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Barcelona, Spain

Pickpockets Barcelona Reviews

vw54 vw54
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Pickpockets in Barcelona Jun 07, 2011
Be vary aware of pickpockets in Barcelona, as they can go in your bag and grab anything at hand. This even includes passports as I was unfortunate to have both my passport and phone stolen by pickpockets I believe it is a huge problem with the country considering the high amount of unemployment in the area and the vast amount of tourists. My best advice would be to lock all of your bags with a coded padlock because if you loose your keys only you know the code of the padlock and I am sure someone cannot pickpocket your brain :)
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hellie4 hellie4
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Keeping your eyes looking everywhere May 06, 2011
Well I was told through and through about pickpockets around europe mainly in barcelona, as it is renowned for it.

Forunately myself and friends werent targetted. But did meet people who were, can recked you trip within seconds. My advice is to be fully aware on the trains and metros, keep you belongings close to you and watch the people around you,its annoying as you just want to relax however where you look vulerable or a traveller you are more like to be targetted.

that is my advice!
Alexmalex555 Alexmale…
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How to avoid pick pockets Mar 17, 2011
If you are a woman, i recommend getting a small purse that can cross your body. Keep everything in there and just get into the habit of keeping the purse in front of you at all times. Keep your hands on it when riding the metro or tram and dont hang it over a chair when in a cafe or restaurant. People will do all kinds of things to distract you, even the waitresses could be in on a scam. Dont ever stop to talk to gypsies because they are looking for nothing but money. They will fool you with a fake baby just to grab your attention and while you are distracted they are taking your wallet.
vodkaphix vodkaphix
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Nov 17, 2007
Hi Meghan.

Barcelona is a fantastic city. The easiest thing to tell you is to checkout www.barcelona.com its packed with all sorts of ideas itineries etc.


They are Professionals in BCH = BARCELONA. THEY work in teams also, so please be weary of stopping to chat with suspicious people, especially local looking men and women.

Have great time..


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