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Pécs is the city of Mediterranean atmosphere It is a treasure-house of science, arts and sacrality.
Several values of the Roman times, the Middle Ages, the Turkish occupation and the development of the middle-class are built on one another or next to one another such as Gothic, Renaissance, baroque dwelling houses, Christian churches and Islamic houses of prayer, djamis and minarets, baths and public buildings.
The city of Pécs mainly attracts visitors owing to its intellectual life, cultural, historical relics and its special style. It will deservedly bear the title "the Cultural Capital of Europe" in 2010. It is famous in Europe for its museums, rich art life, art festivals and artists.

Outstanding museums of Pécs include the Treasury of the Basilica of Pécs, Janus Pannonius Museum, Exhibition of Ethnography, Csontváry Museum, Vasarely Museum, Amerigo Tot Exhibition, Museum of Natural Sciences, Modern Hungarian Gallery I and II, galleries.

In the city, which also hosts the National Theatre Festival, a lot of visitors have already tasted the gastronomic specialities and the famous wine of the Mecsek hills called cirfandli.
Pécs has exceptional qualities. This can be confirmed by the high number of visitors including business people, scientists, researchers, students, the lovers of history, arts and cultural programmes or tourists wishing to relax here.

Pécs is the European Capital of Culture in 2010.