Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor, United States

Pearl Harbor Reviews

loripori loripori
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PEARL HARBOR Jan 24, 2017

Monday February 10, 2003.

The tour bus picked us up at 10:00 a.m. Our driver was cousin UA -- a nice young man from Samoa.

Upon arrival at PEARL HARBOUR we first saw a film depicting Pearl Harbour and the Arizona. We then got on a ferry boat shuttle to bring us to the memorial. It was a very sombre sight -- the watery grave of over 1000 brave sailors. The memorial is a stark white 184 foot structure that spans the sunken hull of the battleship. The deck of the ship lies 6 feet below the surface of Pearl Harbour. The memorial is broken into three sections - entry room - assembly room - shrine room. The shrine room contains the names of the USS Arizona sailors and marines who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

Cousin UA was waiting for us after and we then went to PUNCH BOWL CEMETERY. We also stopped at the IOLANI PALACE and statue of KING KAMEHAMEHA and drove through Chinatown.

We were back at the Hilton around 3:30. Hans and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it as a must see while in Honolulu.
Memorial Building
The Missouri
Remains of USS Arizona
Iolani Palace
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cavlizzy cavlizzy
37 reviews
A Must See for Everyone May 27, 2011
What happened at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941 was an awful day we as Americans NEVER thought could happen or happen again... but 9/11 was an awful reminder!!! The films, books, veterans, and the sunken Arizona you will see here SHOULD leave an impression on everyone. I have taken my children to see war related things in Berlin, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Waterloo, D-day areas of France, etc... so Pearl Harbor is another step in educating those who come after us. We smile in the pictures.... but the point is never lost. I have also included photos of the submarine here during that era. Very cramped quarters for so many men. I highly recommend seeing this if you visit Oahu.
Memorial in the background
getting her book signed from a Vet…
Author of book - signed
on the Arizona Memorial
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mr_shanet says:
was it worth the money? $12 the last few times i took friends there. i thought $20 was too much to tour the Missouri but then i saw the movie "Battleship" and wished i had taken the tour.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2013
ahtibat17 ahtibat17
266 reviews
Solemn Memorial Dec 14, 2009
One of the most somber places in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is a lasting tribute to the Day of Infamy, December 7, 1941. Visiting the Arizona Memorial can be time-consuming, but worth it. The ferries to the Memorial itself are run on a strict time-schedule (it is a military operation, afterall) as is the tour of the Memorial itself. At the visitor's center, you can take all the time you want to reflect and appreciate the site.

My visit was absolutely amazing. I was able to tour the day before the anniversary. There were veterans back, recounting their stories from that horrific day. I was captivated by one man in particular, Roy, from Kentucky. He had lied about his age in order to join the military. He described the actual bombing to be hell on earth.

I highly recommend visiting Pearl Harbor. No, it is not a happy place, but it is so moving. Just another reason I am proud to be an American.
sylviandavid says:
Great review... thanks for sharing it...
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
duckie07 duckie07
4 reviews
Tourist Heaven Mar 24, 2008
Well what can I say about Pearl Harbour.

If you have the opportunity to go to Hawaii please make the effort to go to the island of Oahu and check out Pearl Harbour.

The USS Arizona was one of the highlights of the trip. While waiting for the tour to start, depending on the time of year and what exercises the US Navy are doing, you can clearly see the aircraft carriers and let me tell you they are massive! Apparently the guys on there don't even know half of the crew because it's so big!

Before the tour starts the guides take everyone into a little movie theatre and play footage from the day pearl harbour was attacked. Honestly I cried watching it. It is a moving piece of film. If you've seen Pearl Harbour and haven't cried then you will with this film.

Then they take you on a boat and over to the Arizona memorial. Once you've gotten off the boat you are immediately confronted with the list of men who perished on the Arizona. The memorial is situated directly over the Arizona so you can clearly see the wreckage. Oil is still escaping from the sunked vessel and can be clearly seen on the surface of the water. That was the creepy part! plus there is an eerie feeling when your standing there looking over the ship.

Knowing that there is still bodies in the hull is creepy.

There is a map as well so you can see what compartment is where.

If you get a chance definatley go and see the USS Missouri. Another casualty of the Pearl Harbour attack but in alot better shape than the Arizona.

You have the opportunity to take a look around the Missouri and have a look at the sleeping quarters, battle stations etc The guns on there are massive!

There are pretty major security regulations in place: purses, bags, backpacks, camera cases, and nappy bags are not allowed in the visitor center or on the tour. There is a place across the road that holds them for you.

Pearl Harbour is a must see for anyone visiting Hawaii!!
Infront of the Missouri
A plaque at the Memorial
The Memorial
The list of sailors who perished. …
p38dlightning says:
Not a bad review, but the USS Missouri was not in the Harbour during the attack as it had not been built yet. It's best remembered for being the ship on which the surrender that officially ended WWII was signed. A plaque marks the spot on her deck.
Posted on: Jul 10, 2009
coreyjay1977 coreyjay…
16 reviews
Feb 25, 2008
The operational side of Naval Station Pearl Harbor is not open to the general public. The operational side of NAVSTA Pearl Harbor is where the ships and submarines of the active fleet of the United States Navy Operate. There are many ships and submarines that are homeported at Naval Station Pearl Harbor. Naval Station Pearl Harbor also has a small memorial to all of the ships that were damaged or destroyed on the attack by the Japanese and to those brave sailors and airmen who paid the ultimate price trying to defend their base. Onboard Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hospital Point offers a great viewing area for Navy ships of many countries pulling in or out of the operational side of Pearl Harbor. Hospital Point is also home to many sailors and the site of some of the filming for the movie Pearl Harbor.

So if you find yourself coming to Hawaii and might be interested in a quick tour of today's Navy let me know.
The U.S.S. Lake Erie returning fro…
A look into the operational side o…
Another ship in port.

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