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Rome, Italy

Pickpockets Rome Reviews

mondheo1 mondheo1
3 reviews
pickpockets May 11, 2011
You have to be carefull really carefull in italy with

pickpockets cause they will come by susprise when you less

expect it. Also make sure if it is possible to have someone around you that you can trust to look after your luggage or bags everytime you move.
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
Jan 02, 2006
Pickpocketing is a really big problem in Rome, and the thieves are

often pretty sophisticated. They dress up like normal tourists or

businessmen and sometimes rely on misdirection. For instance, my

roommate told me a story about how he was riding on the Metro, and

someone grabbed a lady's purse and started pulling at it. While the

passengers were staring at this spectacle, he suddenly let go of the

purse, snatched an unattended suitcase that was on the floor, and ran

out just as the subway car's doors were closing.

The best thing to do is to keep your valuables in a money belt. If you

are wearing a purse or a backpack, wear it in front of you and cover it

with your hands while you are riding the metro or in a crowded,

touristy area.
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fyrefly says:
This is my biggest concern about visiting Rome.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2011
pavers469 says:
Greetings - here's a personal experience. I went there KNOWING that the Rome has many pick pockets, and still got pick pocketed. Here's my story so that you can learn. It was the week they were installing Pope Benedict so things were pretty crowded. My gf and I were on the Metro which was as I say crowded so I found my self standing with 1 arm on the overhead rail. Unfortunately, I also had a digital camera hanging from a pouch. The camera would've been protected by my arm had this arm not been holding onto the overhead rail so that I could keep my balance as the metro moved. At one stop, a woman with tinted shaded got on and was standing near me on my right side next to the camera and my arm which was above me. There was also a husband and wife with a small boy on my left side. The boy was literally next to my front left pocket which had my passport and wallet in it (by the way keep your wallet in your front pocket). So knowing that even children in Rome are known to pickpocket and given the relative value of my passport and wallet VERSUS the camera I unconciously wound up paying most of my attention to my left side where my wallet/passport were. Well low and behold when our stop comes and we get off. Apparently this lady with the tinted shades had unzipped the satchel and removed the camera that had been hanging on my right side. By the time I noticed I was on the platform and the train was gone. Later that day, when standing in line to get into the vatican, my gf had a little girl (maybe 6-ish) trying to bump her purse as we waited in line to get into the vatican. It's really disgusting, and much like any man that's been through a war, I'll probably never go back to Rome unless I have to. Moral to the story, NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. Don't let your valuables (wallet/camera/passport) get split up on you such that you can't pay attention to all of them at the same time; Secondarily, even the women, children, and supposed "Catholics" going to the Vatican can be pick pockets in this town. Enjoy.
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
JenniMay says:
being a target of pickpocketing has nothing to do with whether you're flaunting 'the bling' what-so-ever. I was backpacking through Spain, looking like a complete bum, when 3 women swarmed me and tried to get into my bag. luckily i reacted quickly and nothing was taken. People can appear very nice, but it doesn't mean they don't have ulterior motives. watch your backs/bags people!
Posted on: Jun 12, 2008

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