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Ventnor Road, Phillip Island, Australia - (03) 5951 2800

Penguin Parade Phillip Island Reviews

SamsTravels SamsTrav…
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Australia's Phillip Island Penguin Parade Jun 17, 2011
The Penguin Parade was awesome! It cost about £15 to get in which I thought was a little steep. We tried to find another route in being a keen back packer and all but there really isn’t any other way but through the gates of the nature reserve. It was cold and wet when I was visiting Penguin Island but I didn’t care. I had never seen Penguins in the wild before and it was so touching to see them all coming into Shaw in their little groups from the ocean. I would recommend this as the existence of Penguins on Phillip Island has been almost wiped out. Previously being up to 6 plus original viewing sights for the Penguins, only 1 now remains. It was quite cold too, so take a woolly hat and coat/gloves/scarf etc – I went in April so the seasons are turning then. Also, your not allowed to take any photos of the Penguins – my photos are from the internet as I respected this rule, but wanted to share some images with you all so you know what to expect. Overall the experience for me anyway was some what magical and a moment that I will not forget in a hurry!
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howardlennox howardle…
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Beautiful place Apr 30, 2011
This place is a must its beautiful and raw at the same time iv spent lots of time on Philip island surfing and on dusk as your coming in form the surf hundreds of penguin are every where its an amazing thing to see now not every one surf but there is a place on Philip island called the penguin parade if you get there on dusk you can see the penguins walking up the beach to get to there burrows in the dunes its fantastic so if your ever in Victoria go and have a look cheers
m_k2012 m_k2012
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beach Apr 12, 2011
Every night at the island the little penguins come back hame along the beach and up the hills...........never get sick of it, no matter how mant time i go.....and i have been alot!!!!!
Madrina Madrina
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Adorable May 31, 2010
I really liked!

It was a little girl's dream, to see the penguins of Phillip Island...

The penguins were really too cute, I did it with an organized tour but I shall have liked making him I even to stay there longer!

I had it with tears in the eyes and shivers to see all these penguins everywhere, so small, so cute.

We have the impression to attend a wonderful show of the nature.

I totally managed to disregard tourists around me and it was as if I was alone with the penguins.

It was a little cold, take a jacket and can be gloves and everything will be well.

Really I shall redo it if I return in Melbourne and I recommend it to everybody
Vriden Vriden
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Jan 13, 2008
It was a cold windy night. We sat on the concrete stairs, trying to get as close to the sand as we could. It was clear that my cardigan would not be protection enough from the chills of the ocean, and my husband had already pulled his arms inside his shirt in an attempt to maintain what little body heat he had left.

We huddled there for what seemed like a decade and tried to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to distract ourselves. And then, they came. Over leagues of dark, unforgiving sea they came. Hundreds appeared on the sand, cautiously edging forwards, then rushing back into the water with fear. Then over the other side, by the rocks, another swarm coming onto the beach! And another! Soon they gathered confidence, then group by group, started waddling from the sea across the sea in an attempt to return to their homes in the hills behind us. The penguins had arrived!

We raced up to the boardwalk, and the penguins were all around us! Baby ones coming out of their little holes in the hills to greet their parents, a couple having arguments, some just standing there being adorable. We were not allowed to take pictures, not allowed to touch, we just followed the penguins quitely as they made their way up the hill, overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all, wishing we could put one in our pockets and run away with it.

The $20 entry fee and the hour of slowing losing feeling in my legs was all worth it to see those gorgeous little penguins* up close. So cute I felt like my heart was going to explode! 5 stars.

*Actual name of species (little penguin)
carolyn3723 carolyn3…
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Oh so cute...but bring a jacket! Nov 24, 2008
These little tiny penguins were so cute! Just stumbling and tumbling up and over the rocky shore! It takes a while for the "show" to start, and as it gets dark it gets very bring a jacket and some real shoes. (not flip flops like me!)

On the tours you also stop at some cool animal rescue centers, where you can pet the kangaroos!
Olav70 Olav70
7 reviews
See the world smallest penguins come ashore. Dec 19, 2006
The 19th of December 2006 we finally went to Philip Island to see the Penguin Parade. Already weeks before we went to Australia, we discovered this attraction on the internet and had decided that this was at least one of the attractions we really wanted to see.

We had chosen a 1 day Phillip Island tour by Penguin Island tours. In this review I will not describe all the attractions we'd visit during the whole day, but just the Penguin Parade. The others I will describe in other reviews. The reason why is, that in my opinion it would be even better to rent a car and go there yourself because like that you won't have to depend on the time your guide got and you can divide your own time over the attractions you want to visit. In my opinion we had to leave a bit too early from the Penguin parade and could not completely enjoy the observation of the penguins while they're wobbling back to their nests.

The Penguin parade is located at a research centre for the wildlife on Philip Island and is the main attraction of Phillip Island. They're not only researching the Little Penguin, but they also perform research on the other Phillip Island wildlife like koalas and seals.

Every evening, when the sun sets, these cute, little, fluffy creatures come ashore after they spend the whole day in the ocean.

There are a few possibilities to choose on how you will see the penguin parade. The majority of the visitors are choosing the general way, the cheapest possibility (see the tips at the bottom of this review for other options). This was also the way we went to see the penguins. With a couple of hundred visitors we sat down on concrete steps and were waiting for the penguins to come ashore. As the sun set, the temperatures dropped and the wind became really chilly. People crawled together to get some warmth and kept waiting. The rangers walked around watching the crowd and checking for camera's. It's strictly forbidden to make pictures or film the penguins. The main reason for this is that it can kill the penguins indirect. The flash lights of the cameras can make the penguins blind, what causes that they can't find food and not eating means starvation. (Of course there also will be a commercial reason for it, because camcorders won't need a (flash)light when using the night vision option)

Finally after about an hour of waiting, while the sun already was gone, in the last light of the day, the first penguins came ashore. Everybody forgot the cold.

It is fantastic to see how the penguins behave. They are very very cautious for predators like birds, snakes and who knows what other predators. First the penguins gather at the waterline, in groups of about 20 - 50 penguins. As soon one of the penguins just think he's spotting something that might be a predator they all run back into the water to come back one by one after about 5 to 10 minutes. When the group gathered enough courage, they all wobble/run across the beach to the safety of the dunes where their nests are. Funny thing is that they do not see the hundreds of humans as a danger. There are 2 seating steps and a small piece of dune between them. The penguins are not only go to the dunes on the left and right side of the seating steps, but they also use the space between the seating steps.

After seeing about a dozen groups wobble over the beach we left the concrete steps to head back slowly to the bus. When walking back to the main building of the Penguin Parade, you'll walk over a boardwalk. This boardwalk guides you through the dunes and let you pass many penguin nests, which are holes in the dunes. The penguins walk aside and underneath the boardwalk and you can see them real close and walk up with them as they wobble back to their nests. Sometimes you even get a look from them like they would say "Hey you, tall guy, what the heck you're doing here?".

Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer to see the penguins going back to their nests and meet their crops or to see the penguins interacting with each other. Our tour bus was waiting....

(Actually I should not whine, if we had spend longer at the penguin parade, we would had missed our last train in Melbourne to my brothers house ;-))


1. Follow the guidelines and instructions of the rangers, when they will catch you while filming or making pictures during the parade, they will throw you out of the parade. When they see you with a cam before the parade they will instruct you to put it away and they explain also why.

2. Bring a warm sweater, a pair of trousers and/or a coat with you because when the sun is set, temperatures drop fast on the beach. Also a fleece blanket does the trick, especially when you're together with your boy- girlfriend.

3. Bring a small pad or something else you can sit comfortably on. Sitting on just concrete for about an hour to an hour and a half is tough you know :-)

4. Also look for the other possibilities to see the Penguin parade. When you have some more money to spend, you can consider a ranger guided tour for about $10 extra or even a very close view of the penguins come ashore on a private beach at the Penguin Parade facility, which is much more expensive than the general admission, but I think you'll get a life-time experience. Check their website for more information.
The Penguin parade
The little Penguin. This picture…
The nest of a Little Penguin. The…
The little Penguin. This picture…
nansje23 says:
So cool!! I'm going to Philip Island!!!!!!
Posted on: Feb 29, 2008

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