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Barcelona, Spain

Parc Guell Barcelona Reviews

Farmboy23662001 Farmboy2…
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“Classic Gaudi with a Great View of Barcelona!” Nov 24, 2017
It's really a two for one. If you are a Gaudi fan, you can't miss this. Beautiful and colorful Gaudi buildings. You really get an up close look at his work. Not just buildings, but sculptures and benches. It's all Gaudi at his finest. Additionally, a walk to the top of the mountain provides spectacular views of Barcelona.

A small fee is required to enter the Monumental area (all things Gaudi). Only 7.50 Euros. The admission is worth it.

The rest of the park around the Monumental area is free. Head up to the top of the mountain for spectacular views of the City of Barcelona below. It is quite a walk up. Be prepared but restrooms are located along the walk.

Getting to the park is easy. Take the Metro Line 3 to Lesseps. It is about a 15 minute walk from there. Enter on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya. This entrance has a series of escalators that take you to the top. Then work your way down to the Monumental area. Probably best to get there early. It gets really, really crowded.

Certainly a must see in Barcelona.
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sophiabowie sophiabo…
21 reviews
Park Guell Mar 06, 2014
Park Guell is one of the most iconic sites from Antoni Gaudi. It's a very large park and is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Works of Antoni Gaudí". Entrance to the park is free, but to see the main parts-buildings, monuments, mosaics, you have to pay a fee. The fee is only 7 euro, but it's a fairly new addition that I think people should be made aware of. The park can be very crowded, but somehow it's still very peaceful. It's truly like walking through a fairy tale and gives amazing views of Barcelona. There's no audio guide, but you get a pamphlet that describes each of the monuments and buildings. Take a lunch and have a picnic in the park area! It's quite lovely!
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austin37335 austin37…
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A must see Gaudi extravaganza! Jun 04, 2013
Gaudi’s architecture is an integral part of city of Barcelona, and buildings such as Casa Batlo, Casa Mila, Palau Guell and of course Sagrada Familia are all definitely highly recommended.

Parc Guell is another Gaudi design and is a free to visit public park, brimming with Gaudi architecture. Parc Guell is situated high up in the Grácia district of the city and is quite a climb from the Metro station. The best way to reach it is to get off the Metro at Vallcarca. It is a good 15 minute walk from here, much of it is steeply uphill, but there are some escalators in the side streets to help out at the steepest points.

The climb is worth the effort, not only for the park, but for the views across Barcelona and beyond to the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a great vantage point from which to draw your breath after that walk and it sets you up nicely for a stroll around the park.

The park itself is a fantasyland where Gaudi’s imagination was let loose and straight lines were apparently banished. The park is set in beautiful gardens and is on several levels. The bench area on one of the upper levels is a fabulous place to chill out and lazily soak in the surroundings. The bench itself is typical Gaudi, finished in mosaic style tiles, it is the longest bench in the world, and it snakes around the upper level of the park. The buildings in the park are also typical Gaudi and are in a style not unlike a ‘gingerbread’ fantasy. You can pay 2 Euros per building to go inside, and for me it’s worth doing to get a different perspective on the park. The main entrance to the park features the famous tiled lizard and beyond that the turrets that hold up the park’s upper level.

Within the park there are some facilities. There is a gift shop, actually inside one of the houses, selling all manner of souvenirs, and there is a snack bar serving basic food, soft drinks, beers and ice creams. This is of course a little pricey, but it’s a nice place to sit and people watch. Talking about people, the park is very popular and can get extremely busy. It was busy enough when we were there in May, so I guess at the height of the summer it will get very crowded.

The best way to exit the park is to leave via the main gate and head towards Lessops Station. This is a slightly longer walk than but is less steep that the Vallcarca route which has no downward escalators.

To summarise, this is a must see attraction when in Barcelona. It’s a minimum half day visit to get the most out of it, but it is very worthwhile. I would avoid peak times in the summer and be prepared for that climb, but if you possibly can, be sure to make the effort to get there.
The steep climb through the street…
Thankfully, there are escalators!
The view over Barcelona from Parc …
The Gaudi bench
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jeminigirl says:
I loved this place =)
Posted on: Jun 04, 2013
jeminigirl jeminigi…
115 reviews
Not to be missed Jun 06, 2012
This was one place that had us both intrigued right from seeing it highly recommended in our guide books. It's a bit of a way out from central Barcelona but so worth the visit. The gardens were initially planned as a housing estate on the hillside but only two of the houses were ever built, one of which was Gaudi's home and today houses a museum dedicated to the architect.

If you take advantage of the hop on/off city bus tour the park is on the blue route.

The bus stop is at the bottom of a very steep hill and the park is at the top, so we had a bit of a climb (about 10 minutes) to the park entrance.

At the park entrance you are immediately greeted by the amazing architecture of Gaudi, the two entrance pavilions are intricately decorated in mosaic style and look rather like two gingerbread houses. We had arrived quite early on in the morning around 10am, but the park entrance was already buzzing with many visitors.

Directly in front of the entrance is the double staircase with fountains and a mosaic dragon (everyone wants their photograph taken with this dragon.)

Wandering around the spectacular pathways, colourful parrots fly freely above you, the flowers are amazing and each area has been cleverly developed to constantly surprise your senses.

As you continue higher up into the park you come across the square area, which has a cleverly designed seating area, again decorated with beautiful mosaic patterns, a great place to relax and chat and take in the amazing views.

Hidden amongst the beautiful decorated pathways and viaducts is a small building that was once the home to Gaudi himself (now a museum) decorated in the softest pink and white with again amazing details. An admission charge applies here.

This park is beautiful and should not be missed. A great way to spend a morning or afternoon, strolling around at your leisure. Best of all it's FREE!!!!
Park Entrance
Park Entrance
Great Sraircase
Fountain - with pigeon taking a ba…
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jeminigirl says:
Sarah, the park is so beautiful away from the hustle and bustle of the city - will definitely return sometime in the future :)

Paul - you so need to visit :)
Posted on: Jul 31, 2012
sarahsan says:
It´s definitely a place not to be missed! I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it very much.
Posted on: Jul 30, 2012
Paulovic says:
Only for this I would love to go to Barcelona!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2012
daniellelooije danielle…
15 reviews
Like you are walking in a fairytale Sep 14, 2011
This is a must see in Barcelona and on top of it it is free! Park Guell was orriginally project of Gaudi and a man who's last name was Guell. They where planning to make a park with luxury houses of this plot. Unfortunately for them it didn't work out and only a few houses were build. Luckily for Barcelona, the park is now a great asset to the wonderfull city, and is freely available to the public. People, you really need to see this.

As soon as you get the etrance in your sight it screams Gaudi. You see the unusual shaped gate, the unusual shaped little houses and later the unusual shaped everything. That compared to the colourfullness in the park you feel like you are walking in a fairy tale. Everything is just beautiful.

Of course you should not forget to get your picture with the salamander on the stairs, but also don't be scared to go outside of the tourist area's. Park Guell is a really large park, with really beautiful flora and fauna, and the higher you get the better the view on Barcelona gets. You can find some really nice places where you can hang out in the shades and it is really a great park to have a nice walk. Also, the further away you are from thr Gaudi sights, the quieter the park gets.

I really recommend everyone seeing this park. Of course explore all the nice atttributes Gaudi designed, but do not neglect the beautiful designs of nature too, here is this fabulous park in Barcelona.
jdonado2007 jdonado2…
3 reviews
An ideal place to feel like you're in ancient times Jul 23, 2011
Bask in the beauty of Antoni Gaudí's architectural garden on any given day! If you appreciate mosaics and gardens, Parc Guell can turn out to be quite enjoyable for you. I visited this site with my tour group in the morning back in March, and the weather was perfect for sightseeing and taking in the site's value. Once you go through the entrance, "guarded" by a statue of a dragon, you will see dozens of vendors selling impressive-looking items, such as hand-made fans, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry. Upon ascending to the rooftop of the building, you will get a great view of the city of Barcelona, and find it to be an ideal spot to take pictures.

I wouldn't mind going back to Parc Guell on my own to see everything on my own time.
andyrossonero andyross…
6 reviews
More than just a park May 30, 2011
You know, It's easy to google up and find a lot of details about this place, but if you're thinking about giving it a chance or saving your precious time for other activities this might help you decide. Once you get into the parc you'll see some of the marvelous tile art developments from both Gaudi and Güell -both well known spanish artists-, then as you climb up the labyrinthine roads uphill in a special kind of plimarage there are several plant and tree species together with beautiful gardens. Street musicians harmonize and cheer up your way up till the top where you'll be rewarded with an awesome panoramic view of Barcelona awakening the amateur photograph everyone is. The best part of this is that -unlike the teleferic- it's totally free!
WonderGirl03 WonderGi…
2 reviews
beautiful May 07, 2011
Very beautiful park, with fantastic views of the city!! Free entry and live musicians and interesting acts on show. Would advise to go in the morning as it is not a crowded as the afternoon is. Cant wait to go back someday!
orniel22 orniel22
1 reviews
Parc Guell Apr 25, 2011
Parc Guell, located in Barcelona Spain, is named after Count Eusebi Guell. The original idea for Parc Guell was to be a housing project, but was not successful and building ceased after only two homes were built. The location is now a large garden complex designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi.Once you were there, you will see overlooking barcelona the view was really breathtaking...
mokel mokel
3 reviews
Parc Guell. Dont forget to visit it. Mar 28, 2011
When you were in Barcelona, i recommend you to visit the Gaudis Parc Guell. But take your time, first because its not near to the center of the city and second because you will want to stay there some time, the place is quite big, there are differente parks, roads, little and amazing buildings and houses, etc. Everything there is beautifull. it looks like unreal but its exists.

Enjoy Barcelona!
stanmar2004 stanmar2…
7 reviews
Parc Guell - Gaudi at his best! Dec 03, 2010
I would put Parc Guell at the top of my list of places to visit whenever I head to Barcelona.

Went there in 2007 for 1st time in years and forgot how enchanting it can be. If you go on a clear sunny day the view over the City and out to the Med is amazing. Even the view up into the Hills behind is fab. Its well worth the hike to this little oasis of greenery!

Best tip is to get Metro Line 3 (Green one) to Vallcarca and then climb the many, many steps or if you can find them ride the escalators to the top. This way you approach the Parc for the back and discover each of the delightful but maybe a little crazy designs of Gaudi, who was let loose by Mr Guell to do whatever his heart desired.

If you can, go up on a week day so its not so busy. If you're not in a rush, take a book, and maybe a little lunch and chill for a while before returning to the bustle of the city. However, even if trying to pack in lots in a few days, I would still suggest visiting Parc Guell!

And of course all of this is free! What you waiting for????
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Nice park! Aug 29, 2009
Park (free)

Combining gardens with architectural pieces, Parc Guell was designed by Gaudi and the site now falls under UNESCO World Heritage Site status (in combination with a few other of Gaudi’s projects).

I particularly liked the fountains which welcome you at the entrance; they have these wonderful depictions of lizards and the tile work is pretty colourful and striking. Once you get into the proper part of the gardens, the views into the rest of the surrounding area are amazing. A really inspiring and enjoyable place to admire and rest. I went in high season and the grounds are large enough to sustain a large amount of tourists without it feeling too crowded.

Gaudi Museum (5 Euros)

In addition to the main part of the gardens, the site is also home to the Gaudi museum. I think the entrance fee is about 5 euros for this. The contents are acceptable and not really worth the entrance fee in my opinion. There is a lack of decent and well-organised information in the museum, and the artefacts just look thrown together rather than providing you with a deeper insight into Gaudi’s life or work.


Whether or not you cough up the money for the museum, the park is a really nice visit and is worth considering if you have a lazy part of the day!
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davidx davidx
564 reviews
How on earth - - -? Oct 13, 1999
How on earth - - what? Take your pick. --did Gaudi do it? could it be so appealing? can it fail to come over properly in photos? pass, pass and pass. I don't feel that any of gaudi's works, except the most simple, do generate photos that do him justice.

Hence I went to the Parc Guell (one day after I had been to Monserrat - about a quarter of an hour before the light began to fail) more out of curiosity to see why others enthuse about it than with any expectation of liking it myself.

I found it quite amazing. I must have been the oldest person there by a good 30 years at that hour and felt as though some were viewing me as part of the spectacle. Gaudi had the genius to make heavy slopes on pillars of all sorts of outlandish angles and to make gorgeous and magical designs out of worthless bits but possibly not to create an elder from a teenager!

For works of art open to the public to appear as undesecrated as this might be seen as the greatest compliment that could be paid to the maestro.
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