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Pantanal Overview

The Pantanal is a tropical wetland area the size of France. So it's quite big, in fact the largest wetland in the world. So the comparison most people make to Florida's wetlands would be best reversed.

During the rainy season, about 80% of the area is submerged below water. The Pantanal is often overlooked in favor of the Amazon but it has a lot to offer in its own right.

Due to the flooding, the plains of the Pantanal have become extremely fertile and as such most of the land is farmland. Such fertile land means that there is an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Some of the interesting animals in the area are piranha, capybara, macaw, giant river otter, armadillo, taipir, anteater and many many caiman. Lets not forget the bane of the farmers, the ever present jaguar.