Parangtritis Beach

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta Reviews

yuness yuness
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' Black sandy beach ' May 05, 2013
Parangtritis is the most popular beach in South Yogyakarta, 1 hours drive from the City. It is also well known for the big waves and the sand hills, or so-called dunes. In the dry season usually winds blow harder, and waves average of two to three meters in height. As a tourist area, Parangtritis is managed quite well by the District Government of Bantul. Ranging from lodging facilities to the typical market selling souvenir stalls. The beach is only 27 km from the city of Yogyakarta. To achieve the 1 hour journey to Parangtritis, you can use a private car or public transport, ie city buses. I choose public transportation, you can ride from the terminal Umbulharjo.

Once at the beach there is a small entrance fee of IDR. 3.000 this is to help peserve the cleanliness of the area, Because of the ferocity of the waves at Parangtritis visitors are recommended not to swim or bathe in the Robust sea. But there are many things that can be done in Parangtritis. Seeing the sunset is one of the most in demand. Therefore, the best time to go is just before dusk. There are also gig services that will take you down the smooth sand beach surface. If you prefer to ride a horse directly, you can also visit a horse rental services (sorry no price guide. Kites Games can also be an option that can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere even beginners can fly a kite. Parangtritis winds can be strong it only takes an average wind to fly a kite, so be careful of the stronger winds as these can be difficult, but here always some wind to help those who have never flown a kite. Parangtritis often used as the location of the kite festivals these are an exciting, colourful and skillful attraction.

Folklaw tells of Nyai Rara Kidul myth of these Southern Seas of Java, that creates its own exoticism in Parangtritis. Ceremonies are often held in honour of Nyai Rara Kidul. In Keraton (palace) Yogyakarta and here at Parangtritis the Labuan ceremony takes place Almost every Tuesday and Friday nights, local fishermen perform ritual ceremonies along with some visitors in Parangtritis then the Pelarungan colored ritual makes offerings of colorful flowers into the sea. The peak ceremony occurres on the eve of the Javanese celestial calendar, 1 Suro (month) and two or three days after Eid-ul- Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
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yuness says:
Wow..on 1996 I was in Batam Island and Thanks to read this review Wanda :)
Posted on: Dec 06, 2013
wandafromtexas says:
I was there on a "tour" in 1996...wish YOU could have been there! it would surely have been more fun! thanks for the wonderful writeup!
Posted on: Dec 04, 2013
yuness says:
Yes Jim...a good place to enjoy :)
Posted on: Dec 04, 2013
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andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Parangtritis Beach May 30, 2013
Parangtritis Beach is an excellent place to avoid. Huge stratch of black sand with falling apart infrastructure and bad quality beach ware is pretty much what you get in this town. You cant really go swimming on this beach due to horrendous rip current that swaps everything that tries to get in. Waves are pretty big so I don’t see why you would like to bathe there in the first place. This beach is well advertised so there are lots of people coming to it, especially school children tours with large busses. No swimming in the sea opened a business of small pools that let you swim at the charge and even use the auto tire if cant swim… Sight is totally surreal.
Most of the stalls were occupied w…
ekayanti ekayanti
3 reviews
The legend of Parangtritis Beach Dec 23, 2010
The meaning of Parangtritis,parang means water and tritis means dripping so its dripping water.Related to a volcanic mountain "Merapi",which become the most active volcanic mountain in the world make the colour of the sand darker.This beach has a very famous legend about the Queen of the South or local peoples called her "Nyai Roro Kidul".Some of Javanese peoples believe there is a kingdom under the sea thats running by the Queen of the South.Green colour is the favourite colour of the Queen so peoples still believe she would invite the peoples who wearing a green colour clothes into her kingdom but it would be one way ticket,no return ticket.

The other interesting places around the beach itself are parangkusumo,parang endog and parang wedang.

Parangkusumo,parang is water and kusumo means flower.There are 2 big rocks with fence around them,become the other interesting thing to see.Those rocks where used for the 1st Sultan of Yogyakarta to sat down when she met the Queen of the South.They had an agreement to help each other,the Queen helped the Sultan to win the war but in return she wanted to be the wife of every Sultan of Yogyakarta.Thats why until now,every year we still do an offering ceremony that we called "Labuhan",to throw away all the private things of the Sultan,like the clothes,nail cut and hair cut of the Sultan to the sea.

Parang endog,parang is water and endog is egg.The named this area because the shape of the egg are oval,just like egg's shape.

Parang wedang,parang still means water and wedang means drink.In this place,there is a hot spring water.There are some small room with a watertank (like bath tub) for peoples to take a bath.

There are still so many interesting places with all the legend stories behind it in Yogyakarta.
Horse carriage is one of attractio…
MeiYen MeiYen
53 reviews
Parangtritis Beach...Something Different May 09, 2010
We heard about the popular black sand beach somewhere south of Yogya and decided to make a trip there. We were told that there is a seafood market there where we could buy fresh seafood from the vendors and patronage one of the many restaurants there to cook them for us. With the thought of seafood and sunset by the beach in mind, we headed there. As we entered the area, we noticed the sign that says “Welcome to Parangtritis Beach Resort – Queen of South”. Why Queen of South? Our cab driver with his staggering English was trying to convey to us that apparently there is a legend behind the beach, something to do with a youthful and beautiful Queen who reigns over the sea kingdom and one of her aide a mermaid who had her own tale to tell. At last we arrived; this beach is not entirely what we have in mind. This is the first time ever that we saw a beach where there is a pool on the beach. After walking towards the sea we understand why the need for the pool. This is not a beach where you could swim, the strong furious waves tells you that. Regardless of the warning signs about swimming, there are still some people dipping in; though they hardly venture too far in the ocean. After being accustomed to beaches like the ones in Bali, this is definitely a change of scene. First impression, the beach is rather dirty as there are a lot of vendors there selling all kinds of local food, drinks and snacks like deep fried prawn heads and barbequed corns and they don’t really bother about keeping the beach clean. That being said, after spending some time there, this beach charms us with the scene of dunes, the ocean, the gust of wind and just the thought that this beach has provided many happy outings for the people, the kids laughing and playing along the shore, the kite flying and the horse cart rides that is enough for us to say, yes, we will be back, even if we can’t swim, we could still enjoy taking in the moments just sitting by.

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