Parque Nacional del Cafè

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Parque Nacional del Cafè Reviews

jimdean jimdean
4 reviews
A must see for any traveller Mar 09, 2011
It`s a national park, and I`m terribly poor travelled but it`s the best I`ve seen. In the museum it is admitted that coffee originated in Africa, but it does not take away anything from the heritage in Colombia. You get to see everything including the manufacturing process blah blah blah the museum is not the highlight here.

You find yourself walking down a sidewalk surrounded by coffee plants, you are so tempted you eat a bean ( and discover that unroasted they are not that good, but odd enough to be worth the experience) The Indian Cemetary was great- if you`re into that sort of thing. It was a nice piece of history.

The flume.. if you have items you wish to keep dry do not go on the flume. Mi esposa trusted our items to a stranger so that we could go on. The flume was below average and I was terribly worried for our things the whole time, though we did get them back safely in the end.

The main event was a `Cirque de Soliel` type of show, where no cameras are allowed, it was funny, informative, and just plain brilliant. A must see!!
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briizy briizy
3 reviews
Cheap, but not much fun Apr 09, 2011
If you are just stopping through Colombia, this is not worth your while. I have lived here for two years, and I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time, so I found it fun, but if I was traveling, I wouldn't waste my money.

They have a few fun rides, like a water log and rollercoaster ride, but they aren't too exciting; even the name, which references to the coffee culture, doesn't provide much more than a cheap version of a Juan Valdez type of store.

Not missing much if you skip this one, but if you're staying in Salento, it could be a light, fun day trip.
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