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Pelabuhan Ratu Overview

Pelabuhan Ratu - translated literally as Queen's ocean is a beach town under Sukabumi regency in West Java. It is located at the south side of Java island - exactly the other side from Jakarta. It took 4 hours driving from Jakarta with the winding and narrow road - especially when it gets closer to the destination.
This place is famous among the surfers and beach lovers as it has several beaches and good surfing spots as the South Indian ocean has strong current and tide. Not only the beaches, it also has other attractions such as some caves, small island off the coast and Mount Halimun.

As it is a beach town - seafood is plenty with good price and fresh.

Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu literally means “Queen's Harbor” in Indonesian, and is named after the legendary queen of the south seas. Javanese lore has it that her spirit still rages off the south coast of Java, stirring up the magnificently tempestuous waves that adorn the southern shoreline. Pelabuhan Ratu is a pristine ocean resort that is a popular gathering spot for expats in the area. Pelabuhan Ratu thus offers a unique combination of Western facilities, dive resorts, accommodations and restaurants and local charm.

Pelabuhan Ratu is known for some of the finest surfing in Indonesia, and the surfing is indeed world class. Expat surfers from all over the world gather here for the challenge of these mighty breakers and the tranquility of this beautiful scenery.

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