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Manchester, England

Panacea Manchester Reviews

sarahelaine sarahela…
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Panacea Apr 09, 2011
Panacea is a bar in Manchester.  It seems to exist purely to help girls with hair extensions and nice dresses meet boys who claim to be in the Manchester United reserve team.  This is obviously a useful and valid mission, but I

suspect that if you are not especially interested in meeting footballers, there are other bars in Manchester that might be a better place to go.  I only went because it was someone’s birthday. 

It is down a flight of stairs, and you will find it easily by the trail of taxis and fierce bouncers.  I’m fairly sure my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have been allowed in if our friends hadn’t known the door staff because neither of us are especially glamorous, and this is a place that values glamour.  There are two bars and a DJ, but I couldn’t see a dance floor.  It is very nicely lit, with lighting that I suspect is specifically designed to make everyone look tanned.  The DJ plays good music, although there is nowhere to dance.  Most spirits are routinely served as doubles and the cocktails are very good. 


The capacity for people who are spending a lot of money to tolerate poor service always amazes me.  The drinks in here are spectacularly expensive, although very nice, and it took forever from starting to order my round to getting the last (fifth) drink. And not all the drinks were that complicated.  The barman was obviously working his tail off, but has been trained to work on four or five rounds at once so stopped making my drinks to make other people’s orders several times.  This meant I had to repeat my order a half dozen times, for five drinks.  This creates the illusion that everyone is being served really quickly,

but I am clever enough to work out that it also means that everyone is also being served really badly.  I pulled my most incredibly bored face, and I either got a major discount for being a cow or the boy forgot to charge me for half the drinks.  Obviously, that was a win, but still. 


The girls in here all look like they did a photo shoot for Gracia magazine right before they walked in.  They are all extremely glamorous, with long nails and swishy hair and dresses that are about the size of my t-shirts and probably cost more than my last holiday.  And many of the boys wear hats.  Indoors.  I may have mentioned some of them play football? 

The people watching is great. 


All in all, though, this just isn’t my sort of place.  I can’t really recommend it.  But many people in Manchester say it’s the best night out in the city and so maybe I’m just being bitchy because I do not have swishy hair and great legs and an infinite amount of patience for shoddy service. 
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jamartin39 says:
Love the ending, I dont tolerate it either
Posted on: Apr 12, 2011
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hippysunshine hippysun…
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Over priced and snooty Jun 23, 2011
Sarah's explanation of the place is spot on without exageration.

Me and a friend went to meet her cousin in Manchester one weekend and he is a bit of a posh/rich/accountant dude with all "the contacts" for a night out like this.

Like Sarah also mentioned, without him, I'm pretty sure me and my friend would not have been allowed in on our own.

So her cousin got the champagne in and me and my friend were tipsy, which seemed to be "frowned upon" by the bouncers (we were in no way WASTED or roudy, just merry girls having fun) and we were told we couldn't dance! What is that all about?

There was nowhere to sit, over priced, no fun and a bit stuck up. Not my scene at all but it was funny.

It's very pretty inside and decorated to fab standards but the atmosphere for me was dull and stuck up.

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