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Pulau Perhentian Besar is one of 2 Perhentian islands with the other called Perhentian Kecil, which when translated to English basically means Wait Big and Wait small. Pulau Perhentian basically means waiting island. It was used as a station island between traders from Thailand and also the british.
It was also at one point a refugee island those escaping civil war from the north.

Located just off the coast of Northeast Malaysia off the state of Terengganu bordering Kelantan. It's an undeveloped island with residents ranging from the fishing villages located in the small island.

To get there.. just hop on the boat from Kuala Besut and stay at the various beach side accomodations available that's suitable for all budget types.

The islands are closed from the months of October through early February due to the monsoon season and the best times to go there is from early April to late August when the waters are calm and pristine blue.

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