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Jul 13, 2012
rcgreen15 rcgreen15
5 reviews
So many things to check out. Apr 27, 2011
There are at least 3 different stories at the market. They are located underground and feature the most random, yet interesting stores. Lots of vintage and classic stores underground. On the main level you will see the place they throw the fish, and lots of other foods from the area. THE MOST GORGEOUS flowers you have ever seen are for sale there too.
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clowboy clowboy
32 reviews
Best free thing to do in Seattle Oct 15, 2011
The pike street Market was really cool. It's not that big but there are a few things worth seeing and doing there. For example the first Starbucks is located there and although it isn't really anything special or different to any other starbucks (except perhaps the que) it is still cool to be able to say you have had a coffee there. The fish stall that throws the fish from the counter to the wrapper was also cool. Otherwise it's one of those places just to kill some time, wandering around enjoying the atmosphere. Plenty of street performers also make it fun. There are also plenty of options for food, many of the places have won numerious awards
Kylana Kylana
15 reviews
Good fun for all Sep 06, 2011
There is so much you can see here, from Joke shops, to book stores to food stands.

My favorite place to eat here is Beecher's Homemade Cheese, they have the best mac and cheese ever (you can find it at some of the grocery stores now too but so much better fresh).

Wonderful art, and of course everyone has to see the fish toss. The guys seem to enjoy their work.

There is also a place to get donuts as well which is sometimes worth the trip on its own.

Make sure to have cash with you because not all places will take card and there aren't many cash machines around.
EricaDawn EricaDawn
1 reviews
Woundering Mar 22, 2011
I love the market it is easy to find and you can wounder around for ever if you want. There is a great spice and tea market and some of the resturants have great veiws of the sound
Jacqueline_R Jacqueli…
4 reviews
This Place Is Huge And Crowded! Jul 16, 2010
The Pike Place Market is HUGE. It is about nine acres large so bring your walking shoes! I would not really recommend the main walkway for those with mobility issues during the peak hours due to the fact that it can get extremely crowded and difficult to navigate. Of course the main draw at the beginning, at least where I enter the market, is the Pike Place Fish which has a grand show of throwing the fish while telling the crowd to stay back so they can help their real customers. My big gripe about this is why perform the show if they are going to complain about the crowds it draws? Of course, I did not buy the seafood they were hawking due to the fact that I was staying in a hotel and I cannot eat seafood. But they do sell their seafood online at their website http://www.pikeplacefish.com/ in case you really wanted some but couldn’t get it while you were there. One place I wouldn’t miss is the Pike Place Flowers, whose website is http://www.pikeplaceflowers.com/ , where I got an amazing dried bouquet of flowers that were a little bit of a pain to get home but they made it all in one piece! I get compliments about them all the time! I do warn people though that the prices there can be very steep so if you can find the same items elsewhere then in might be better to purchase them there. There are also some really great antique and collectibles stores that are worth it to at least window shop at.

The Pike Place Market is an iconic Seattle place and no visit is complete without stopping at this place. The atmosphere is very busy, which is exciting, and the stores and vendors offer some amazing goods. I had a great time there!

Pike Place Market Website: http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/
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kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
83 reviews
Pike Place Market Aug 23, 2010
I was really surprised at the size of Pike Place Market, and the fact that it is essentially a farmer's market-type of lay out, at least the section that we found ourself in at first. You can find a long row of vendors hawking their wares, and just about anything that you can think of--spices, foods, produces, meats, fish, collectibles and souvenirs, the list goes on and on. Before coming here, I was under the impression that Pike's Place Market would be more like an outdoor shopping plaza with a variety of different buildings with stores in them. I was also unprepared for the large number of people crammed into such a small place. Of course, there are two things that you must do at Pike's Place--the first is to go to Pike's Place Fish Market and watch as they throw around the fish that people buy. It really is a form of entertainment--but of course, if no one is buying fish, there is nothing for them to throw around. The second thing you need to do here is to buy some fresh produce--perhaps some peaches.

There are areas of Pike's Place market that are more like stores in a mall, if you walk around a bit and get away from the main level mass humanity. You can also find places to sit down and rest, something that is rare when you first enter the market.
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johnnyk johnnyk
17 reviews
Pike Place market Dec 10, 2010
"Here we are now entertain us,a mulatto

an albino a mosquito my libido, yea"(1)

Maybe I should have saved mushmouths lyrics just in case I write a review from Aberdeen.

I have often favored a trip to the local market as a way to get a feel for a place. The city of Seattle sports a very good one along the Puget Sound Waterfront. Pike Place Market has gained renown as it's resurgance coincided with the fame of the Fish Market.

I will spare you the standard tourist photographs of airborne Coho but we made multiple trips to the market during the ten days we spent in the Pacific Northwest.

I purchased several bundles of fresh cut flowers as well as rasberries, mangos, blueberries, jumbo shrimp and cheese.

A small park adjacent to the market featured local entrepreneurs peddling dime bags of BC and purple.

(1) Nirvana "Smells like teen spirit"
Breakfast at Pike place Market
Flowers keep Mrs Johnnyk happy
Early bird gets the worm
More good stuff
Kris10Byrd Kris10By…
5 reviews
Great fun for Free!!! Sep 26, 2010
I love this place fresh seafood, meat, and veggies. Also includes great places to eat and have a look about the people. Love the crafts and nuts :) I used to live in Seattle and loved coming here to get food. You don't have to buy anything many places in the market give samples. Now when I visit I'm sure to get a small kitchenette with the room of my hotel so I may cook some of this wonderful food. Love that they carry morel mushrooms. Although at over 20$ a pound can be a bit expensive but totally worth it.
The place where they throw the fis…
Bought these ... they were wonderf…
Flagship Starbucks store
HuBison says:
I may be on my own and am wondering if public transportation is an option here and whether I can walk from Pike Place to a great sushi restaurant.
Posted on: Aug 09, 2011
acgemt acgemt
17 reviews
A Must See for those in Seattle! Sep 28, 2010
Pike Place Market has such a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, nuts and of course - fish! Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes because there are several floors of shops to explore for souvenirs and gifts.
Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
osgoodst osgoodst
124 reviews
one of a kind place for the USA May 31, 2009
Pikes place market is an open market in Seattle modeled on the Eastern style of marketplaces, you know disorganized, dense, a little bit chaotic, but still functional.

It also has a number of very famous places and several places I would consider hidden gems.

The layout of the market is a group of three buildings that are warehouse like filled with stalls and what not. The surrounding streets which are a tad bit hilly are filled with more formal stores and several museums. There are also many delicious restaurants.

The most famous places are the many fish stalls, some that throw fish around. These are featured in the movie free willy.

Another famous place is the original star bucks. (not the original original, which was a guy with a cart). The cool thing about this is that several bands perform in front of it including a Nirvana cover band and this blind fellow.

Several hidden gems include this sausage shop, a gourmet vinegar guy, several interesting huckleberry stands, and lots of great places to get crab products.

This is a great place to wander around, and most of the people walking around here are very friendly.
me infront of the first starbucks
a hunk of ground pork shaped like …
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Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
I love the fish market. I stood there for some time watching the fish "show"
Posted on: Nov 13, 2009
aelder2259 aelder22…
216 reviews
Reminiscent of the markets in Europe Feb 28, 2009
Pike Place Market has a long history in Seattle. The many shops are a tourist delight, while the locals frequent the produce and fish vendors. I make sure that anyone visiting me from out of state gets a trip to the market. The best times are early in the morning right after the vendors set up (around 9am) or near the end of day (around 4pm). This is to avoid the crowds, which are especially heavy during the cruise ship season.

You'll find some of the freshest produce and seafood the Pike Place Market.
ErinPatty ErinPatty
10 reviews
A Market with fish tossing Apr 29, 2008
If you want to brave the crowds and see some of Seattle then Pike Place Market is the place to visit. It is located right on the water front and has something for everyone. There are stalls that sell fresh produce, flowers, jewelry, wine, noodles, soap, and there is the famous fish throwing.

Pike Place Market is a pretty cheap place to visit if you don’t want to spend money. Just walking around the market and browsing can be a lot of fun. My recommendation is to head over and watch the fish tossing. These guys are pros with great communication skills (they can toss without looking and not drop a fish). They get into a rhythm and the orders just start flying…as does the fish. If you want something that smells a bit sweeter than head over to the flower area of the market. They have a ton of flowers and they are huge…really not normal sized.

Of course, if you are on the waterfront then you may want to stop for some fish and chips. I would recommend Athenian where a plate of fish and chips costs under $10.00. See if you can get a seat that overlooks the water. You can watch the famous ferry boats come in.

Pike Pace Market is a great area but there are crowds so be ready for a slow stroll you will get to where you want to go eventually.
A view from the Athenian.
Fish and Chips at the Athenian
Pike Place Market
Some of the flowers at the market
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Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Love the fish market! I stood there to watch the "fish show" for some time!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2009
weirdnikkii weirdnik…
2 reviews
The Seattle Tourist Can't Miss Aug 25, 2008
There is nothing like Pike Place Market that I have yet to come across. Located in downtown Seattle, Washington, on the waterfront, Pike Place, an open air market, offers a variety of shops and foods. The first (upper) floor is a mix of several different types of local products, including fish (this is where the flying fish can be found) fruits and any other type of seafood that you can think of. Further in the market on the upper level, local artist have booths to sell crafts and other things that are handmade. The second level consists of shops from "magic" shops to used books. A Chinese restraunt is also located on this level. I do not exactly reccomend the lowest level of the market, it has a ran-down feel to it, but this is just my personal opinion.

I recommend cathcing a "fly fish" show, that usually takes place in the morning, and finding the flavored honey sticks on the upper level.
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tcatto tcatto
8 reviews
Fun place Mar 08, 2008
Since I stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle, I could visit the Pike Place Market whenever I wanted to. You can find all kinds of shops there. I really had fun looking around! Haha.
Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
156 reviews
Sep 02, 2007
Pike Place Public Markets are the biggest tourist destination in Seattle. The markets are the oldest continually-operated public farmer's markets in the US (over 100 years old). The markets are quite large, over 9 acres, with lots of speciality shops, crafts, fishmongers, fresh fruit, and so forth.

Notable attractions in the markets are the fishmongers flicking fish at each other, the original Starbucks store (with the original bare-breasted mermaid logo modestly hidden in the green logo of other stores), Rachel the bronze pig, the bar overlooking the sound featured in Sleepless in Seattle, and so forth. The food is fantastic (especially in the post avenue shooting off Pike Place), try the Russian and Turkish. It is probably the only place in Seattle that you can buy oddity fruit like grapples.
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Dolphintrekker says:
Love this market! We spent half a day here!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
Adrian_Liston says:
Hmmm... according to wikipedia (not the most reliable source), Pike Place is the oldest public farmers market (1907) while Central Market is the oldest private farmers market (1889). Of course, these types of claims often get thrown around without anyone checking, so maybe Pike Place isn't a record holder?
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
lakers says:
Actually, Lancaster, PA's Central Market is the oldest continuously operating public market in the country having started in the 1730's in Penn Square.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
hannajax hannajax
63 reviews
Jul 12, 2006
Seattle has its many charms, and one can certainly see them melting together at the Pike Street Market in downtown.This hundred year old public market is endless rows of fresh produce, flowers, seafood, art, antiques, and a labyrinth of little shops and bakeries. Farmers sold directly to the eager consumers at its advent in 1907, and now it holds hundreds of retail and commerical businesses, as well as everything green and edible under the sun; from Huckleberry Honey to Sunflowers.Before venturing into the long corridors of goods, make a stop at the wonderful Russian Bakery "Piroshky-Piroshky." Here you can get a sampling of hearty Russian baked goods like the piroshky. A pastry filled with meat, cheeses, or even chocolate, this bakery is bound to have something you like. I loved the salmon pate piroshky!Inside the market buildings, you will find numerous other bakeries and places to start the day. If Russian is not on your plate, then try "Crepe de France." My favorite French Pancake is with the Nutella, that delicious nougat enhanced chocolate dream.You will find Pike Street like an exotic, antique mall. Antique books, wood art, glass art, fine art, jewelry, wine, specialty foods, tea shops, african imports, mexican imports, egyptian, indian, pakistani....For me, there are two highlights here: The fish market, where you will see a group of guys tossing fish like basketballs through the air (I think they even have a video) and the "Market Spice" store, which is located to the left of the Fish Market. (They are both located near the entrance of Pike Street Market, so you can't miss them)The "Market Spice" store is nearly 100 years old, and here you must sample Seattle's notorious market spice tea. There is always a fresh pot brewing of this unique blend of cloves, orange peel, and essential oils.During the dryer/warmer months, there is much going on at Pike Street. You will always find a plethora of performers, live artists, painters, street musicians, and comedians. Keep in mind that Seattle is wet, and best enjoyed in the summertime.
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