Penang Seafood

Gurney Lane, Penang, Malaysia

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I am living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But originated from Malacca (an hour away from KL) and my hubby is from Penang (5 hours away from KL). So it is common for us to travel to other states, visitin…seafood place in Penang, on the way to Feringgi. They speciallized in baked prawns and crabs. YUM YUM1 We had a little…
Penang, Ueno and life in general
It's been a while. I guess we've been pretty busy. Let's see. I went to Penang a couple of weeks ago for 4 days for a conference. I presented a paper and it went reasonably well I think. The hi…seafood restaurant up the road and had an absoute feast. Overall the food in Penang was absolutely delicious. Lots…

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photo by: Aurora78