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Koh Phi Phi Hotels2.5 km
Ko Phi Phi Don Hotels10.3 km
Railay Hotels28.7 km
East Railay Hotels29 km

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#1 of 4 hotels in Phi Phi Island
shazzac says: "This is also my first visit to Koh Phi Phi Phi Phi Island. It's pronounced as ..."
#2 of 4 hotels in Phi Phi Island
cicie says: "We only stay one night here on deluxe room. Room rate is expensive for us but w..."
#3 of 4 hotels in Phi Phi Island
naiveblackangel says: "It's very close to night life so it's extremely noisy. You cannot fall asleep un..."
#4 of 4 hotels in Phi Phi Island
txmissie says: "The hotel is beautiful the villas are so cute. The resort is rated as a 5 star ..."
Phi Phi Island
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