Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market)

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Beijing, China
Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market) - Qing Dynasty Pip: Bamboo and brass
Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market) - My pure Silver 100 year old pipe!
With dragon inlayed pattern
Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market) - Bowl size
Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market) - Bowl size

Pearl Market (or China Pearl Market) Beijing Reviews

Tim39 Tim39
2 reviews
Nice stop for souvenir hunters Mar 26, 2013
You can find nearly everything there...Watches, Scarfs, Bags, Suitcases, Sunglasses, Electronics, Pearls, Western Fashion, Chinese Fashion,Underwear, Shoes.

Haggle hard and you definitely find some nice presents for your loved ones at home!

Some Prices as far a I haggled, I think you can get even more out, but I was a little bit in a hurry. Just aim to 30-40% of their first offer.

Watches 50-70

Silk Ties 15-20 RMB

Silk/Cashmere Scarfs 20/30RMB

FakeBags from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Longchamp depend on size, but aim for 70-80 for the smaller ones

T-Shirts 30-50RMB

Always look for a bit around, often you find original stuff, which hasnt been released to the official market. Found some cheap Hilfiger Knits and Abercrombie stuff, also original shoes sometimes.
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covieabroad covieabr…
5 reviews
good one stop shopping for Beijing tourists Jun 14, 2011
There are cheaper places to shop, or places with a wider selection, but for the tourist with limited time in Beijing, Hongqiao, or Pearl Market, is a pretty good place to take care of your gift/souvenir shopping in one stop.

The sellers generally have sufficient English to conclude a sale, and there's a range of just about everything here - from t-shirts, upmarket clothes, traditional chinese dress, to electronics, knock off watches, and cameras; from luggage to scroll paintings, statues, cloissonne ornaments, and so on. And of course, the pearls, many many different kinds of pearls. and a little jade.

Expect the sellers to be pretty aggressive, including at times grabbing your arms and pulling you into their stalls. Also expect to haggle aggressively - see my blog post on haggling for some pointers. Expect to pay no more than 40 RMB for a t-shirt (they like to sell multiples to give you that price, 3 for 100 is also available).

The higher you go, the more high end the stuff. PEarls start on the third floor and the exclusive stuff is on the fifth.

More complete than Yaxiu or Yashow Clothing Market (just west of the bottom of Sanlitun street), but if you really want a wild shopping experience, head to Panjiuyuan antiques market on the weekend. No electronics, but amazing range of stuff you never thought you needed or wanted (til you saw it there).
AdrenalineJunkie13 Adrenali…
7 reviews
Mao Propaganda, Smoking pipes and iPods O my... Jun 25, 2008
Pearl Market (OR Peal Market of China)

This market is similar to the Silk Street Market although not as crowded and has some original and non-counterfeit things such as iPOD’s, shaver, and historical/ antiques. I was looking for a Hookah but never found one although I did stumbled upon some pipes and other relics that were very real, ancient and affordable. I ended up buying 2 pipes; one from the Qing Dynasty while the other was a century old pure silver pipe. I had to spend 30 min. haggling with her to give me both pipes for a mere 355 Yuan (but I paid 350.5 because I faked her with a .5 Yuan that looks almost identical to 5 Yuan besides the size). I left a pipe there I really wanted that was 100 year before the Quing Dynasty but she wanted 700 Yuan for the 2 and wouldn’t budge.

The Antique stores here are few and are 2nd floor all in one section. They hold Buddha’s, Jewelry, knives and sabers, rugs, combs, opium and cocaine pipes, everything and I mean everything old you could have said these places were museums! I should have taken a picture but, forgot with all the hard bargaining. I also scored some old Mao Zedong and Cultural Revolution poster 3 for 20 Yuan!

All around are jewlery shops areound the antique shops so look for that. You can buy alot here and its more genuine than the Silk Street Market but, you pay a little more too!

Note: When buying a pipe make sure it is not a Cocaine or opium pipe unless that’s what you want! They are usually bigger and I doubt you can bring them at east to the U.S. Since I plan using the pipe for an occasional smoke I totally didn’t want anything close to a coke pipe! They have hookah’s but, they either are not good or are a different kind (not for smoking though mostly decoration)!
Qing Dynasty Pip: Bamboo and brass
My pure Silver 100 year old pipe! …
Bowl size

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