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Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale Reviews

halilee halilee
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Incredible place, lots to see! May 01, 2012
We went here at 2:45pm at the advice of our hotel owner ( to avoid the crowds) and stayed till it was starting to get dark ( between 7 and 8 PM) and wish we would have maybe gone a couple of hours sooner as there really is a lot to see here. The ruins themself are really stunning and quite extensive. The martydom of St Philip really attracted us and we were the only ones up there as apparently most of the tour groups don't go up that far. The views were really lovely and give you a lay of the park below.

We also went into the museum which is well worth the extra 5TL it cost. There was many sculptures and friezes including some with mythological creatures and stories.

Also at the site is the Antique pool which is at a wonderful 36C. We didn't have much time to spend in here which was a shame, thus why I wish we had more time at the site. Five hours is NOT enough time! There are some ruins scattered in the pool. When we went in, it was around 5:30-6PM and so there weren't very many people in it at all. A bit pricy to swim at 30TL per person. Lockers are available to rent for 10TL which you got back when you handed back in your key. There was also ice cream and refreshments sold here.

Then of course are the travertines. Most of them were empty of water, but there was a trail of water filled ones from top to bottom for people to walk up and down ( you cannot wear shoes to do this) and random filled sections of them. They were especially beautiful to see when the sun was setting and still definately worth seeing! There is a walkway that goes along the whole section of the travertines from the top and the views are fantastic.
St.Philip Martyrdom
antique pool
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miloandziggy miloandz…
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Fly over Pamukkale Apr 30, 2011
I've been in this amazing, dreamy place. I'd say it's a pity if you go there with a daily tour. Lack of time in those tours would make you miss all the slow fun. It's a pretty big place for half a day.

I did tandem paramotor over the site. It was a good fly, seeing everything from up was fun. If you want to fly too you can contact them via:

They speak English. And prices are cheaper then other places like Fethiye.

traveller-in-turkey travelle…
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Pamukkale Jul 03, 2011
Evrybody who plan to travel Turkey must put pamukkale in their plan.Pamukkale is important in 3 ways.One of them hisrotic and the 2 others ones re health and natural beauty.There re thermal water which contains calcium and some others mineral. if you sesrch on net ,you will see so many picture and information about pamukkale.
didohappy didohappy
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Interesting Place to Visit Jun 15, 2011
Calcium Terraces is also called Thermal pools. Best part is that it is open 24 hour. Never close however during summer or lunch time can get super crowded. It is salty lake.You can go for a walk through the salted and enjoy healthy cure. Beautiful Place.
karisomme karisomme
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What is that in a distance? Snow?? Oh, no, it's a unique geological site! Nov 09, 2009
Advantages: Two attractions for the price of one. Roman ruins and unique natural wonder.

Disadvantages: Tourism has had a negative impact on the area.

I visited Pamukkale in spring 2008. Even at this time of the year the temperature in this part of inner Turkey was in the high twenties. I arrived at Pamukkale having travelled from the beautiful city Marmaris.

Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its name, 'Pamukkale' translates as Cotton Castle and as I approached the hill it became obvious why. The calcium rich pools form an almost snow-like appearence on the hill. Behind this hill is the massive Roman site with the impressive Roman Theatre.

Firstly the calcuim spa. For over two thousand years people have been drawn to this spa to benefit from the healing qualities of the calcium rich waters. The high levels of calcium in the water has built up over many centuries to form massive white shelves of calcium with warm pools of water running over them. The site costs £4 to enter which gives entrance to both the calcium pools and also the Roman ruins. You are best to get driven up to the top gate on the site and from here you can walk back down the hill through the calcium pools.

The views out from the top are stunning and the white terraces make for some amazing photographs. The water is warm and pleasant to walk barefoot in. Some of the rocks can be sharp though, and they can be hard to see as the water gets muddy once you set you foot in it, so care should be taken. Whatever time you visit the terraces it will always be busy. Outisde of Instanbul this is one of Turkeys most important tourist sites. The site itself is open 24 hours so if you can visit it during either sunset or sunrise you will get the most amazing photographs.

If the white mountain is not your thing then the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis will certainly draw you in. Dating back to around 120BC the site was set up as a healing centre as the powers of the therma pools was known even then. One of the best things to do here is to swim in the antique pool. Costing £10, this pool, built on a thermic vent is 36c and feels like swimming in a pleasant bath. It also seemed to me that it was easier to float as if the rich minerals of the water made me more bouyant. Not sure if that was the case, but that's what it felt like! Important tip: if you are planning your trip up to Pamukkale remember your swimwear. I am pretty sure skinny dipping would not be a goer here!:D

As for the rest of the Roman site, well what you have is a sprawling necropolis (city of the dead) or in other words a huge graveyard where presumably those who came to be cured by the healing springs left this earth a tad disappointed at the healing powers!

I didn't find the ruins all that impressive. Some structures of note, though, still remain. Most of the theatre is still in good condition and the view from climbing to the top of this is pretty special.

Pamukkale is a must see sight of Turkey. I have never seen anything like it. As for the healing powers, well I went there perfectly heathly and left perfectly healthly so at best I'll call it a draw.

Summary: See something unique and beautiful in Turkey
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bernard69 says:
congrats on yr feature:)
Posted on: Nov 10, 2009
karisomme says:
Thanks!:) Yeah, dothoin, it looks as though it's heading in that direction, it's too bad..!
Posted on: Nov 09, 2009
JP-NED says:
congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Nov 09, 2009
esterrene esterrene
189 reviews
Cotton Castle Dec 21, 2008
Pamukkale, literally translates into "Cotton Castle" is one of the most amazing natural sites in Turkey!

Natural Hot springs existing in several limestone travertines cascading down a mountain. It is also the site of Hierapolis, an ancient Greek city built near by because it was believed that the hot springs here had healing properties..

The busy tourist season is in the summer when weather is at its best, but can still be visited during the winter months. you won't find as many people venturing into the springs.

I went in the Winter and found that the water was very warm in certain areas but would become almost frigid further out where the spring was more shallow.

The fee was about $15 per person when I visited.. it may have changed since, but you had access to the site for a full day.

Pamukkale is not a place to be missed!
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