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A small corner of Central America best known for being home to the world’s most efficient shortcut, Panama is home to rich coffee and vibrant parrots (yes, and hats), as well as notoriously corrupt politicians and an almost Swiss-sized collection of international banks. You won’t find many tourists crawling the underdeveloped streets, but you will find a number of sublime sites accessible on an impressively tiny budget. If you plan on passing through by boat, though, you best be ready to mortgage your house.

Canal aside, Panama City is perhaps the only exception to the low budgetary requirements (unless you’re boating through the canal, that is), being a surprisingly cosmopolitan capital with an animated nightlife. Step away from the major cities, though, and you’ll find destinations like Boquete, where you can wallow amongst the coffee plantations, high in the cloud forests, where a simple gasp of uber-fresh breath refreshes weary legs.

In Santa Catalina you’ll find gnarly waves widely regarded as amongst the best on the continent, without the usual commercial accompaniments: this is a true future package tour destination; get there before the development starts. There’s plenty more sun-drenched havens where that one came from, too, like the white sands of Archipelago de Bocas del Toro, which has already undergone the touristic transformation, serving up incredible relaxation and Caribbean vibes amongst the offshore stilted huts.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Panama without the canal, which stretches through swathes of dense jungle, carrying oversized cargo ships on a surreal ride across this watery motorway. Then there’s a real out there surprise: the San Blas Archipelago, run by the Kuna Indians as an entirely autonomous province, with its own distinctive culture, dress code, traditions and even currency. The rest of the country revolves around a staple of sancocho (spicy chicken stew) and chicheme (an alluring blend of milk, sweet corn, cinnamon and vanilla).

Some areas of Panama are famously dangerous for travelers, so it’s always worth checking the latest security situation before leaving. Stay away from those small corners, though, and you’ll find tropical natural wonders galore.

Panama City #1 most popular location
Panama’s capital is heavy on the international influences brought in by the canal, with the famous short cut also providing the city’s real must-see sight. Sitting by the locks and watchi…
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Bocas del Toro #2 most popular location
Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama. The capital is the city of Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon (Colon Island). The population of the province numbers some 89,300 people. The province consist…
32travelers 20reviews 36blogs
Boquete #3 most popular location
Boquete is located in the province of Chiriqui in the highlands area. The District of Boquete contains 6 Counties, or Townships; Alto Boquete, Bajo Boquete, Boquete, Caldera, Los Naranjos an…
10travelers 11reviews 7blogs
Panama Canal #4 most popular location
54travelers 15reviews 4blogs
Colon #5 most popular location
Colon is city on the Caribbean entrance to the Panama canal. It was a starting point of the railroad catering to the gold rush prospectors going towards California in 19th century. Town has…
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David #6 most popular location
4travelers 2blogs
Isla Contadora #7 most popular location
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Pedasi #8 most popular location
San Blas Islands #9 most popular location
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El Valle De Anton #10 most popular location
1reviews 1blogs
Farallon #11 most popular location
Farallon is situated in Cocle province, Rio Hato county within 2 hours of Panama City. It is a very popular destination to spend the holiday for locals and foreigners, and in recent yea…
Portobelo #12 most popular location
Portobelo is a sleepy Panamanian town with a population of fewer than 3,000. It has a deep natural harbor and it used to be major port from which Spain sent silver riches collected trough Per…
Gamboa #13 most popular location
Gamboa is a small town in the Republic of Panama. It was one of a handful of permanent Canal Zone townships, built to house employees of the Panama Canal and their dependents. The name Gamboa…
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El Valle #14 most popular location
Volcan #15 most popular location
1reviews 1blogs
Panama #16 most popular location
10travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Bastimentos #17 most popular location
Bastimentos is an island within Bocas del Toro, and located in the Caribbean Sea at the east coast of Panama. The island is only reachable by boat and there are no roads. The village is locat…
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Playon Chico #18 most popular location
La Palma #19 most popular location
Casco Viejo #20 most popular location
Casco Antiguo was designated a World Heritage Site. After the first settlement was destroyed by diseases and the pirate attacks, the last and most remembered one by Henry Morgan, the city mov…
San Blas #21 most popular location
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Almirante #22 most popular location
Santa Fe #23 most popular location
Santa Fe is a small town up in the mountains. It has a rich nature and nice rivers. The temperature is fresh because of the altitude, it is a good place for bird watching, hiking and explor…
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playa venao #24 most popular location
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Balboa #25 most popular location
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Panama Viejo #26 most popular location
Panama La Vieja (Old Panama) is the name used for the architectural vestiges of the Monumental Historic Complex of the first Spanish city founded on the Pacific coast of the Americas by Pedro…
Chiriqui #27 most popular location
Santa Catalina #28 most popular location
San Carlos #29 most popular location
Santa Clara #30 most popular location
A small beach town with very few hotels. A great getaway for those who seek beautiful secluded beaches. Bring your own entertainment and relax. Some places offer 4 wheelers, banana boats and …
Gatun #31 most popular location
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Bayano #32 most popular location
Chitre #33 most popular location
Fortuna #34 most popular location
Well, Fortuna is a border town - not more not less. It´s curious to cross the old bridge between Costa Rica and Panama by foot because ist is not allowed to cross inside the bus. The sma…
Porvenir #35 most popular location
Playa Huerta #36 most popular location
Maria Chiquita #37 most popular location
Isla Grande #38 most popular location
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Isla Tobago #39 most popular location
It is called Isla de Taboga
Boca Brava #40 most popular location
Carti Suitupo #41 most popular location