Phnom Bakheng

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Bakheng hill, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Phnom Bakheng Siem Reap Reviews

pensacolapyro pensacol…
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Temple sunset waiting Jul 05, 2015
Have you ever thought about waiting for the sunset, like more than 2 hours? Well during your trip to Angkor Wat you can, or actually you better if you want to see it from on top of Phnom Bakheng. They only allow 300 people on top of the temple per sunset. At this time sunset is at 6:40pm, we arrived at 4:15 and the long line and long trek to the top of the hill and temple began and yes you have to hike to the top of the mountain or ride an elephant. Once all the passes are handed out no more, unless someone leaves early.

I am here in July which is low season, if you come in high season you may want to start the journey earlier. There is limited shady spots with somewhat comfortable seating (if you call sitting in a hot stone comfortable. Lol). If not you will be sitting on the uncomfortable parts of the stones and after their all taken, your in the sun for the next several hours standing or sitting on a hot stone. How does th a t sound for fun? ;)

As for the show, it is breathtaking. See the pictures I was able to take. You can see the sunset as well as Angkor Wat. If you have a decent zoom you can get a good picture of it too. Take some drink and food as there is nothing up top. From lessons learned maybe something to sit on and/or an umbrella. Hope you make it and not be one of the ones turned away. Lol
The pass
Temple at full zoom
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joehobo joehobo
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Sunset point. Mar 20, 2013
Of the many temples in Siem Reap only a few stand on a hillock or mound and one of them is this temple known as Phnom Bakheng.It is from here that people enjoy watching the sun set over Angkor throwing a golden hue.The temple on a hill begins to draw a crowd from about 3.30pm and entry is closed at 5pm.It is quite a long climb uphill but not too difficult.You can also take a elephant ride uphill for 15 Usd and downhill for 10 Usd.I took the elephant route uphill and the steep climb was quite an adventure with the elephant grunting and groaning on its way up.The pedestrian climb is no where close to this route.One can see the Angkor watt from atop the last bend on the hill where you get down, to climb a further 30 metres to a flat top hill with a temple in the centre.Hundreds of tourists get the best seats siting on a stairway in the western side of the hill to watch the sun set.Patience is what one has to have waiting for the sun to perform its magic.

Having watched the sun set,the walk downhill through a rough jungle path with the hundreds of people,rushing past you to reach road,before it becomes too dark,which quickly engulfs the hill,literally speaking, may scare the daylights out of some,for the rough path down hill is not illuminated.Many used their mobile phone torches to avoid tripping on their way down.To me it was an adventure of sorts and a mission accomplished.

Whatever may be the experience one gets,this hill gives you a scenic view of the country around glowing in the golden light of the setting sun.
The view of he hill from an air ba…
Yhe Elephant ride.
The sunset
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spocklogic says:
I rode an Elephant in India, but was on a saddle of sorts, not the nice seat you had. I found it somewhat of a solid, but slightly side-to-side sensation and being so high up imparted a feeling of some power in slow procession!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2013
Cho says:
We were there on the first day at Siem Reap. We climbed up the hill and walked down.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2013
andrejav andrejav
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Phnom Bakheng - "the sunset temple" Nov 18, 2013
Phnom Bakheng is the temple mountain right before you enter the Angkor Thom area. I knew that it is very popular by the size of parking, amount of rickshaws and even number of elephants waiting to take you for a ride. This temple is the favorite place for sunset viewing and it is very much advertized. From here you will get a great look of Angkor Wat and surrounding area. Large path is made and surrounds the hill, protecting the old steps from deteriorating. Another path is reserved only for elephants and their riders. This place is one of the rare temples that has to have crowd control and they let only certain number of people to climb up to the top of the temple. It is a beautiful and a bit different temple with many small towers and staircase edged by lions. Go to visit during the day and avoid the evening crowd.

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