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Literally thousands of shimmering islands make up the Philippines, which – if it were a recipe – would be equal parts Spanish and Mexican, Hollywood and lazy fiestas, pigs blood soup and mad Manila nightlife. There’s so much on offer, and so many different dazzling destinations, a visit is less a question of seeing the country, but picking which part you want to see the most.

Adventure lovers are utterly spoiled for choice, with Donsol’s infamous swim amongst mammoth (and- don’t worry - plankton eating) whale sharks, essential diving at Padre Burgos and dramatic, volcano-filled Canaguin to choose from. In Siargao you’ll find surf beaches the envy of even Hawaiian residents, while Coron’s wreck diving is as thrilling as it is spooky.

Back in Manila you’ll find a nightlife that at time descends into utter anarchy, while days can be spent exploring the excesses of the Coconut Palace, blasting around the streets on a Jeepney, or slurping guyabano juice from a rustic market stall. Manila’s international reputation is rightly dubious, but finding your way amongst the (at times barely tolerable) bustle is as memorable as any of those arresting tropical beaches.

If you prefer to sip your San Miguel somewhere a little more ‘movie screen tropics’, try the laid back vibes at Sipalay, or the tourist resort haven that is beautiful Boracay. Both offer your fill of palm-fringed beaches and ‘luxury tropical’ experiences. Backward El Nido, meanwhile, provides a gateway to the incredible coral-guarded islands of Palawan, where the seascapes are straight from national geographic, and the dense jungle treks belong on a survival show. Look deeper into the depths of the country, and you’ll find aging Buddhist cultures, rice paddies enveloping entire mountains, festivals teeming with images a photographer would die for, and local communities bustling with (invariably deep fried, mango centered) hospitality.

It’s worth noting that some parts of the Philippines have significant political problems, which can lead to awkward traveling conditions. Heed the government warnings, though, and you’re in for an eclectic island experience that you should stretch as far as possible: The Philippines just doesn’t get dull.

Here's the latest "It's More Fun in the Philippines" YouTube video - this says it all!

Boracay #1 most popular location
The king of The Philippines’ many beautiful islands, Boracay is dead in the heart of the beaten track, and re-builds itself every off-season to ensure it remains on its lofty 'must-see isla…
280travelers 163reviews 77blogs
Manila #2 most popular location
Manila is so commonly criticized, you could be forgiven for deciding to give it a miss and heading straight off to the islands. Most of the criticisms are true: it is shambolic, corrupt, poll…
1,932travelers 198reviews 198blogs
Makati City #3 most popular location
The City of Makati, or simply Makati, is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila or the National Capital Region of the Philippines. It is the major financial, commercia…
304travelers 143reviews 25blogs
Cebu #4 most popular location
Having formed as an ancient trading port way back in the 16th century, Cebu has developed into the city around which the southern part of the Philippines revolves, as well as becoming a hub o…
472travelers 94reviews 45blogs
Tagaytay #5 most popular location
Tagaytay is as close to paradise as one can find. Tagaytay is located in the Province of Cavite, one of the many provinces in Luzon. It is approximately 56 kilometer south of Manila. With…
16travelers 37reviews 23blogs
Coron #6 most popular location
One of the most popular diving spots on the planet, Coron has been listed in such publications as Forbes Traveler Magazine as one of the top 10 best scuba diving sites around the world in rel…
52travelers 44reviews 23blogs
Bohol #7 most popular location
The stunning Philippine island of Bohol is a natural wonder, perfectly shielded from the vicious weather that blights many of the other nearby islands by being shielded on all sides, and so a…
89travelers 46reviews 54blogs
Davao #8 most popular location
Davao City in southern Philippines —the de facto cultural, economic and political epicenter of Mindanao— is voted the country's most liveable urban center for many years running. Davao's …
83travelers 26reviews 8blogs
Puerto Galera #9 most popular location
Puerto Galera is Oriental Mindoro's asset, as it is blessed with one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbors. In fact, it was named as 2005's Most Beautiful Bay. It is world-famous …
35travelers 27reviews 10blogs
El Nido #10 most popular location
Nestled on the northern tip of Palawan Island, known for being the gateway to the Bacuit Archipelago, and the most amazing locations on the face of the earth, El Nido sits as a tiny town of s…
65travelers 40reviews 35blogs
Panglao #11 most popular location
Panglao Island is situated at the south of Tagbilaran City (capital of Bohol province). Both islands (Bohol and Panglao) are connected by a bridge so no need to take the boat to reach there.…
3travelers 36reviews 4blogs
Puerto Princesa City #12 most popular location
Puerto Princesa is the westernmost city of the Philippines, the second largest in area (after Davao City), and yet sparsely populated. It is the capital of the Philippines' Last Frontier, the…
27travelers 19reviews 3blogs
Pasay City #13 most popular location
Despite being one of the smaller cities of Metro Manila, Pasay City has a lot of frequently visited tourist spots. It also is home to the international gateway of the Philippines, the Ninoy A…
24travelers 50reviews 5blogs
Quezon City #14 most popular location
Quezon City is the former capital (1948-1976) and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon, Quezon City (popularly known to Filipinos as simply QC) is one of …
339travelers 31reviews 20blogs
Sagada #15 most popular location
A quiet mountain town located in a Filipino backwater, Sagada is famed for an unusual combination of coffins and caving, as well as the chance for visitors to pour into the local wilderness o…
59travelers 41reviews 38blogs
Angeles City #16 most popular location
Angeles City is a first class city located in the central plains of Pampanga province in Luzon, about 80km. (50 miles) north of Metro Manila. Until the early 90s, the economy of Angeles C…
48travelers 13reviews 8blogs
Palawan #17 most popular location
Palawan - the long, narrow island in the southwestern part of the Philippines - has often been called the last frontier of the Philppines: there remain indigenous tribes that have not fully i…
170travelers 27reviews 18blogs
Baguio City #18 most popular location
Baguio City is known as the Philippine's Summer Capital. This is a distinction given to it by the Philippine Commission on June 1, 1903. Baguio was incorporated as a chartered city by the Phi…
43travelers 20reviews 7blogs
Lapu-Lapu City #19 most popular location
Lapu-Lapu City is named after the 16th century local chieftain who is famous for defeating Ferdinand Magellan during the Battle of Mactan. It is also the name of a variety of grouper (fish) w…
9travelers 15reviews 1blogs
Subic #20 most popular location
From TMadhu: During our visit April 2011 I did find this place as a very good one for a calm day trip and show of Dolphin here is amaze. Beach is too good and food served at beach is yummy
9travelers 17reviews 8blogs
Puerto Princesa #21 most popular location
Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan, in the Philippines. It is not necessarily a destination in and of itself, at least not according to the mass tourism industry, which mainly uses the…
17travelers 18reviews 22blogs
Banaue #22 most popular location
Banaue is a rugged but spectacular four-hour trip from Bontoc to Banaue along a winding road that leads up into the misty Cordilleras, across a mountaintop pass, then down precipitous mountai…
18travelers 25reviews 19blogs
Caramoan #23 most popular location
The Caramoan Peninsula has gained tourism popularity in recent years. After the place has been featured in the news and local television programs, local and foreign travelers started to explo…
21travelers 11reviews 17blogs
Batangas #24 most popular location
Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila. It is part of the Southern Tagalog Region and a more or less 2 to 3 hours of travel from Manila, making it an ideal…
48travelers 12reviews 13blogs
Cagayan de Oro #25 most popular location
Cagayan de Oro City is the capital of the province of Misamis Oriental, the regional center for Northern Mindanao. A young city compared to other highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, C…
56travelers 9reviews 12blogs
Bacolod #26 most popular location
The City of Smiles, as people would know it, Bacolod is the capital of the Negros Occidental province in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It's famous for the Maskara Festival held each …
26travelers 4reviews 5blogs
Donsol #27 most popular location
Donsol is a small municipality situated in the province of Sorsogon, in the south eastern region of Luzon. A 14-hour drive from Manila, it is frequented by tourists for one big reason - to in…
13travelers 16reviews 16blogs
Iloilo City #28 most popular location
Iloilo City is a first class city located in the central island of Panay in the Visayas, and was an important port of call since the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. Iloilo is the …
58travelers 9reviews 1blogs
Baguio #29 most popular location
Initially established in 1900 by American forces on the site of an Ibaloi village known as Kafagway, Baguio City is one of the most urbanized cities in the Philippines, located in the Cordill…
30travelers 13reviews 16blogs
Bantayan Island #30 most popular location
Beautiful island located in the Province of Cebu. Clear blue waters, endless powdery-white sand beaches, wonderful people. There are caves that you can explore, great snorkeling sites and m…
8travelers 21reviews 6blogs
Dumaguete #31 most popular location
DUMAGUETE, the city of gentle people is the capital of Negros Oriental, Philippines. It lies on the southeast coast of Negros Island, within sight of the most southerly tip of Cebu Island. It…
30travelers 10reviews 13blogs
Taguig #32 most popular location
Taguig is a city in Metro Manila. Located at the northwestern shore of Laguna de Bay and the upper mouth of the Pasig River, it is now an important residential and industrial suburb . It is h…
44travelers 25reviews 2blogs
Legazpi City #33 most popular location
Legazpi City is the capital of the province of Albay in Bikol Region, Philippines. The city has been developing continuously due as boosted by it's own tourists' attractions as well as nea…
12travelers 6reviews 5blogs
Pagudpud #34 most popular location
Pagudpud (PAH GOOD POOD) is an enormous place to visit if you're looking for the comparatively perfect charms of the Philippines. Pagudpud is a wide and beautiful town on the northwest tip of…
12travelers 7reviews 1blogs
Pasig City #35 most popular location
Pasig City is named after the river that serves as the main tributary of Metro Manila. Prior to 1975, Pasig was the capital of the province of Rizal before it was included among the cities of…
43travelers 12reviews 2blogs
Vigan #36 most popular location
Vigan is the capital of the Province of Ilocos Sur. It is the only surviving historic city that dates back to the 15th century Spanish Colonial Period. In December 2, 1999 the Historic Town o…
11travelers 10reviews 12blogs
Sabang #37 most popular location
Sabang is a small village in Palawan. You can get buses from San Jose bus station in Puerto Princesa. There are many guesthouses and hotels are ranging from luxury to budget the further you w…
3travelers 12reviews 9blogs
Moalboal #38 most popular location
6travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Tagbilaran City #39 most popular location
Tagbilaran is the capital of Bohol province, which is well known for its Chocolate Hills, old churches, white sand beaches, and a cute little primate known as the tarsier. Historically, Bo…
14travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Laoag #40 most popular location
Laoag is the Capital of the province of Ilocos Norte. It lies on the north bank of Laoag River. It was first occupied by the Spaniards in 1592 and is now the largest city in the region. Il…
1travelers 8reviews 4blogs
San Juan #41 most popular location
San Juan is a city located in the National Capital region of the Philippines. Before the creation of Metro Manila, it was part of the province of Rizal. It is one of the smallest among the ci…
11travelers 3reviews
Zambales #42 most popular location
Wreck Diving Capital of the Philippines. Gifted with natural beauty of its surroundings, it has been touched by modern civilization yet has maintained its rustic glory and beauty. The Zambale…
8travelers 7reviews 12blogs
Camiguin #43 most popular location
The island of Camiguin is a paradise in itself. Located in northern Mindanao, it is pear-shaped and said to be 'born of fire' with seven volcanoes, the most famous is Mount Hibok-Hibok. C…
18travelers 8reviews 7blogs
Mandaluyong City #44 most popular location
Mandaluyong City is also known as the "Shopping Mall Capital of the Philippines". No less than 4 large malls or retail centers are located in one of the business intersections of the city. As…
22travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Panglao Island #45 most popular location
Panglao Island nestled in the central Visayas region that is located southwest of Bohol and east of Cebu. Panglao is renowned for its word class diving locations and many tourist resorts. It…
3travelers 5reviews 8blogs
Samal #46 most popular location
Samal, while technically part of Davao del Norte province, is part of Metropolitan Davao, the largest city in the Philippines (by area). It is officially known as the Island Garden City of Sa…
2travelers 5reviews
Davao City #47 most popular location
Davao City is one of the world's largest with 244,000 hectares in area. It is home to diverse cultures and is the center of Mindanao. Most popular attractions are the Mount Apo, the count…
137travelers 12reviews 6blogs
Camarines Sur #48 most popular location
Camarines Sur The province lies across the middle of the peninsula at the southern tip of Luzon. It embraces the fertile valleys of the Bicol River and its contributing tributaries as well as…
16travelers 8reviews 5blogs
Clark #49 most popular location
Located in the Island of Luzon and the province of Pampanga Clark was a former U.S air force base up until the expulsion of the U.S. military in the Philippines. Today Clark is one of the …
2travelers 16reviews 7blogs
Siquijor Island #50 most popular location
Siquijor is the magical and mystical island of the Philippines used to be part of Negros Oriental and it was at that time called Island of Fire. Siquijor is said to have magic potions, sha…
17travelers 6reviews 2blogs