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Pangkor Laut Island, Pangkor Island, Malaysia

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melfina melfina
5 reviews
Paradise ! Mar 16, 2011
My cousin found this amazing place with a great travel promotion. Our only gripe was our trip was too darn short.... Well we are definitely returning! The spa experience was costly but worth every cent, service was impeccable and they have the Pavarottii Suite! The grand mastero himself loved this place. Every morning, you'd be gently awoken by the lovely flock of resident Malayan Hornbills. Restaurant serves almighty gianormous size portions... Tennis and pool facilities were gorgeously maintained and the view was breath-taking. They have plenty of interesting activites like a jungle walk, yoga & other activities. The shops are also worth a good look although the prices are out of this world, quality and designs are impeccable! If you'd like to experience life as a reclusive celebrity. COME HERE!
Reception before you catch the pri…
vintage touch, classy!
Love the sea spray? Hang on tight!
Oh good Lord~!
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TravellinChic says:
where did you find the promotion? :)
Posted on: May 28, 2012
melfina says:
oh yeah let me check with my cousin if she's free to take us! :)
Posted on: Mar 26, 2011
MissJaneCA says:
Wanna go again in June girl?
Posted on: Mar 20, 2011
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Rachelsc Rachelsc
3 reviews
Pangkor Laut - July 2011 Jul 24, 2011
Pangkor Laut Resort is the only resort in Malaysia which adopts the concept : One island, one resort.

I was looking forward to going especially after hearing my colleagues and friends raving about it for months. I had really high expectations.

The coach ride from KL to Lumut Jetty took us (about 16 of us) about 4 hours. We were told to get there by 1.30pm so that we can hop onto the 2pm ferry which would bring us to the resort.

Unfortunately, two of their ferries broke down that day and we waited for 2-3 hours before getting on to the ferry. Our nicely laid out plans went a little haywire because the first SPA session was scheduled to be at 5pm.

We received a pleasant welcome greeting by some of the resort staff when we arrived at the island. From there, we were briefed about the place and facilities.

Our rooms were relatively near the reception, although we had to walk up a small slope and climb more stairs to our rooms. It is not a place for disabled people.

I love the room. Translucent windows made the bath area bright and spacious.

There were a few activities which we participated throughout our short stay. We went jungle trekking (took us about 45 minutes to complete the longer trail), played volleyball, had a Balinese massage and SPA session. There were two lap pools but as a person who can't swim, it was a little too deep for me.

The beach (Emerald Bay), which is on the other side of the island, is beautiful. Deck chairs sprinkled the sandy beach for people who want to get a tan. The few hammocks that hung between trees were unfortunately torn.

The entire resort is too big for us to get from one place to another. There is a shuttle service which operates at every fifteen minutes at different locations. Because our stay was a short one (three days two nights) we tried to do everything we possibly could and therefore relied on the shuttle to be at the stop station within 15 minutes. Once again, we had to rush a lot because the shuttle service wasn't reliable. There's a phone attached to each station and even calling the reception to send shuttles over didn't help much. We still ended up waiting for a long time.

Maybe it was because I had high expectations on this place but overall, I think it is over-rated and there are not enough activities to justify staying there longer than 2 nights. Perhaps if you're looking for a place where you want to lounge about, not doing much but lazying around in the sun, it would be a good place to go to. But for the price we're paying, I think there are just not enough activities. I think it has great potential to expand further, though.

Overall, the stay is pleasant and stress-reducing. Perfect for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
mfmcp1982 mfmcp1982
36 reviews
Paradise Lost... Aug 01, 2005
Having spent 6 wonderful nights in Dubai at the Palace at the Royal Mirage, and 2 fabulous nights at the Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur, we were looking forward to relaxing in a similarly luxurious, and sophisticated beach resort for 9 nights, and chose Pangkor Laut. Going on its reputation as a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and the Conde Nast award in 2003, we really thought this was what we would find at Pangkor Laut. When we viewed the resort's website at home prior to travel, it also encouraged us to be hopeful of exclusivity, excellent service, luxury and quiet elegance.

However, we found Pangkor Laut did not live up to the hype.

On arrival at the resort office in Lumut, we were disappointed to find a shabby and dingy office, which was full of flies and without sufficient air conditioning for the space - it was served by two ceiling fans, if memory serves. Having used similar lounges in the Maldives for One&Only Kanuhura, we were very surprised at the condition of the waiting room. The seating area was very small, and the seat cushions damp from the humidity and poor a/c.

We were then told we had to wait over 2 hours for the ferry to the island (which isn't altogether the resort's fault - perhaps the tour operator shouldn't have picked us up so early in KL; leaving at 9am we arrived in Lumut shortly before noon). Having seen the sights of Lumut (of which there are very few) we returned to the office and were directed to a mezzanine lounge in the office, where owing to the heat, we both fell asleep. When we awoke at 2.10pm, the office was empty - everyone else had been escorted to the ferry - and our luggage left unattended. We had to run to the ferry, and received no apology.

Arriving at Pangkor Laut, we were impressed at the overall appearance of the island from the boat, and with the pleasant staff who welcomed the guests with cool towels and a chilled drink. As check-in was completed at the Lumut office, we were quickly shown to the garden villa we had booked (the beach villas, we were told, were fully booked from June until October). However, our immediate impression of the garden villa was exceptionally disappointing. For a five star resort with the commendations it prouds itself so highly for, the room was dismal.

It could best be described as rustic decor, and was much smaller than it appeared on the resort's website.

The first unfortunate surprise we got as soon as we were shown to the front door of the room was that whilst the website mentions that garden villas are two storey constructions, they are also semi-detached, which is omitted on the site. Therefore, if you wish to sunbathe on your terrace area (and ours was marked, stained and dirty, as were the cushions on the sun beds) then you must be prepared to be as close to your neighbours, should they also chose to sunbathe, as you would be on the beach. The (very) small seating area appeared to be wrapped in a bed sheet, there were leaks in the wooden bathroom ceiling which left a mat in front of one of the sinks so wet that I slipped badly on it, and the shower area strongly resembles what one can only imagine a struggling Third Division football club's changing room might look like - small white tiles, and a once-white shower curtain which was stained and marked. The pebbled area in front of the modern bath was interesting, but very uncomfortable to walk on, and perhaps would be dangerous with wet feet.

The toilet was also rather dingy looking, with traces of grime around the seat and the cistern. We were also under the impression that garden villas, had, as described on the hotel's website: "The villas on the ground floor have a huge bathtub in a private courtyard while the bathrooms in the villas on the first floor open out to a view of the surrounding rainforest". What is not mentioned in this rather romantic description is that if you open the windows surrounding the bath then residents of the hill villas and people walking along the roadways will have a fine view of you in the tub! Hardly the sort of privacy one expects! The windows around the bath and shower were badly marked and needed cleaned, and on the small areas outside the windows beside the bath, bare wires protruded from the tiles, presumably where a light once sat.

The mini-bar was also not stocked as one would hope to find in a 5 star luxury property. It contained 2 cans each of Pepsi, 7-up, iced tea and tiger beer, and the fridge in our garden villa didn't work, which saw a second puddle (the first from the leaking ceiling) form on the floor when the contents of the thawed ice tray spilled out. The sink area, whilst large and spacious, was also grimy, and there wasn't sufficient space to store luggage. To add insult to injury, when our luggage was delivered one of the porters had so forcefully pulled a retractable handle out of the case that we were unable to push it back in, as it was forced to one side. The resort's 'technician' had to take the back section of the case off to realign screws so the case could be used.

As a result of the above, we unsurprisingly chose to complain, which saw us upgraded to a spa villa, which the receptionist described as 'our most luxurious rooms'. We were escorted by a very friendly and polite member of the reception staff to the new room, which was certainly larger and decorated to a higher standard than the garden room. However, my fiancé and I were still unsure of the resort's suitability for membership of 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World'.

The bathrooms in the spa villas are substantial - the stone tub is large enough for two, and the windows open out to the sea, although to one side there was no guard rail which, although seemingly trivial, made it difficult to pull the windows on that side closed without almost ending up in the sea with the jellyfish!

The spa villas enjoy much more privacy than any of the other rooms, sea villas included, and they are not on a thoroughfare to another part of the island, as the sea villas are. However, each afternoon, at around 3pm, a large number of anchovy fishing boats appeared on the horizon and got, at times, extremely close to our balcony, which made me personally feel uncomfortable sunbathing - foul smelling fishing boats spewing diesel fumes forth doesn't help you relax. Each afternoon, two or three additional speedboats full of tourists - and we don't know whether they came from Pangkor island, or Pangkor Laut resort - would scream past the windows, with tourists taking photos into our room whilst we were trying to relax. Some even shouted up to us - rather undignified.

The food, we found, on the whole was good, and we appreciated the exclusivity of the spa village swimming pool, which was reserved for the use of spa villa residents and those using the spa facilities that day. Children under 16 were not permitted in this area of the hotel. The Jamu bar at the spa village served a light breakfast, whilst a more substantial cooked breakfast and other 'less healthy' options were available at the buffet breakfast near reception. However, my fiancé was unable to order a beer to drink at the poolside during the day in the spa village - surely dictating what clients eat and drink is a tad excessive. Options should be available for those who wish to avail themselves of the 'spa cuisine' and those who don't wish to be so strict with themselves! This restriction was not mentioned to us until we tried to order the offending beverage.

We were generally pleased with Fisherman's Cove restaurant, although rules on dress code were applied with a massively varying degree of strictness, and the rule of no under 16s was also disregarded by one family, who chose to seat their two children away from themselves, resulting in their bickering children sitting closer to our table than their parents. We were informed by the maitre d' that if parents insisted their children join them then the restaurant had to allow then to do so. Rules seemed valid for some and not others. On the one night my fiancé chose to wear tailored shorts rather than 'long pants' (yet tatty jeans were fine so long as they were long) he was asked to return to our room (a 10 minute walk each way) and change. Men were not supposed to wear open toed sandals, but if worn with long pants this seemed fine. The restaurants were also all smoking, which saw us shrouded in cigarette smoke for the entire duration of one meal - as two non-smokers this was not appreciated.

Uncle Lim's was an interesting concept. No menu, but the staff will recommend the day's fresh produce and ways of preparation. Some of the staff had poor English, and this led to a number of tables around us finding the system of ordering rather perplexing. The food was lovely, however, and very reasonably priced - around the same or lower than Chinese restaurants in the UK. We dined at Samudra on a Saturday night, when a full scale buffet barbeque was on offer, and were pleased with the food. The other nights at Samudra were Malaysian themed (5 nights) and an Indian buffet on the other night - neither of which options were attractive to us.

On our final night, we had planned to dine at 'Dinner on the Rocks' a small restaurant on the other side of the island, which was marketed as romantic and intimate, with a very small number of tables. The menu, however, made us decide otherwise. The menu is entirely set - one starter, one main course, one desert, and the first two courses are all seafood. The starter was squid, a dish neither of us like, and although I am keen on fish, my fiancé isn't, and was offered beef instead. But the restrictiveness of the menu led us to cancel, and we settled on Uncle Lim's instead.

Room service was generally good, although our first experience saw the kitchen take 1 hour, 20 minutes to make two hot mozzarella and tomato sandwiches, get the order wrong in the process and bring warm beer with the order. The meal was deducted from the bill, but we had to argue our case at reception, as we took the incorrect order so as to avoid another lengthy wait.

What is not mentioned in a number of the brochures is that the island is so vast that a number of minibuses and 4x4 vehicles run around and ferry guests to different parts of the hotel. This would generally be fine - such systems work very well in the Maldives - but the first time we used the minibuses we waited over 30 minutes for one to 'pass by' as they are supposed to with high frequency. When we commented to the driver he replied, in a highly patronising manner, that we should have phoned reception and asked for one. On the next occasion, as we had by now been more fully educated on bus etiquette at Pangkor Laut, we called reception, said where we were and where were wanted to go, the bus still took over 25 minutes to appear. On another occasion, we only just made breakfast in time, despite setting out over 45 minutes before the dining room closed, as the bus again took so long to arrive.

The pool areas were lovely - the spa village in particular has clearly had a lot of thought and effort put into the landscaping and architecture of the gardens and spa treatment pavilions. The main pool, at Royal Bay, is also nice, but was always busy when we passed by. The 'Frog Pool' which is overlooked by some of the garden villas, appears nice but was heavily populated with small children. The Spa treatments were fantastic - the bath house experience before hand set the mood and suitably relaxed participants, and the gift of a sarong to each customer was a surprising benefit.

The hotel also failed to pass on a message received by them from our tour operator regarding our onward transfer from Lumut back to KLIA, on day 2 of our 10 day stay, and we only received it on check out.

The staff are generally friendly, but as noted in another comment, the degree of English varies, and is often broken, and guest requests are often misunderstood or disregarded.

None of the rooms have televisions. Whilst this might be seen as adding to the rustic charm, it left us feeling entirely cut off from the outside world. There was a TV room, but the two or three times I looked in, the TV was off, or stuck on a video channel. There were no international newspapers, and the Internet service at the resort was out of order for 6 of the 10 days we were there. Surely TVs could be discreetly and attractively camouflaged in rooms - if guests wish to cut themselves off then they can simply not turn them on. The removal of choice left me feeling controlled and dictated to.

A stay of around 5 - 7 days is, I believe the longest anyone may comfortably expect to spend on Pangkor Laut. We were growing increasingly bored by day 6, and spent the last few days on our balcony rather than at the pool, and were getting fed up with the two restaurants that suited our palates. Water sports were also few and far between. Sea Kayaking was available, but this led to guests paddling around in front of our villa, again reducing the privacy element. When I enquired as to the availability of waterskiing, I was told that a 20 minute boat tow would cost the equivalent of £80!

The return ferry transfer to Lumut from Pangkor Laut was also disappointing. The boat was an 11-seater speed boat. This would be fine...were it not the stormiest day we saw at Pangkor Laut. We were splashed and sprayed by seawater on the 30 minute trip back, and our luggage, which was stored at the front of the boat, was also wet on arrival at Lumut.

One highly redeeming point was that when the hotel learned we had very recently become engaged, a box of delicious chocolates were left in the room for us one afternoon, and on returning from dinner that evening, a petal strewn bath had been drawn for us, with tealight candles around the edges of the bath. This was a nice touch, especially given the problems with the first room.

Whilst we had lots of issues and problems, it was a nice hotel, but there are too many faults to justify the high cost. The Datai in Langkawi is far superior, and other hotels on Penang and in Borneo offer greater luxury, comfort and facilities.

Although this may seem long and complaining, it merely contains the information we would have found useful prior to our own departure.

We note from other comments that our expectations may be too high, but every single brochure led us to believe that we would be surrounded by unadulterated luxury. Sadly we weren't. The brochures seem either ill informed or deceptive.

The over reliance on Pavarotti's visit to the island (how he managed on the hills, who knows) to open the spa village to raise their profile also became an annoyance rather than a reassurance.
A massage pavillion in the grounds…
Uncle Lim's
Our water villa
The Library area in the Spa Village
Rachelsc says:
Maybe it was your complaints that made them do better cause when I went there early this month, it was clean and there was a TV in my room. I stayed at the garden villa too.

But then again, I think it's not worth going back a second time (although I have friends who said that they go there EVERY YEAR) unless they have more facilities/activities (like Club Med) thrown in.
Posted on: Jul 24, 2011
nanie05 says:
Oh dear, it sounds like you had such a bad time on Pangkor appears to have been over rated. It has been enjoying publicity because of Pavarotti's and Joan Collin's stay but obviously they need to buck up in terms of cleanliness and general maintenance. Its sad that this happened in Malaysia..:(
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
mfmcp1982 says:
Thanks Alan - we had a long talk with the hotel's management before we left and they agreed there had been a number of problems. We did have a nice time - we were probably there too long - but the little things all mounted up and left us with a bit of a bad impression.
We love Malaysia though - KL was amazing (we left the day before the smog descended so were able to see the sights), and I've been to Penang and Langkawi before, as well as Borneo - we hope to go back soon,

Take care :D
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008

Pangkor Laut Resort Overview

Pangkor Laut is a privately owned island located three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca. This piece of paradise has been 2 million years in the making, and here you will find one of the world?s premier resorts nestling in the shade of forest giants as old as the land.

You will find no other resorts ? just secluded bays curled around pristine beaches, evening skies woven with colour, and a deep sense of serenity reserved exclusively for the guests. A combination of luxury, natural beauty and age-old wilderness woven together to produce an environment where peace and magically memorable moments are the currency.

Of the island's 300 acres, only a fraction has been developed to house the Resort and its eight Estates. Wooden buildings blend seamlessly into the forest as if nature had been the architect dictating how walls curve around foliage, and roofs open up to allow trees to continue on their journey to the sky.

Nature is respected here, almost revered, and it rewards visitors in ways that simply need to be experienced.


The villas are carefully positioned providing a choice of location in the resort. Some are on the hillside amongst luxurious rain forest, others in lush tropical gardens, and others overlook the beach with beautiful views of the sea.

Dining at Pangkor Laut is a celebration of the region's culinary arts. Here, nature draws on all of her bounty to play chef for you.

Every meal on this isle is a feast flavoured by the history of the land; where the finest local ingredients are transformed by the chefs into a memorable range of experiences ? a banquet seasoned by sea breeze just for you.

At Pangkor Laut only the best quality ingredients reach the shores and the hotel has created a selection criteria of uncompromising standards for the suppliers. Absolute freshness is the mantra and we do all that we can to ensure that the path from nature to the tables is as short and as carefully managed as possible. The chefs are internationally trained and well versed in the creation of both Western and Asian cuisine.

Set amidst the lush tropical gardens of the Resort, these are housed in double-storey units. The villas on the ground floor have a huge bathtub in a private courtyard while the bathrooms in the villas on the first floor open out to a view of the surrounding rainforest. Those travelling with children may opt for the Family Plan Villas - two ground floor villas adjoined from the inside, allowing for convenient access to each villa.

280 kms to the airport (kuala lumpur), 30 kms to the airport (pangkor), Centrally located, Close to the beach.

Pangkor Laut Resort Amenities

  • Business Center
  • Room Service
  • High-speed Internet
  • Fitness Room/Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Airport shuttle
  • Concierge
  • Tour Desk
  • Massage / Beauty Centre
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Babysitting / Child Services
  • Air Conditioned
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Tennis Courts
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Conference Room(s)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Medical Assistance Available
  • Safe-Deposit Box
  • Sauna
  • Mini Bar
  • Refrigerator
  • Cable / Satellite TV
  • Secretarial Service
  • Bath / Hot Tub
  • Wake-up Service
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Coffee / Tea Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • TV
  • Private beach
  • Laundry service
  • Shops
  • Excursions
  • Garden
  • Squash Courts
  • Beach (Direct Access)
  • Water Activities
  • Fishing
  • Desk
  • Direct dial phone
  • Ticket Service
  • Salon
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Massage
  • Beauty Salon
  • Internet Connection (wireless)
  • Bathrobes
  • Shower
  • En suite
  • Private Bathroom
  • Pool Outdoor
  • Cots
  • Games Available
  • Luggage Storage
  • Shops in Hotel
  • Souvenirs/Gift Shop
  • Family Room
  • Doctor on call

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