Part 2 Philippine Folklore Myths And Legends

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Part 2 Philippine Folklore Myths And Legends Reviews

lauro lauro
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Oct 12, 2007
Wow, i didnt expect that my review would be the featured and lots of request poured in for more :)

i already wrote about aswang, engkanto and tikbalang here are some more "night creatures" from philippine folklore and brace youreselves.

manananggal - also considered to be an aswang but much more macabre, this can be a man or a woman, they live like ordinary people on day, mingling with you and in the community, but watch out as darkness creep in, a mananaggal goes out deep in the woods, accompanied by a buffalo's horn filled with lana/langis (oil) and accompanied ancient prayers, if it found the right spot, take all of its clothes and completely naked, the starting to pour the lana in its body, a very sensual ritual, sort of like dancing in the moonlight, but as soon it finishes its rituals - bat-like wings and sharp teeth and fingernails grow. But thats not it, slowly the upper half of the body seprates from the lower part. As it hunts till early morning, the lower half of the body remains in the ground and still. The manananggal hunts new born babies also it also likes the liver and heart of a person. Then at almost down it flies back to the lower part of the body and become one again. In age old tradition, to be able to kill a manananggal, one must find the lower part of the body and pour salt in it (putting salt in your wound hurts) and that exactly happens also to the flying upper part of the body, and it if it sees salt all over the lower half, it couldnt connect to it, until dawn and sunlight appears, which can fatally kill them.

kapre - kapre's are hairy, black, giant creatures that perpetually smoke tobaccos. They live in big and sturdy trees, but the most frequent sighting (according to some) are in mango and balete (dont know the english word - banyan?) trees. They are usually harmless just sitting in the tree branches and smoking, some people say that you can be friend with them and they can give you riches from the their world. But it can be very dangerous for young maidens with long straight hairs, if a kapre falls in love with them. It follows everywhere the maiden, and the scariest is, the maiden is always sick, weak and bedridden and will die, the only thing she can do is accept the kapre's invitation to go their world. Shamans recommend the maiden to cut her hair and fill her room with aromas of "insenso" and "kamangyan" (incense and myrrh) to ward him off, discourage and make him dissapear altogether. Some accounts have been documented and some kapres were persistent and the maidens died.

mangkukulam - these are my country's version of witches, but very different, of course they get their power from the forces of nature, they can be very friendly and harmless to people or they can services for you if you want some potions or to hurt people, they can do them for you. When i was a child, my mother always tells me to be nice because i never knew what kind of people i would encounter everyday - for some mangkukulams sells "puto" and "kutsinta" in the afternoon for meriendas (snacks for siesta) or "tinapa" at "daing" and "atsara" (dried salted fishes and papaya pickles) in the late afternoon for dinner or just selling pillows in the morning. And if you taunt them or make them low or just a bad customer and paying etc.. They mumble ancient prayers directing to you and at night you feel pain all over your body - specially the stomach or you get boils all over.

i feel different for sharing these, because i remember, my mom would also put me to sleep by telling some stories and also my grandfather, i feel as though i let out a big secret kept between the two of us.
kapre depiction (pic from internet)
manananggal depiction (pic from in…
mangkukulam depiction (pic from in…
cneoridium says:
Manananggal sounds like the worst so far... now I'M not going to be able to sleep at night : )
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
abubu says:
you can actually refer to several textbooks if you indeed want to write stuff about these creatures. i remember back in the university, i saw a book in the lib about these creatures. i just don't know who the author is.
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
mylenev331 says:
I was always scared of balete trees while growng up. Supposedly there was a kapre that lived outside my lolo's house in Samar. :-)
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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