Pantanal Airlines is HORRIBLE

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Pantanal Airlines is HORRIBLE Reviews

megsyk megsyk
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Dec 29, 2007
On my recent trip to Brazil I had the great misfortune of taking a journey with the very unpredictable Pantanel Airlines. To anyone scheduled to fly on this airline get ready for a troubled trip. Mine started when I had to visit three different lines to check myself and my boyfriend into our flight from Son Palo to Baru. We then waited at what we thought was our gate for 50 minutes without an announcement as to delays. Once finally on the plane we were left to sweat on the stiffling runways on Son Palo for an hour in an plane without the air on, once again with no explination. A few airplane bottles of booze smuggled on the flight was the only thing that could calm my agitation at this point. When we finally reached our destination a few hours late, we were refused our bags until the plane came back through that night.

As if this was not enough, the climax of our adventure with the airline did not happen till we left Baru for our flight back. I admit we showed up a little late, but we were part of a group of at least 12 people who were turned away from our flight when it was running late anyway. Because there was not a flight until the next day the 10 of us were placed on the bus. At this point we are minus a few choice Brazilians who chose to take a taxi after getting into quite the shouting match with the hobbit like ticket agent. Although an intersesting departure from our planned flight this was quite stressful because we had 5 other flights that depended on this flight. After we realized there was clearly no way we would make our original flight we called American to reshedule the rest of our flights. Including the burden of taking a taxi from one airport across a large city to the other airport in a mad rush to make our resheduled flight without a minute to spare.
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