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Penang, Malaysia

Penang Street Food Reviews

traveler100 traveler…
3 reviews
Variety Food Mar 07, 2011
Thanks to the travel buddy i ended up grabbing dinner there. I must say they got variety of food especially satay. I was full yet I want more. Prices are definitely affordable. The only downside was I got tons of mosquitoes bites.
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chantelleindia chantell…
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Tease your tastebuds with street food at Penang! Jul 02, 2010
Time for some street food affair? Stuff yourself with cheap and tasty food at Penang. Sit on small tables, feel the aromas of lip smacking dishes cooked right before your eyes. You’ve arrived at Penang- a place where hawker stalls rule.

Try an exotic dish of fried flat noodles cooked with the choicest vegetables and poultry. For exotic Malay food, go to Kelantan. Smell coffee? Go to Kek Seng Café and FuLong Kang Coffer Shop, which have been winners in a Penang state sponsored hawker’s food competition. Also savour Assam Laksa- a sour and hot noodle soup, enjoy this scrumptious blend of fish broth with fresh from Assam fruits, spices, rice noodles, shredded fish, pineapple, cucumber and lots more.

Tickle your tastebuds with Koay Teow at FuLong Kang Coffee shop on China Street. a fried concoction of Koay Teow (rice fettuccine), chilli paste, bean sprouts, shrimps, cockles, Chinese dried sausages, chives, grated garlic and pork fat and presented steaming hot on a banana leaf, its fragrance is sure to have your mouth watering.

Try some authentic Nasi Kandar fare? Tantalize your tastebuds at Line Clear Nasi Kandar. Lose yourself in baskets of aromatic steamed rice, vegetable curries, fried chicken, cubed meat, fish roe, squids fried prawns and a heap of curry sauces. Tempting? i'am sure it is.
Dive into this tasty dish of Malay…
Tempting? The taste of the appetis…
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MeiYen MeiYen
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Penang Street Food Oct 16, 2009
No visit to Penang will be complete if you haven’t tried the street / hawker food. Portions are usually small; hence you could order a variety to try. Or maybe I am just giving myself an excuse to eat more… :) There’s no one dish which is my personal favourite, I love them all.

Here are some ideas on what to eat:

Assam Laksa

Better known as Penang Laksa; it is actually thick rice noodles with tangy spicy fish broth with meshed fish, usually mackerel or some use sardines. Personally I prefer mackerel for this dish. The noodle dish is garnished with mint leaves, julienne of cucumber, pineapple, onions, lettuce, red chili and torch ginger better known locally as “bunga kantan”, which has an aromatic fragrance. Then top it off with a spoonful of “Hae Ko” which is a dark and thick prawn paste, now this prawn paste is an acquired taste, use it sparingly unless you are like me… who absolutely can’t have a bowl of piping hot Asam Laksa without the prawn paste! The prawn paste adds zest to the dish!

Char Kway Teow

This is stir fried flat rice noodles over very high heat, with prawns, cockles, slices of Chinese sausage (hard sausage usually made from pork and pork lard, normally smoked, sweetened, and seasoned), egg, bean sprouts, chives, and chili paste. Some fried the Char Koay Teow with pork lard, which gives that extra aroma to the dish. The best would be to stir fried over charcoal. :-) I am not saying it’s healthy… but it’s a mean dish.. so good… Some stalls offers additional garnishing like crab meat for an additional charge.

Lor Bak

Lor Bak, is a type of meat rolls wrapped in bean curd skin and deep fried till golden brown. The meat, mostly pork are marinated in five spices. They are served with two dipping sauce, a starchy sauce flavored with five spices and chilli sauce. You have to dip into both sauces to get the full flavor. Then there are other varieties to add on to the Lor Bak such as boiled octopus (another one of my favorite), deep fried battered fish, prawn fritters also known in Hokkien as “Heh Chih”, deep fried tofu, a.k.a. “Tau Kua”, Century Eggs with pickled ginger.

Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles)

In Kuala Lumpur, when you mentioned Hokkien Mee, it’s actually udon noodles stir fried in black sauce but in Penang, it’s an entirely different dish. KLites called the Penang Hokkien Mee as “Har Mee” (Prawn Noodles). Penangites just called it Hokkien Mee.

This egg noodle a.k.a “Mee” & vermicelli a.k.a “Bee Hoon” dish is served in prawn broth (the broth is made from pork, fresh prawns, dried shrimps and chilli paste stock) with, morning glory a.k.a. “KangKung), bean sprouts a.k.a. “Taugeh”, sliced pork and prawns.

Curry Mee

This is curry noodle, mixed both type of yellow egg noodles a.k.a “Mee” and vermicelli a.k.a “Bee Hoon”. The soup is a light curry with some coconut milk and the dish is garnish with bean sprouts, squid a.k.a “Jiu Hu”, cockles a.k.a “Hamm”, deep fried tofu a.ka. “Tau Pok” and cubed pork’s blood. (I don’t fancy this but I do know a lot of people who loves it, so I always ask to removed the pork’s blood) If you want it spicy, just add the chilli sauce that they will put in the spoon for you to add in the soup.

Chneh Hoo Passembur

This is a form of salad, ala local style. “Chneh Hoo” in Hokkien is known as raw fish, but there is no raw fish served in this dish, it’s referring to the poached jellyfish. This dish is a Chinese version of “Passembur”. Pasembur is a salad dish that are usually sold by Indian as well as Chinese hawkers. The Indian version might defer slightly. This dish comprised of julienne of cucumber, Chinese turnip, potatoes, “Tau Kua” (beancurd), bean sprout, “Hah Chh”i (prawn fritters) and sliced boiled egg garnished with a special sauce made from sweet potato.

Lor Mee

Lor mee (mee and bee hoon, served with thick prawn-based gravy, a dollop of chili sauce, sliced pork and half a boiled egg). For extras, you may add pork skin, pork intestines, chicken feet and mushrooms. Also, grounded garlic with vinegar.

Penang Chee Cheong Fun

This is a rolled steam riceflat noodle served with prawn paste, sweet paste, oil and sesame seeds. Chilli paste is optional.

Oh Chien

This dish is fresh oyster omelets, “Oh” (oyster) “Chien” (fried) in Hokkien.

Penang Otak-Otak

This is steamed fish cake made from a mixture of eggs, coconut milk fish fillet with lemon grass, ginger, fresh tumeric, shallots, morinda, kaffir lime leaf, wrapped in banana leaf.

There’s many more but I am getting too hungry to write… go discover on your own on the other varieties of street food in Penang. :-)
Hokkien Mee
Loh Bak
Oh Chien
Chee Cheong Fun
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yarayarinha7 says:
How much variety does a vegetarian find? Is it easy to have street vegetarian food?
Posted on: Feb 16, 2013
MeiYen says:
Thanks Michael! That's an interesting last name you got there. :) There are times when I travel and ate something good and not know the name, it is a pity, I guess we need the locals to enlightened us. :)
Posted on: Jan 19, 2010
mkrh says: last name is Hawker and I like to visit the hawker stalls...naturally
Posted on: Jan 19, 2010

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