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One of the most enigmatic places to visit on Earth is Papua New Guinea. An island nation in the middle of Oceania, PNG is made up of literally hundreds of islands. It is a tropical paradise full of adventure and excitement. There is little-to-no tourist infrastructure within the country, so it is absolutely not a place to go if you are a first-time traveler; instead, Papua New Guinea is considered an adventurer's destination, a place for backpackers and lovers of the great unknown to have their chance to shine away from the pretty little tourist traps and bright shiny lights of the resorts that are so popular in other countries.

As the eastern half of New Guinea, PNG was an Australian colony under the oversight of Great Britain until 1975, when it gained its independence. The country is still struggling to find its own path, and there is still a fairly significant portion of the infrastructure that is filled with corruption and economic stand-stills. As a result, the country is somewhat of a challenge for visitors. There is no police force watching out for you, there is no developed healthcare system, and while the people themselves are exceptionally friendly and warm, it is a rough place unless you thrive on adventure.

From the highlands of Papua New Guinea, which remained unmapped until the 1930s, complete with their traditional tribal cultures, to the reefs and diving areas around the Central and Oro Bay Provinces, there is a wide range of diversity across PNG. From mountains to jungles to beaches, there is a little bit of everything to be experienced on these islands. From the frontier town of Mt. Hagen, which gives you access to the Highlands region, to the tribal village of Wewak, or the capital city of Port Moreseby with its zoological gardens and Melanesian vibe, there is something mysterious throbbing in the heart of Papua New Guinea: the unexplored.

Port Moresby #1 most popular location
Port Moresby (pronounced /ˌpɔərt ˈmɔərzbi/), or Pot Mosbi in Tok Pisin, is the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Papua, on t…
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Madang #2 most popular location
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Kavieng #3 most popular location
Lae #4 most popular location
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Vanimo #5 most popular location
Vanimo, the capital of Sandaun province is dominated by a Malaysian logging company. In the west of the town, towards Yako village is some good surfing (September to March, the best accommoda…
Kokopo #6 most popular location
Wewak #7 most popular location
Wewak, the capital of East Sepik province is the access point for trips to the Sepik river and the wonderful East Sepik islands of Museum, etc., the best hotel might be the Airport Lodge next…
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Kokoda #8 most popular location
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Mount Wilhelm #9 most popular location
Mount Wilhelm is the highest mountain in Oceania. Standing at 4,509 meters (14,793 ft) above the ocean level on the Eastern side of the island of Papua New Guinea. Purists will point out that…
Kundiawa #10 most popular location
Kundiawa is the capital of the Simbu province in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It is home to 8,147 (2000 Census) who live along the Highlands Highway between Goroka and Mount Hag…
Arawa #11 most popular location
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Popondetta #12 most popular location
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Samarai #13 most popular location