Pang Ma Pha (Soppong) Travel Guide

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Pang Ma Pha (Soppong) Overview

Pang Ma Pha or Soppong is a very small town on the way from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. It's laying on the route 1095. It's a market town for the local hilltribe's, who will come to this town every Tuesday, to buy there things. The town counts about 50 houses. 5 Off them are guesthouses.

The area is famous for it's hilltribe's like the Lisu, Shan, Karen and Lahu villages, which are on walking distance from town. Nearby their are many caves, the Coffin Caves. They are known to contain very old wooden coffins carved from solid tree logs. Up to 6m long, the coffins are typically suspended on wooden scaffolds inside the caves and bound with ceremonial tassels. Some off them are still intact. The coffins are of unknown age and origin.

Getting to Soppong is possible by minivan or by local bus from both sides. It's a long journey to come to Soppong, but the screnery is magnificent.

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