Pho 24 (Chain)

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67 Hai Ba Trung (HCMC Kitchen)

Pho 24 (Chain) Reviews

nikhileshd nikhiles…
5 reviews
Clean way to eat Vietnam's national dish May 19, 2011
'Pho' is the most popular dish throughout Vietnam. A bowl of hot beef or chicken broth, noodles, meat, herbs comes together to make one of the most memorable dishes of Vietnam. Unfortunately, many of the restaurants are not clean. Welcome to 'Pho 24', which is a great alternative to eating 'Pho' at restaurants. The chain revolutionised eating-serving Pho by opening multiple restaurants, serving tasty & good quality 'Pho' in a clean environment. The prices are slightly higher than what you get on the street but the taste is good and so is the cleanliness. The chain is present nationwide, mostly in urban areas.
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lwriggers lwriggers
1 reviews
Good pho, but expensive for what you get. May 06, 2011
Pho 24 is clean, modern and does serve a great bowl of pho, however, it's possible to get pho for half the price that's equally, if not more, delicious elsewhere (if you're happy to forego the decor and a/c).
JaitcH JaitcH
128 reviews
A Restaurant Chain to AVOID! Mar 03, 2009
My office in Ho Chi Minh City / SaiGon overlooks the central kitchens of Pho 24. In fact, we actually look down into the kitchens from our offices hallway windows.

It is a chain of Pho "restaurants", actually they only REHEAT the food in most of the restaurants, located primarily in HCMC / SaiGon and Ha Noi.

Late in the evening the noodles FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY are cooked and placed in plastic bags which are then stored for up to 6 hours in PLASTIC BAGS on UNREFRIGERATED OPEN SHELVES where RATS and other VERMIN roam all over them.

Most other restaurants I know of store cooked noodles in REFRIGERATED storage.

These bags of noodles, along with containers of broth (also cooked hours before shipping) are SHIPPED OUT between 03.00-06.30H every day to all the restaurants in the city.

When a customer orders a meal, the reheated soup is poured over the noodles and served.

The general cleanliness of the food handlers is not good. I have personally witnessed kitchen staff smoking cigarettes as they prepare the food. I have seen noodles spilled on the ground outside their 67 HBT store and they were simply scooped up and put back in the bag along with unspilled noodles.

As for the bones, used for soup stock, some smell so putrid we wish we had closing windows in our hallways!

As visitors will attest, Vietnamese will consume pho morning, noon and night YET Pho 24 employees, who can easily get free pho from the kitchen, choose to PAY for meals brought in from a commercial kitchen. This happens three times each day!

You have to wonder what they know that diners don't!

As for the rats and other fleet footed vermin, the chain owners know of the problem and every so often, when the rat population gets out of hand, they call in the exterminators. We know when they come as the rats start wandering across the roof of Pho 24 to their temporary home in the bakery at 65 HBT.

We are not talking about little rats here, the Pho 24 rats are monsters that not only climb in via the roof but also emerge from the sewers and toilet bowls.

I have photographs of these beasts and, since recently, have moving pictures of them too.

If you want decent pho, go to Pho 2000 where they actually cook orders fresh, rather than reheating.

Even a street side vendor likely has better hygiene than Pho 24.
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