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With a population of about 6000 today, Peace River is a quiet town in Canada's northern Alberta, situated in the Peace River Valley, straddling the banks of the mighty Peace River.

Human history began in the area when Asiatic people crossed the land bridge of what is now the Bering Straight to the present North American continent where they spread out in all directions.

Fast forward a few million years to the more recent ancestors of the present day indigenous people who hunted and tried to survive all over this region. There were two distinct groups, the Cree and the Dunezaa who the Europeans named the Beaver people when they arrived. They were forever at each fighting until 1781 when they decided to cease hostilities. They agreed that the mighty river which ran through their very rich hunting grounds would demarcate their tribal lands.

Even whilst these two groups were still at war, Euuropeans had arrived in the form of fur hunters, traders and the like, predominantly in the employ of the North West Company.

In those days there was a third water source joining here which was subsequently known as Pat's Creek after one Patrick Wesley who owned the land through which it flowed into the Peace River. Nowadays, it is conduited in to stop the landslides it regularly caused.
By 1818 the Hudson Bay Company had moved into the area and built Fort St. Mary's where the present day town stands. The Northwest Mounted Police detachment was estsblished in 1898.

The area was surveyed in 1909 and the railway arrived the following year.

Settlers flooded in from all over, mostly Europe and the town mushroomed. The first hospital opened in 1914 and by 1919 it had been incorporated as a town.

Today there is a community of a little under 7,000 people who live in the most ludicrous climate. The record low is -56.7C and the record high 38.9C.

There is a large shopping complex on the outskits, plenty of eating and drinking opportunities, a couple of Museums, a recently revitalised town centre, some lovely open spaces, cinema etc. etc.

Peace River is a vibrant, thriving and utterly charming place.

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