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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Reviews

mdfehmel mdfehmel
233 reviews
Best View in KL Oct 04, 2017
On a recent business trip to KL (second trip), I had to stay over a weekend. My colleague and I were looking for something to do on Sunday and figured that we would go see PETRONAS Towers. The main visitor center is on the far side of the building which is through the mall if you encounter the towers from the park that lies in its shadow. Tours run every 15 minutes but they are usually booked about an hour out if you are not travelling solo. I noticed that some of the sooner tours did have availability for one so if you happen to be traveling alone, you may be able to jump right into one. If you time it like we did, we shot out to grab a bite to eat before the tour. We ended up getting trapped in the mall looking for a place to eat but didn't find anything interesting. We ended up finding several places overlooking the park but had to shovel our food down in about 15 minutes to meet our show time. The tour itself was $20 a ticket but it was well worth it. The tour starts on the base floor with a short presentation about the construction of the building, then you pile into a high speed elevator and go directly to the 42nd floor to view the city from the famous bridge that connects the 2 towers. They give you 10-15 minutes to enjoy the views from there before they shoot you all the way up to the 82nd floor with a connection to the 86th floor for the REAL views. After another 10-15 minutes you return to the 82nd floor where there is a gift shop and information centers with tid-bits of facts about the building as well as the other of the world's highest skyscrapers. Again, after another 10-15 minutes, you are loaded into an express elevator that returns you all the way back to the base level to conclude the tower. The PETRONAS Towers are absolutely beautiful for the architecture fans out there; this attraction is highly recommended.
This is the bridge that connects t…
View from the bridge.
View from the opposite side of the…
View of the top of the second towe…
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Bojasem Bojasem
216 reviews
must see Jun 12, 2014
The Petronas Towers, also as known as the "Twin Towers . one of the famous sightseeing in kuala lumpur.

Petronas Towers are consist by two tower. Each tower has approximately 450 meter height. It is so close to Menara Tower. It has extremely huge shopping mall under the towers. It has mostly foreign luxury brands, art gallery, a philharmonic theater and underwater aquarium inside the building.

If you are visiting Petronas Towers you must came early

because the ticket booked early.The cost is 50 Malaysian Ringgit .

highly recommend .
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EmEm says:
Beautiful building and landmark! You haven't been in KL if you haven't visited the towers.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2016
steve71 steve71
13 reviews
A nice view!!! Mar 27, 2012
If you are visiting Petronas Towers,one piece of important advice get there early as the ticket office opens at 08.30 and it's a first come first serve basis and they sell out very quickly,

The cost is 50 Malaysian Ringgit and they tell you a time your visit begins and that you arrive 10 mins before you are then taken by guide into a lift up to round half way on the drawbridge where you have 15 mins for photos and then you are taken up to the top where you have round 20 mins to look round and admire the views you re then taken back to ground level where you are led to the shop.

The entire visit lasts around 50 mins

If visiting Kuala Lumpur I would recommend people to visit
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hayley_phoon says:
Really nice view from the top? i haven't been there, i should go and take a look :)
Posted on: Sep 19, 2012
Airportman Airportm…
230 reviews
Malaysia's famous twin towers Jun 02, 2011
Every major city has its famous landmark and for Kuala Lumpur it is the Petronas Twin Towers. With 452 meters they are the worlds tallest twin towers and everyone I've talked to about visiting Kuala Lumpur, they all visited them.

I love going high in the air for a view over the city, and although Karena and I went up on the KL Tower, we also wanted to go here.

The original plan was to go 2 days earlier, but tickets were already sold out that day. So we bought tickets for today (even tickets for the following day were sold out). If you plan on going there, make sure to get there early to get tickets.

I was told that ticket prices for the towers were quite expensive, but I found the prices alright. We bought package 2 for a price of 40 MYR/RM (around 10 euro or around 13,50 US dollars), which meant we visited both the skybridge and the observation deck on the 86th floor.

I can imagine if you compare this price to the ticketprice for a visit of just the Skybridge (10 MYR/RM - around 2,50 euro or around 3,50 US dollars), that it looks quite expensive.

We wanted to stay up for a few hours, watching the sunset and seeing the city slowly "turning on" its lights. But we could only spend 1 hour on top. A bit disappointing that we couldn't stay up longer, but nonetheless going up was definitely worth it.

The tour started with passes being handed out, as we were divided in several smaller groups. Then we were shown a 5 minute presentation video about the Petronas Towers, before going through a security check.

The views over the city from both platforms were magnificent and with sunny weather, we could look far ahead. The time we were allowed on the skybridge was 10 minutes while the time on the observation deck was 20 minutes. For us it was plenty of time to take pictures and to look around & admire the scenery of Kuala Lumpur.
Entrance ticket
The Petronas Towers (Twin Towers)
The skybridge
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Paulovic says:
Ik zou er graag heen willen, maar dat zit er voorlopig helaas nog niet in denk ik.
Posted on: Jul 18, 2011
Airportman says:
Ik kan je het land aanraden, Paul!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2011
Paulovic says:
Alleen al voor deze torens zou ik eens naar Maleisië willen Ivar! :D
Posted on: Jul 18, 2011
lipsjochem lipsjoch…
2 reviews
Amazing display of architecture Mar 18, 2011
I've been in KL a couple of times now (once for a proper visit, other times just as a quick stopover) and for me Kuala Lumpur = the Petronas Towers. You can see them from nearly anywhere in the city, and whether it's sunny, overcast or night, they always look stunning. The best thing is to go all the way up though.

My recommendation is to really get up early enough, be there at 7 am and stand in line for the 40 ringgit tickets (all the way to the top floor) for two hours. I'm sure that now you think "What, two hours?! F*** that!", but I'm telling you, it's absolutely worth it. The best thing you can do is to get the tickets for around sunset time to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I absolutely loved every second I was up there, and I've been to more tall buildings in the world including the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Most people who think it's not worth standing in line for don't know what they're missing!
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Kurisu says:
Never made it up there, because I didn't wanna get up early for the ticket... hehe :P
Hey, but the view from KL tower is even better, because you get to see the beautiful Petronas Towers from the outside! ;)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2011
trippin_jen says:
Hey Jochem!

Glad you liked the Towers.. may i also add that you can now buy the tickets 3 days in advance, so you don't really have to Q so early in the morning, but anytime during non-peak hours. You can then get tickets for the next day, or the day after, or the day after next. At least it's now not so 'stressful' to get the tickets.

Also, for those you are up there, try to spend some time chatting with the 'guides' in red uniform. They will give you amazing stories about the Towers i.e the Spiderman's experience climbing the whole 88 floors in 2 hours, without any safety equipment, how does the bridge function when the building is shaking, how long it took them to carry the bridge up from ground floor to 42nd floor during construction. Definitely make your experience more exciting!

Posted on: Mar 18, 2011
Vipin says:
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011
ccjbeachbum ccjbeach…
179 reviews
Petronas Towers ( priceless) Dec 12, 2011
when and if you come to beautiful kuala must go see the beautiful Petronas towers.I when at night and the pictures will show how beautiful this masterpiece is . it almost wasn't build so the story when i think of Kuala lumpur i think Petronas Towers and Alvin lol Alvin is my travbuddy brother who has showed me some great things in kl. Petronas towers is the highest twin towers in the world.(im told and i believe) i only when inside to see the awesome mall with everything from A-Z .i was just so happy to be outside this beautiful piece of art. i look at the pictures and this the Petronas towers and machu picchu almost make me cry .im so grateful i got some awesome pictures and will always have the great memories of Kuala Lumpur. ty Alvin
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ccjbeachbum says:
cant ty ya enough
Posted on: Dec 12, 2011
alvinmonteiro says:
haha, you are most welcome CJ, you thanked me many times. But I am glad, you like it here :)
Posted on: Dec 12, 2011
vijaymichalik vijaymic…
3 reviews
A marvel, but don't bother with the tour Apr 27, 2011
The towers are certainly a feat of engineering and a marvel to look at. They have a truly unique design and are a standard for Kuala Lumpur holiday snaps! I was extremely interested by the special acoustic concert hall in the basement which I would love to visit on another occasion. The entrance hall is also marvellous, and the modern, high-fashion mall at the tower's base is also nice to walk through, even if you aren't tempted by the expensive clothing stores.

As for the tour; I queued up at 7.30am for a good 3 hours for tickets, only to find that, after watching some corporate advertisement for 20 minutes, and being crammed into a stuffy and smelly elevator for another 5, only 15 minutes of time was allotted to a very boring view. I'm still not sure what all the fuss is about... obviously it is a great height, and you can see a lot, but there isn't anything interesting below that isn't best viewed close up. Maybe the city looks much more interesting when it's all lit up at night, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it considering the hassle of getting tickets. Your time is better spent elsewhere!

Overall, I would recommend a visit, but unless you have no other ideas of what to do, definitely don't bother with the tour!
collettestravels collette…
4 reviews
Beautiful City, Beautiful People, Beautiful Buildings Jun 17, 2011
I've been on two separate holidays to Malaysia and have loved it EVERY TIME. The Towers are a must see if you visit Kuala Lumpur. The Towers are crammed with everything from a Cinema, Food Court, High Street Shops and Designer shops. If you arrive at the towers early then you can walk across the glass bridge that connects the two towers but I highly recommend visiting them at night when the city is buzzing and the towers glow magnificently and are great for those must have holiday snaps.

If you decide to go to the Towers and visit the Food court then I highly recommend trying a Lebanese wrap. Its cheap but delicious and of course if your traveling anywhere in SE Asia then you HAVE TO GO TO SECRET RECIEPE and sample some of their amazing cakes.
alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Amazing buildings with a luxury shopping mall" Nov 23, 2010
Petronas Towers are consist by two tower. Each tower has approximately 450 meter height. It is so close to Menara Tower. It has extremely huge shopping mall under the towers. It has mostly foreign luxury brands, art gallery, a philharmonic theater and underwater aquarium inside the building. Towers has wonderful lightened night view. Its possible to take nice photos around the buildings. This building is the most popular landmark in Kuala Lumpur. Be sure that you have lots of time to visit shopping mall. Because its not enough to visit all floors in few hours.
Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur - M…
Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur - M…
Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur - M…
Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur - M…
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Vipin says:
i went in the day, but completely forgot to go for the night views as i had plans to meet hostel buddies in china town! next time!!
Posted on: Dec 15, 2010
chantelleindia chantell…
32 reviews
Have 5 hours to spend in Kuala Lumpur? Here’s what you can do. Jul 21, 2010
Its and i've to rush out of my room to reach the airport on time for my return flight. After rushing through the smooth roads and bribing my cabbie with a couple more ringgit i came to know that my flight's delayed for 5 hours. Frustrated i dropped my bags and sit down gasping for breath. From a distance i spotted a small group planning to go to KL city for a visit and on going further they requested me too to join them. Now since i did not have any option left, i decided to join them.

We hopped onto an express train which bought us to the heart of KL city. From there we hailed a cab which took us through the sights and sounds of the city.

Have you seen the biggest building ever? Then you have seen the dazzling Petronas Twin Towers. At a dizzying height of 1500 feet we were in for a surprise as this tall scraper not only has offices but also a state of the art concert. After seeing this awesome wonder, we then went to the awesome Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Petaling. We also killed time at Malaysia’s Tourism centre which hosts free dance performances.

On our way we also shopped at Chinatown Petaling’s Street for VCD’S, aunthetic leather items, clothes, bags, shoes at extremely inexpensive rates. Here you can also frolic around butterflies at the Butterfly Farm or unwind at Taman Tasik Perdana’s beautiful lake gardens.

Amidst all the fun and excitement we were still left with two full hours to go!

We visited to the MISC Maritime Museum will be an experience.

With so much of time used productively

I could certainly not complain about being stranded in KL. For something’s in life that happen, happen for the best after all!:)
Had fun in these the Perdana Garde…
Shopped like crazy in Petaling St…
visited the Batu Caves
The most beautiful sights of all t…
118 reviews
....Breathtaking View....!!!!!!! Aug 23, 2010
Petronas towers few years ago, was the tallest building all over the world!!! With 452 meters high, you can see all the kuala lumpur from the bridge(41th floor). The bridge is between 41 and 42 floor, but only from 41 level is open for publing viewing.

the security measures before the entrance are very strictly, as an airport...the waiting list is big, then we bought our tickets and we returned after 2 hours approximatelly...we did a mini tour in kuala lumpur, in the neighbourhoods around the towers, and we returned for our entry...

inside towers the luxury is everywhere..!!! The first levers are for shopping with famous brandnames in your supply...

we went immediatelly in the elevator for 41 level. We, and our group, were anxious to see the view from high...when we arrived we had only 10min in the bridge....the view is really fantastic..!!! We walked across the bridge and took many photos for our archive. At the end of tour, we saw in a small hall, a video with the construction of towers...

experience where worth it, to see...!!!!
MeiYen says:
Congrats on your feature. :-)
Posted on: Aug 24, 2010
montecarlostar says:
Hey congrats on your feature!!!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2010
wanderinggoddess says:
Congratulations on your feature! Keep it up!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2010
Rudechild Rudechild
3 reviews
Must-see! Nov 07, 2010
More amazing by night, the Petronas Towers are KL's signature buildings. You will find a handy little spot beyond the fountains where you can get some good pictures. If you go inside to the mall, there are lots of shops the choose from, along the lines of Apple, Prada and Topshop. A bit expensive, but a nice place to cool down if you're out on a hot day.
ian_travbuddy ian_trav…
8 reviews
Aug 13, 2007
..Just back from my trip to Indonesia (3 weeks) and Malaysia (1 week) I will write my first review @

.. When I arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport my first impression was..: **..WhowW..** Very nice architecture!!..

..But unfortunenately I found out that Kuala Lumpur was nothing more than just a modern western country in the east..

..Anyways they got very nice buildings as I mentioned, several night clubs, many hotels to stay, nice parks and restaurants, many shopping Plaza's/Malls/Squares (very important whehe)..but ofcourse.. ..they got the Pride of Oilcompany Petronas and Malaysia the Petronas Twin Towers!..

..The worlds largest Twin Towers of the world and the 4th largest building of the world (The 3th largest building of the world is the 'World Finance Centre' at Shanghai, the 2th is the CN Tower at Toronto and the 1st is the 'Taipei' located at Taiwan..But there is a bit of a competition going on of who has the largest building with a pole or an officebuilding..But one thing is for sure..The Petronas Twin Towers are the most beautiful..

..Im giving u all just some facts now..

..The Petronas Twin Towers are 452 meters above street level..The building has 32000 windows with a total space of 77000 m2..Very nice but they have to be cleaned too..They dont have self cleaning windows like other high buildings so they have to be cleanded by window cleaners..The washing will be done with a crane..They let the crane down from the top..Anyways the cleaning of one tower will take 5 months(!) so they clean the towers twice a year..They have 88 floors..They got also 29 doubledeck elevators in each tower..

..Because of the wind the Towers moved..To be sure they dont move again they build an 'SkyBridge' located on the 41th and 42th floor..

..If you are going to visit the Petronas Twin Towers be sure you wont be able to go higher than the 42th floor..because above the SkyBridge there are only offices and its just closed for public..But anyways the entry fee is free so it doesnt matter..

..At the bottom of the Petronas Towers you will find an very chique shopping plaza called the 'Suria KLCC'..They got many trendy (just read expensive whehe) shops like Hermes, Chopard, Gucci and Jimmy Choo..Anyways its an huge shoppig plaza of 6 floors with an foodcourt ofcourse..But (especially on saturdays) beware of pickpockets!

..Well I hope I informed u good enough..If I didnt..Feel free to ask and leave a message..

..Greetings, Hugs and much love..

..Ian Santoso..
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trippin_jen says:
Hey Ian, Good review you have there!

May I give a little update about the towers. Since end of 2010, they are already charging to get up the towers, due to overwhelming crowd.

Number of entry per day is still limited, and every tourist will be charged RM10 to get up the skybridge, while locals are charged RM3. But Since it's the tallest twin towers, why not spend RM40 (tourist) or RM20 (locals) to go all the way up to the 86th floor? With this price, you are allowed to stop over at the bridge too.
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011
esterrene says:
Congrats on being a featured review!!!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2010
monky says:
Congrats on your review!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2010
wongjst wongjst
40 reviews
Jul 06, 2007
The Petronas Towers, also as known as the "Twin Towers" in Kuala Lumpur which consists of 88 floors office buildings, completed in 1998. Petronas is a Malaysia's national oil company. Below the twin towers is Suria KLCC shopping mall.

In order to go up to this tower, you have to wake up early in the morning and go there to queue up in order to get the tickets, usually will tickets will be all out within an hour...

The famous Petronas Company, its subsidiaries and associate companies are fully occupied the Tower One. Whereas other companies such as Accenture, Bloomberg, Boeing, IBM, McKinsey & Co, Microsoft, Reuters, and etc... are all located at the Tower Two.

While entering the Skyway which is located in the two towers 41st and 42nd floors. The bridge itself is open for all visitors for free but only limited to 1700 visitors per day so you must be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis on everyday morning at 08:00.
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adventuremann adventur…
26 reviews
Mar 26, 2007
The Petronas Towers put Kuala Lumpur on many people's maps, and for good reason. While not the only modern and interesting city in this multicultural city, it is definitely the anchor piece for the place. The architecture is instantly recognizable, with two gigantic glass pagodas rising far above the surrounding hills, connected by one of the highest skywalks anywhere in the world.

The height is not the only fascinating thing to see at the Petronas Towers. At the base is a very modern opera house, attached to a super-luxury mall complete with cineplex. Outside, there is a beautiful fountain that dances with music, and a gigantic playground that is thoroughly enjoyed by KL's residents. In my opinion this is one of the best examples of good public space being used by city-dwellers. It's an excellent place to mingle with KL's diverse population and a favorite hang out spot for the thousands of expats living in town.
StupidGuy says:
Its Free. It doesnt cost a thing. All u have to do is to show up and ask for a ticket. They issued only 1,500 or so tickets in a day. Get there early. Ticket counter opens at 8.30 am and be there at least 1 hour before the ticket counter opens.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2007
adventuremann says:
You cannot go to the top of the towers, but you can go to the Skybridge, which is actually really interesting. I've been to the top of lots of buildings, but going to the skywalk was something different, so I really enjoyed it. I honestly can't remember how much it cost, but I don't remember it being extravagantly expensive.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2007
AtlantaScottyV says:
Always wanted to visit KL. Friends that are from Malaysia always talk about how nice is it.

Can you go to the top of the towers? What's the cost?
Posted on: Mar 26, 2007
Kaantie95 Kaantie95
7 reviews
KLCC Petronas Twin Towers Feb 05, 2005
Check out the shopping in SURIA. All very famous brands and a nice way to part with money for value. You perhaps need 'many' days to finish shopping, even window shopping. God knows, all the brands, Salvatore Schilacci, all the lacchi's and fashions and happenings.

Don't forget to go there early in the morning to take the free pass to visit the bridge on 41st. floor with guided tour and that one amazing VIEW. Check out PETROSAINS, not just for kids but with real simulations of being in a helicopter and oil rigs etc. Been there, Done that on real ones so this will be good experience for all.

Well, check out the eateries, local cuisine, international cuisine, cheap, expensive....the water fountain, park, coffee places, ....too many to write here. Just Go Do it.

Hope that helps TB's.

Yes, forgot the Malaysian Philharmonics and shows - absolutely Amazing.
Getting homesick already.

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