Pigeon Island Travel Guide

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Pigeon Island Overview

Pigeon Island, located in the North West the Castries Quarter of St. Lucia, is the National Heritage site.

It’s made up of various old forts, with a cannon fort on the top as a look out area to stop invasion of the island. These forts were created by the English to stop the French taking over the Island, long ago (unfortunately I cannot remember exactly when, my memory is rubbish, but I believe it was around the same time as napoleon ect.)

It’s roughly about $2 EC to enter, which is very cheap, so no real excuse not to visit.

It has some beautiful beaches surrounding it, with some great views; the best views of all, if you fancy the hike up the hill are from one of the forts which is situated on the smaller of the two hills (however, its still pretty high and not accessible for the disabled).

Its also worth mentioning how it got its name; although not an island anymore, as the sand banks have been raised to connect it to the mainland, Pigeon Island is name after one of the Captains, who’s surname was in fact Pigeon.