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aloha_pineapple aloha_pi…
11 reviews
Just okay... May 06, 2013
I did the day trip from Belfast to the Giant's Causeway and the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.

They oversold the bus! They were also late picking us up. The bus was late coming from Dublin due to a couple of the passengers who were waiting to buy coffee or something. The driver was fine but wayyyyy too cheesy and he kept singing Irish songs to us - not the best way to start off the morning. The bus was also super hot and did not cool down even when we told the bus driver if he could turn down the heat.

But, they got me where I wanted to go so I can't complain too much. We had a lot of time to explore the Giant's Causeway so that's a good thing.
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EinavM EinavM
3 reviews
6 days all ireland tour Apr 08, 2012
I've took the 6 days all Ireland tour in july 2011.

my overall experience was good, i enjoyed the trip very much and got the chance to meet new friends all across the world.

here's what i think about the trip.

our drI'ver, or how he liked to refer to himself: independence traveler guide, was Don.

Don was very nice, friendly and funny, he had a lot of information and he was more then willing to share it with us, he incorporated many folk stories and funny stories, jokes (whats the different between god and bono?) and songs

with the above being said i still had questioned the organization and itinerary through out the trip.

day 1 - we got to our way pretty much on time, we had a long drI've to belfast but had several stops on out way.

we arrI'ved to belfast around 13:30 pm and were send to our way for lunch, we were gI'ven about an hour which was barely enough to find a place to eat and get back to the bus , after that we were taken to our hostels and were told to wait for the black cab tour.

the black cab tour was very interesting, we saw the life between 2 sides of the wall.

however it was some sort of holiday that day and everything was closed so we just walked aroundd the city pointless trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the time, every thing was closed and we weren't even sure how to get back to the hostel. i think it could have been better to be giving more time in the city that has so much to offer when we arrI'ved and to get a bit later to the hostel and the black cab tour.

day 2 - we had a beautiful warm day and we had great view, we visited the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and the amazing Giants Causeway, i just wished we had more time there. after noon we arrI'ved to derry, we settled in our hostel and we got a tour guide in historic derry, unfortunately our tour guide, rory was a little bit impatience and got angry all the time at us because we weren't quiet and not everyone were listening to him, towards the end it got really embarrassing and uncomfortable, you could feel how displeased he was and that he didn't want to be there. usually with a large group of people like we were, you cant control everyone, and not everyone care to hear what you have to say, so there was no reason for him to act the way he did. however we didn't let this small mishaps to ruin our beautiful day so we got back to our hostel and after a nice BBQ dinner at the hostel we head on to a bar near by.

day 3 - we had a nice warm weather with few stops along the way and for lunch we stopped at a nice by the sea town, by early afternoon we arrI'ved to galway and were able to walk aroundd the shops and had a nice drinking and irish dancing at a local pub and later on went to a party at Quays - nice bar with local cover bands playing. this day was mostly driving

day 4 - we had to wait before we could go on the bus because we had to change the bus and no one was sure onto which but we could go on, after about 30 min' we were able to go on the bus and had few extra people join us (from the 3 days tour) to be honest this day seemed like we haven't done anything beside one thing, after driving, we stopped at a small town for lunch, but been told to wait and take off all of our laugae because we are changing, again, bus, so we waited and by the time we were able to get all of our stuff on the new bus there was barely any time to go for lunch and we were in a hurry, the new bus was smaller, and crowded. it was also an old bus and the gear couldn't change several time, to a point we got stuck in the middle of the road and it took few tries to change the gear and keep on with the drI've few days later the ac above the drI'ver started dripping and stayed like that for the rest of the trip. we arrI'ved to the CLIFFS OF MOHER and had a nice stroll there, but when we got to the bus we found out that another drI'ver had returned a traveler from our group that we had left behind, she was a bit frightened after being left alone and also missed the beautiful cliffs

after the cliffs we were taken to our hostel at Annascaul. as nice as it was to be in a non tourist town, the place felt deserted, there were no places to get food and the hostel/pub attached kitchen was about to close so we were rushed to order our food, and people who didn't had the chance to do it in the next 10-20 min' weren't able to order any more and didn't had anywhere else to get dinner. the shower at the place made a weird sound that didn't go off the all night and it made it impossible to sleep.

we had a great group of people so we tried not to let those things ruin our trip, we had many car bombs shots together, sang and made Don sing as well (i would probably never be able to listen to the 'ding a ling song' with out picturing don karaoke singing it :) ).

day 5 + 6 - we stopped at a nice town dingle but we didn't had much time to walk aroundd, i think we should have been giving more time at that town rather in other places, the other places we stopped along the way and the atlantic ocean were beautiful.we were supposed to stay the night at Killarney, but because it was full of people, after a visit at the national park we kept on driving onto cork, we got there late so everything was closed and we didn't had the time to do anything, even the next day in the morning we had to go early so we weren't able to see cork at all, we drove to Blarney Castle , we got there early so we didn't had to wait at the lines to get in and for kissing the stone, the place was fun and beautiful, but i think that a short guided tour could have been helpful for not missing some nice sites of the castle and its gardens or in return some more time. the rest of the time we spend most of it in the bus (betsy) on the way back to dublin, to guiness factory, again we didn't had to wait in lines to get in, but by that time our guide was very tired and a bit impatient but still very accommodating and helpful.

there would be few things i would change and or do differently: such as changing the bus so often, getting an old run down and not so safety bus, giving more time and or changing the schedule at some places etc, but all in all it was a great trip , it fits all ages and is very fun, but and especially after reading some of the other reviews about the tours, people should take under consideration that there's so much u can do and so much time u can have in everyplace when the drI'ves are sometimes far, and what might be not enough time for one person might be too much time for another, so just try to look at the good things that this trip had to offer you, especially if you get lucky with a nice independence traveler guide like don.

so Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised
at the derry hostel
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adventurous_penny adventur…
4 reviews
Lots of fun with this tour, but be flexible Oct 23, 2011
I spent hours researching travel companies in Ireland vs. going it on my own & booking all items individually. I wanted something young and fun and lively rather than risk spending a week on a tour with a group of cranky, grumpy folks. I had read lots about driving around Ireland being a BIG challenge due to NARROW and minimal roads and no parking in Dublin, Belfast, etc., so I was thrilled to find Paddywagon Tours on the internet. They have everything I wanted: an extrememly affordable tour, hit most of the highlights I wanted in my week there, young & fun tour guide/bus driver, and lots of people onboard who weren't stuffy & wanted a good time. Plus, I didn't have to mess with driving on the left....

You can choose between staying in hostels (less expensive) or upgrade to B&B's (which we did, & still very cheap) all on the same tour. The upgrade is to "deluxe" status, which is a HUGE overstatement on their part, but was very tolerable for us. I didn't hear such raving reviews about the hostels, but then most of the ones in hostels were about 20 years old and didn't mind the bare-bones accommodations. I recommend this tour for anyone who doesn't feel they need to be in a Hilton or Radisson at night, and who wants to roll around Ireland telling jokes, singing along with their mates, and partying in the pubs at night (which we did about every single nite). We did the one with Northern & Southern Ireland & feel like we got to see most everything we wanted when we individually added a couple more days in Dublin.

One Hint: Those B&B's all had narrown & winding staircases, and you're not pampered or taken care of on this trip, so if you're not physically able to lug all of your luggage up/down stairs & on/off the bus, you'd be better off bringing someone who can do all of this for you, or going with a different company that will care for you more but will cost more as well. I work with persons with special needs/disabilities, so I paid special attention to this: the accommodations were not accessible, and most of the trip would not have been, from what I saw.

Best parts of the trip: Those Amazing Cliffs Of Moher!!! and going across the Rope Bridge at Carrick a rede. Also, making friends with so many young people, & our amazingly fun and friendly tour guide/driver, "Seanie!" whom we enjoyed so much! Plus drinking/singing/partying with our group at night after spending the day seeing sites with them. Truly a great trip, but again, not at ALL for the fussy or "in-need-of-pampering" type.
Amazing Cliffs of Moher
Loading up on our 1st day on our g…
Irish musicians performing in a pu…
Carrick-a-rede rope bridge in Nort…
darcylapp darcylapp
5 reviews
10-day tour: An affordable way to learn about and see Ireland Jul 29, 2008
I would recommend Paddywagon tours for people who want to do a typical tour, either alone or in conjunction with the rest of your travels. The tour is fast-paced and informative. Our tour guide, Yvonne, was amazing, intelligent, and helpful. I am not sure what the other tour guides are like, but Yvonne went above and beyond in many capacities... While we were on the trip, one of our busmate's grandparents died. Yvonne did everything she could to help this person to make arrangements to get home. She also located and returned my glasses which I had lost earlier in the trip.

I would not recommend this trip for people who are super picky. While I thought accommodations were above my expectations, I could see people who are not flexible being unhappy. I would also not recommend this trip for those into independent travel unless you're staying in Ireland beyond the tour dates; while the tour does allow time for you to explore, it is minimal. I did this trip as a kickoff to my stay in Ireland, and I thought it was completely worthwhile. I learned so much, and it made my independent stay in Ireland that much more meaningful. Yvonne taught me many things about Ireland which I'll never forget.
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anteivanda says:
Hello everyone,
i've just joined this site in order to express our thanks and appraisal for Yvonne, she is by far the wittiest and most fun to be with guide that we experienced, we still laugh at her jokes and we learnt a lot of irish history and geography through her way of storry telling:)
ante and vanda
Posted on: Jul 02, 2010
Glowbaby21 Glowbaby…
4 reviews
Aug 08, 2007
On a recent trip to Ireland, my friend and I decided to get out of Dublin and take a three day trip around the Ring of Kerry. We chose Paddy Wagon Tours (mostly because of the name and availability) and hoped for the best. We were not disappointed! The trip was well planned but very laid back and the drivers/tour guides were full of hilarious stories about their own personal lives and their country. We got to see Dingle Bay, the Blarney Stone, Killarney, and lots of other attractions that we probably wouldn't have been able to get to without the tour. The price includes accomadations, entrance fees and breakfast. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have lots of laughs and see Ireland!


Explorica Educational Travel
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Robin1109 Robin1109
18 reviews
Dec 11, 2006
A really worthwhile tour group to latch on to if you're in Ireland and

short on time. The guides are informative and fun and the tours attract

mainly young adults looking to discover the world. The group makes sure

to put you up in nice hostel accommodations and ensures you have a

great time. (They'll stop the bus for you if you think you drank too

much the night before and it's coming back to haunt you!!) Many stops

are typical tourist destinations but they also make sure to take you

around to towns and villages that you otherwise would never have

stumbled acrossed.

Worth the money you pay!!
Stay at the Randy Leprachaun
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travelman727 says:
Thanks for the great review! I'll have to check them out this fall.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2006
Nzelvis Nzelvis
56 reviews
May 17, 2005
Looking for a way to get around Ireland? Want to learn all about the history, the myth, and the culture today? Want to go places you wouldn't think to go on your own, and see things you may not see on your own? Want to not have to worry about accomodation for a few days? If so, take a Paddywagon Tour. This company, created and run by Irish, will take care of you for as little as one day or as many as eight days. There are many tour options to pick from, this reviewer took a six day all Ireland tour. While it's impossible to see all of Ireland in six days, the Paddywagon folks know how to make the most out of your time. Their bus will take you to all the main sites and many sites even guide books don't talk about. They share with you the issues in Northern Ireland today and how it affects the country on both sides. You'll get to sing songs and hear the Irish myth of leprechans, giants, flying horses, and more. These tours are designed for backpackers, although anyone of any age can go!
My Paddywagon tour group
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