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Petropavlovsk (not to be confused with Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) is a city on the Ishim River in the North Kazakhstan Province of Kazakhstan close to the border with Russia, about 261 km west of Omsk along the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is the capital of North Kazakhstan Province. It is also one of, if not the most culturally Russian city in Kazakhstan. Russian is the language of everyday interactions and street signs, with few (though a growing number of) people heard speaking Kazakh on the streets.

The city was founded in 1752 as a Russian fort extending Russian settlement and influence into the nomadic Kazakh territories to the south. The fort got its name after two Christian saints, apostles Peter and Paul. It was granted the status of city in 1807. Petropavlovsk was an important trading center for silk and carpets until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Petropavlovsk is fairly small (pop: 193,300), with a downtown area that can be walked from one end to the other in 20 minutes or so. The center features a pedestrian street (Konstitutsia) lined with government buildings, the city library, a museum or two, stores, cafes, and restaurants.