Penang Hill

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Penang, Malaysia

Penang Hill Reviews

Caliber-A Caliber-A
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Penang Visit Is Incomplete Without It Feb 26, 2016
There are many reasons why a tourist to Penang needs to ascend this hill – the funicular train that brings you up to the hill, not just the funicular but the excitement while traversing uphill; the breathtaking view at the top of the mountain; the temple and the mosque; the love lock for the lovers and those seeking someone to be locked; the museum; the skywalk; the bar with live performers; the restaurant; the booth that sells different memento; the tent that casts the big python for a souvenir photo, and so many more reasons!

But the most alarming reason is this “you’ve never been to Penang unless you’ve been to Penang Hill”. So, would you make or break?
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shishir2552 shishir2…
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Awesome place to view Penang Feb 01, 2016
If you are in Penang, you ought to visit this place. You can catch a local bus and then go this beautiful place. It's crowded most of the time since it is one of the main attractions of Penang. Hop on to the express Service, where you pay a bit extra and you are allowed inside the coach royally!

An awesome uphill train you can feel every second of this ride. From the top you can have a panaromic view of the city. I felt Penang looks more like Hong Kong. A massive girder across the sea, you can spend some quality time here, takes some good shots of the city and head back by the train. Try going in the evening to this place and enjoy the view!
Penang City!
Panaromic View of the City!
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
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For an overall view of Penang Sep 18, 2015
This is my 2nd review of Penang Hill I just realised. This was my 3rd visit to Penang Hill (or Bukit Bendera as it is locally known) since Year 2003 & 2009. We decided to take the public bus no. 204 from the Jetty (In the past I had only taken taxi). The bus journey takes about 1 hour due to the many stops. There was no queue at the ticket counter (we arrive about 2.30 pm). I could not pass off as a Malaysian since the ticket counter staff insisted on the local ID card which I obviously do not have. Therefore the ticket now costs RM30 for tourists to ride the funicular. Surprisingly, the ride up the hill was very fast as compared to in 2003 & 2009 perhaps due to new modern & air-conditioned funicular.

So as compared to 2003 & 2009, these are what’s new on Penang Hill:

• 2 levels of viewing platform plus a lift. You get an amazing view of the whole of Penang plus you can see the famous Penang bridge from up here.

• New restaurant and bar “David Brown” opened (I will write a separate review on this). In the past your only food option on top of the hill are crackers & ice-cream.

• A sort of lovers platform where you can buy a padlock and have your name written to it for the purposes of leaving the padlock on this platform (photo option also available for a price)

• An owl museum (entrance fee applicable)

• Buggy ride options (for a fee) to those who wish to visit The Guard House, Summit Road, Harlliburton Hill or Mosque further up on Penang Hill

• Playground near the Hindu Temple.

• Amphitheatre

It is worth a visit even if you don’t do anything here except for enjoying the cool breeze and the view.

Pix to be uploaded this weekend.
One of the new installations in Pe…
Cho says:
I was in Penang many times in the past. It is my favorite Asian destination. Needless to say, I visited Penang Hill several times. However, in 2010 and again in 2011, I couldn't go there as they were upgrading the Funicular train. My American friend was quite disappointed as I had told her about the stunning views from the top of the hill.
Posted on: Sep 18, 2015
camwilde camwilde
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A Good Walk Nov 16, 2013
I checked out of my hotel nice and early and had a full day before a flight, so I decided to go visit Air Itam. I spent the morning walking around Penang Hill.

It wasn't super cheap since I was foreign (30 ringgits) to go up the tram, but it was OK. I paid my cost, waited in line, then packed into a tram. It didn't take long to get to the top.

Once I did, there was a lot of crowd. The first thing I did was see the view. The day was hazy, but it was a nice view of Georgetown. I then pushed past the restaurants, the temporary dinosaur attraction, and to the back where it was quieter. There was a mosque, an Indian temple, and a playground.

At that point, there were lots of people offering me a ride for a price, but I preferred to walk through the jungle. It wasn't too bad and the view was nice. It was nice having my thoughts to myself (except for the passing carts carrying other passengers).

I walked to Monkey Cup garden where I saw lots of varieties of carnivorous Monkey Cup plants. It cost a little bit to get in and seemed pretty run down.

I then walked back, had some inexpensive lunch (traditional Laksa and meat on a stick) and went down the train.

Overall, it was decent, but not great. The views were cool, but that was my highlight.
Riding the tram up the hill
View down the hill
View of Georgetown
This is what they claim ....
trippin_jen trippin_…
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Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera Mar 28, 2012
First things first: I rated the 'Cost' as 'Cheap' just because I'm local. For a foreigner, I'd say it's expensive. Now read on.


This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Penang. It stands about 2,700ft high above sea level and presents an excellent view once you're up there. Overlooking the popular Penang Bridge, hills, Kek Lok Si Temple, and the many houses below, the scenery is just breathtaking. The only drawback, which most people encounter, is the haze which "washes" out the beautiful sight.


It's pretty easy. Take the rapid bus no. 204 from Komtar and it will bring you all the way to the foothills. Alternatively, you can take buses no. 201,202 or 203, but you'll have to stop at Air Itam near Kek Lok Si temple, then walk straight ahead for about 10-15 minutes. I'd recommend the first option if your purpose is solely to go to Penang Hill, or second option if you're heading both Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill. I was told that bus no. 204 is not so frequent but I was lucky to have waited only 5 minutes to go there, and when returning, the bus was already there waiting for me. ;p Bus fare costs MYR 2 from Komtar (per way).


There's a train that brings you right to the top, and it has recently been upgraded, so it's pretty comfortable and clean, and most importantly, air-conditioned. The distance from bottom to top of the hill is about 2km long, and the steepness is about 30 degrees. The train ride is about 15 minutes (i don't know why the others said it was 30 minutes? maybe the upgraded train runs faster). Before going up, there is also a display of pictures and miniatures of how the old old oldddddd trains that used to go up the hill look like. On your way up (or down), there's an old train parked on the next track, probably just for display. Last train going up hill is around 8pm on weekdays and last train down is at 10pm. Frequency of train is about every 10-15minutes.


It costs MYR 8 for a return trip for Malaysian adult, but MYR 30 for a foreign adult! Personally, I think MYR 30 is overpriced! But if you're coming from a country with strong currency, the conversion rate does make it look cheap.


When you're up there, the climate is quite cooling and feels very comfortable. Feel free to walk around for photos, or, enjoy the view from the (probably) one and only cafe called David Brown's. Walk further up and you'll see an Indian Temple, and a Muslim Mosque. In my opinion, they are both nothing special as compared to the others you'll see around Penang. You can also go cycling, or hiking, and there's also a canopy walk. Unfortunately, it's currently closed (or have been closed for almost a year on this day of this review) for safety reasons. You may find on the internet that it's closed due to the poor of the trees supporting the swinging bridge. NOT TRUE. I wanted to go for the canopy walk and called the place for more information. I was told that they're closed because some kind of cat's urine is harmful to human being and will cause disease when in contact. The ministry of health has taken precautions to avoid this, and it will remain closed until this matter is resolved.
Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera - Th…
Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera
Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera - pi…
Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera - pi…
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duwie says:
I'll be here when i visit penang next moon
Posted on: Apr 15, 2012
iramalama says:
Good to know that the train is up and operating again. Too bad you didn't walk it though.
Posted on: Mar 29, 2012
FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
The cooler part of Penang Feb 19, 2012
Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera as known by the locals is the most prominent hill in Penang.

I have been to Penang Hill twice and by taxi to the foot of the hill on both occasions. The unique thing about Penang Hill is the funicular railway system which is not common in Asia.

The most convenient way to get to the peak of the hill is to take the railway. You can buy tickets at the railway station at the foot of the hill. There is always a bit of a long queue to take the railway up so you should ask the person at the counter the estimated period of waiting time. So rather than queuing you can have a snack or drink at the small shops located next to the ticket office (thats what I did;) )

I saw winding roads leading to the peak (on my way up the hill while inside the train/tram) but I think only locals will know this route. There are actually people living scattered at the hills. I have to wonder how they find their way home at night since there are no lights on the tiny roads.

It took us approximately 30 minutes to reach the peak (with a stop to change train/tram in the middle which is like halfway up the hill).

We also took a walk around the area mid-hill. At the top of Penang Hill (on a clear day) you can see the entire of Penang! Its a great view and its best to go early morning so that you would not be sweating as the rail/tram can be quite packed as the day progresses. It is definitely cooler and can get misty. I recall seeing a police station either at mid point or at the top of the hill. There are also public toilets and shops selling souvenirs and food.

There is also a hindu temple but we saw no one around. It was quite empty.
View of the Penang Bridge from on …
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mandywmy mandywmy
2 reviews
Penang Hill - at night Jun 16, 2012
I live in HK -- where have one of the best night views of the world. Thus initially when I was going up the Penang Hill, I thought the night view of this old George Town would be totally incomparable.

I was wrong and I underestimated the beauty of the George Town. The dazzling lighting beneath the Hill is impressive (I still think HK night view is better, though ^v^).

Many buddies wrote about Penang Hill but no one ever mentioned its night view. Just want to remind travellers that you may consider to go to Penang Hill at evening -- it is beautiful.

There is a cafe at the top of the Hill. Having a cup of coffee at the bar table enjoying the view -- such a great evening...
Penang Hill
Penang Hill
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Gyokuro79 Gyokuro79
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Penang Hill & Air Itam Jul 19, 2011
Penang Hill and Air Itam--Precious Patches of Green

A series of hills rise up towards the island's centre and the highest of these, Penang Hill , is 821 meters (2700 feet) above sea level. In its foothills lie the Botanical Gardens and the Air Itam Dam. The Kek Lok Si Temple provides an imposing spectacle when approaching the Air Itam district from downtown, befitting its name "Million Buddhas Precious Pagoda".
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missygold missygold
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New train up to Penang Hill Mar 27, 2011
Penang Hill has a new train that picks up passengers from the foothill to the top without having to change trains. This replaces the old train that passengers have to change to board another train at the middle station.
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
Penang Hill Sep 02, 2009
I initially wanted to go to Penang Hill by the funicular (30 min ride) and go back by a trek in the jungle as my guide book adviced.

Unfortunately, I arrived quite late (the bus trip was quite long finally), and taking the risk of trekking by night did not attract me at all (it is around 4 hours long). Moreover, a sign adviced about not doing a trek alone and have enought water... and I was alone ! My guide book and I underestimated this trek!

At 830 meter high, Penang Hill offers a great panoramic view on Georgetown and further...

There, the temperature is much cooler than in Georgetown, it is a good get-away from the busy city.
From Penang Hill
Penang Hill
Penang Hill
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