Phi Phi Islands Tour

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Kata lookout , Phuket, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands Tour Phuket Reviews

Rajith Rajith
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Phi Phi Island Tour Mar 04, 2013
I was in Phuket few months back. Stayed at, Baan Tonnam Guesthouse near Patong beach. its a decent place to stay. Patong beach is an average beach to walk. Its not clean as other beaches. The only good thing is that its just beside the shopping and restaurant areas.. Some really cool bars are there..

Went to Phi Phi island.. it was a day trip. The ferry ride was awesome.. the large rocks are a treat to the eyes.. The water is crystal clear.. One should never miss snorkeling at Phi Phi.. You virtually feel you are inside an Aquarium with so many beautiful, colourful fish and corals. I didn't feel like going to land.. I could touch some really cool fish.

Food, anywhere in Phi Phi or for that matter Thailand is just amazing.. But you have to be a non-veg person. In my opinion don't try the restaurants on the crowded areas.. Try those on the roadside push carts.. they are cheap, fresh and awesome taste. I used to buy chicken, fish. prawns, pork for every meal.. and average I spent was 150 Bahts per sumptuous meal.

Swim along the boats and clear water.. get hungry, come back eat, relax, swim again.. relax.. enjoy watching plenty of beautiful girls.. talk to them.. almost all of them are friendly..
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ebiparvaz ebiparvaz
5 reviews
Lunch in Phi Phhi Island Sep 03, 2012
It was a good trip and I wont forget it.

When two of my Kowaitian friends asked me to be with them in this trip.

The trip started with a tourist ship, every things was comfortable and calm. I started to become familiar with the other people from all around the world, Australia, Japan, India, British , ...

In the middle of the way weather changed and rough sea showed itself, some people feel uneasy and scared, but my friends and me were relax and enjoyed every things. after a while every things came back to calm and all the ship passengers became happy again.

we did snorkeling and swam in a clean blue sea and watched small colorful fishes.

After such a nice water entertainment we were really hungry, so it was the time for a good lunch,

We reached the Phi Phi Island, it was so nice and beautiful place, and all kind of foods was there ready and free :d
ebiparvaz says:
Actually you can find hotels in any price range and I can say the qualities are good, they are clean. compare to the other tourist places is not expensive
Posted on: Apr 17, 2013
preety says:
Was it exspensive there?
Posted on: Apr 09, 2013
ebiparvaz ebiparvaz
5 reviews
Lunch in Phi Phhi Island Sep 03, 2012
It was a wonderful trip,

Going with a tourist ship, suddenly the weather changed and a rough sea scared most of the people in the bout, my friend and me were sitting on the top floor of ship and enjoyed every things :D

After a while, every things became calm and sun came back.

Snorkeling and watching the small colorful fishes in the sea and going to Phi Phi Island for Lunch, when every body was hungry :D

It was so nice....

Every kind of food, Indian, Thai and Normal food :D

After Lunch we had a short rest and we went to the sea for swimming.

After we came back to Phuket, I saw my photo on a plate and I bought it as a surprise and a memorial from this trip.
Amoretta Amoretta
3 reviews
Phi Phi - more fast ride not always best May 04, 2011
First mistake was to take a Speed boat tour to Phi Phi island, instead of a usual boat (which would have been cheaper by the way and after discussing it with other travelers it turns out also nicer).

Our Sea Angel Boat was crowded, and when we entered only places (I can not say that those were seats) left were in the very front of the boat.

The ride was a disaster, because there were waves in the sea and Sea Angel 2 boat was literally jumping the waves - for those sitting in front it ment bumpy ride, blow after blow. it could hit the arms, the back, legs, if you were not careful. We had to be in constant tension to hold on tight.

I believe safety was not their concern and there were too many people, boat was going too fast not taking into account the waves.

Also on a slower boat there would have been more opportunities to take nice pictures when approaching the islands.

And 5 different stops were just too much, a tour to one or 2, maximum 3 destinations would have been much nicer.

We enjoyed the snorkeling of course, lot of different fish and corals. It was beautiful.

However after stoping at PhiPhi Don for lunch for 1 hour, we went away fast, not allowing time to walk around. Then to be left for 1.5 hours at some ridicullous small island were there was nothing except sun, sand and many sun beds with parasoles - which they wanted us to buy. There was no shade, not even a bar (I do not recall the name of that little island) but it was absolute waste of time.
Monkey island. Some of them looked…
Phi Phi don
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ebiparvaz says:
But I tried The big boats and it was fantastic :)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2012
missandrea81 says:
We had a very similar experience with the speed boat. Almost painful, not to say anything about nauseousness.
Posted on: Jan 25, 2012
cat0409 cat0409
3 reviews
Phi Phi Island Tour Nov 08, 2011
I have always wanted to visit Phi Phi Island and thanks to Airasia, I had accomplished one of my dream place.

I booked a tour to Phi Phi Island through Airasia, it cost about RM 120 per pax. We waited at our hotel lobby for the tour pickup in the early morning. After more than 30 minutes, we arrive at Rassada Harbor. Our guide show us the way in and we finally on a cruise waiting to depart to Phi Phi Island.

I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the nature around the island. After sometime, the cruise stops at Monkey Beach for tourists to swim and snorkelling. The water is so crystal clear and I can see little fishes in the sea.

After some rest, we continue our journey to Phi Phi Don where we had our buffet lunch. The scenery at Phi Phi Don is remarkable. If you have some time, you should stay at Phi Phi Island. It is very breathtaking. We have some free and easy time at Phi Phi Don before we depart back to Rassada Harbor.

Although it is a 1 day tour to Phi Phi Island, you will never regrets it. You would wanted to go again! Haha.
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sachin80 says:
which trip did you book through the airasia can you please name a trip?
Posted on: Jun 15, 2013
Blinkofaneye83 Blinkofa…
3 reviews
Paradise!!! Mar 27, 2011
We stayed on Phi Phi Don for two days in November as part of our trip around Thailand. One of these day and nights was spent doing the camping trip to Maya beach (the beach from the film, The Beach) on Phi Phi Leh. DO IT! It was one of the best things about our two week stay in Thailand.

The trip started with snorkelling and checking out Viking cave on the way around the island. When we got around to Maya beach, I expected it to be rammed full of tourists but because it was quite overcast, it wasn't. Best thing of all was that our group was the only one staying over on the beach. We had a lovely meal there and slept under the stars. Such an awesome way to see and explore the island. You can purchase the trip from many of the travel places on Phi Phi Don. If you don't fancy the camping trip, go to Maya beach real early like 6am and see if before the rush.

Phi Phi Don itself was my favourite island of the trip. Two awesome beaches back to back. Great places to eat (I recommend Trocadero burger for the best burgers ever!) lots of places to stay (avoid Hotel Natacha!) and a really nice chilled backpacker vibe.
joelhauer joelhauer
4 reviews
Siam private oasis. Beach. Jan 19, 2011
Take a bike or a taxi in to Kata lookout point in Phuket. Here you can stop for the touristy photo, but even better if you take a small trip and follow the closely sign saying Siams Beach. Here just past the lookout on the right you will take a winding road down to a dead end street, finishing at Siams Restaurant/Beach/Bungalo. This is where the locals go to get away from the rest of the tourist. It will cost you 100 Baht to enter, which includes a free drink,

Walk down the large amout of steps and take a look at the overcrowded breaches across the bay in the distance. You will be practically alone on this secluded private oasis. Take some snorkels, or you can borrow Siams, and entrance yourself in the underwater splendor of fish and crabs that inhabit this area.
Laurier1060 Laurier1…
1 reviews
Phi Phi Boat Tours Mar 27, 2011
These tours are a very cost effective way to see the islands. I paid around 20 US dollars and spent a whole day on a boat touring around. This also included snorkeling, kayaking, swimming and dinner.
Laurier1060 says:
I can't remember the tour operator, but I do know the boat was two tiered. If you talk to the tour operators in town you'll be pointed in the right direction. You're in Thailand, everything is negotiable. LOL.
Posted on: Aug 20, 2011
krunalc says:
Do you by any chance know the tour operators? Did you negotiated
Posted on: Aug 17, 2011
aldypurnadi aldypurn…
6 reviews
its a must to do In Phuket Sep 05, 2010
i took phi-phi islands tour by speed boat which is using small boat but fast. it wasnt good at first, i was so dizzy because of Big waves that shaked my tummy. hoaa... but all paid off when i arrived at phi-phi islands and sightseeing arround phi-phi. snorkeling , sunbathing, lunch, and runnin like a kid above the white sands :D
when arrived at Monkey Cave island
jayajaya jayajaya
2 reviews
A must visit place when you're in Phuket, Thailand Jul 23, 2009
I went to Phi Phi Island about a week ago. It cost me 1200 baht for the one day tour which was including diving mask (you have to pay 100 baht for the swim fin), lunch, soft drink and fresh fruits on board. The tour also known as The Beach tour since it is the set of Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach. The Island itself consist of Phi Phi Leh, Phi Phi Don; where you'll have your lunch in, Viking Cave, Ma Ya Bay, Monkey Island, and Khai Nok Island.

I got the cheap price since it was in low season. And later i found out what the exact meaning of low season. We faced the 3m high wave and the trip was more like a roller coaster ride. But trust me it is worth it!
a view from Maya Bay
Viking Cave
the 3m waves
RainyDayToast RainyDay…
31 reviews
Aug 22, 2006
Overall, glad we went but would never bother to go again. Very overcrowded (and we went in the off season) and Maya Bay was very very littered - rubbish everywhere. Khai Island was very nice but extremely crowded and it is such a small island there wasn't really a lot of room (would hate to see it in the peak season).

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Phi Phi Islands Tour Map
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photo by: Aclay01