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Belfast, Northern Ireland
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Paddy Campbell's Belfast Famous Black Cab Tours - King Billy

Paddy Campbell's Belfast Famous Black Cab Tours Reviews

mikeym mikeym
15 reviews
Simply awesome Jan 22, 2015
When I was in Dublin I knew I wanted to take a day trip out of the city. I noticed my hostel (Barnacles) offered tours through a third party (Rover Tours). As part of the Giant's Causeway tour you had to choose between the Titanic exhibit or the Famous Black Cab tours. I chose the latter and was simply astounded. Very informative, sometimes very funny and was engaging.

We were split up into groups of 3-4 people, obviously due to the size of those little black cabs. We were taken into both eastern and western Belfast. The colorful murals, often politically-motivated, were a sight to behold on such a dreary wet winter day. At times it was downright sad after hearing how people treat each other based on their last name, religion and/or region they lived. The international wall dedicated to 'international' events to the 'Peace Wall' in which is covered in some really amazing graffiti. I was able to sign my name on the Peace Wall, which can be seen in my Belfast photos. I know it was a touristy thing to do but that's pretty cool. The wall is taller but shorter than the Berlin wall and still has barbed wire running along the top. I hope one day, possibly in my lifetime, this wall will be taken down. I've heard about some of the turmoil this region has faced but to have a local person show it to you and explain it was truly an awesome experience. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Ireland.
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christl3 christl3
171 reviews
A Former Divided City Striving Towards Peace Jun 26, 2014
This tour is a great introductory lesson to Belfast's turbulent history over the last 45 years. The guides have all grown up living and working in this city and therefore you get the information straight from the horses' mouth.

I live down south of Belfast in the Irish Republic's capital city of Dublin. As i was born in 1989 i cannot pretend that i lived during a time where Belfast's violent happenings were plastered across my tv screen, but my parents were. These things, i'm sure, just became 'normal' - bombs going off and the stories of young and old people killed every other day in the North's capital. However, watching these occurrences from the comfort of the tv and actually living through it are two entirely different things. Only the people of the North's cities can describe what this was truly like, hence, why the Black Taxi tour is the ideal way to delve into the complicated and morally ambiguous world of a nation's segregation which lead to 'the troubles' and subsequently the Good Friday Agreement.

In a nutshell - in the years following the 1922 Proclamation of an Irish Republic which said the six counties (Antrim, Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry and Down) of Northern Ireland would remain under British rule Catholics in the North were treated as second class citizens in comparison to their Protestant counterparts. They could not vote and they could not avail of the top jobs. Bloody Sunday (1972) where fourteen unarmed civilian protesters were killed began a series of violent clashes in the North's streets. This went on for decades - these years saw the resurgence of the IRA, the UDF and the UDA. Altogether (our guide told us) about 4000 people died, which is '4000 too many'.

The great thing about the tour is that you can embark on the tour with little to no prior knowledge of Northern Irish history, the guides will answer all your questions and tell you all the background you need to know to understand.

The stops on the tour are the infamous Falls Road (Catholic territory) and Shankill Road (Protestant part) - still, sadly and shockingly, separated by a 'peace wall'. You also get to see some beautiful artwork, depicting past and present attitudes and mindframes. I have heard Belfast (and Derry) described as an open air art gallery and i would have to agree. It's incredible that out of the violence and hostility of a war torn city sprung a medium so creative and powerful. These murals are there to remind both local and visitor what happened there so that nobody forgets.

There is a great sense of hope and looking toward a better, more peaceful future in Belfast. People live (for the most part) quite happily together. I believe this is a testament to the strength and determination of the people of this city to create a better future. This is a city that is still transforming and growing and will continue changing year after year.

The tour was £30 for 2 people. It was an extra £8 to be collected and dropped back to the Titanic exhibition (which is just outside the city limits).

A note on our guide - CHARLIE. He was brilliant. I'd say he is the best guide in the company! He was so friendly and welcoming. He was extremely passionate and informative. And he was very patient in answering all of my questions (and i had a LOT of questions). I was very impressed that he managed to remain always unbiased and impartial.

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King Billy
aloha_pineapple aloha_pi…
11 reviews
Highly recommended May 06, 2013
My friend and I took a 1.5 hour black cab tour with this company. Our driver was very knowledgable about where he took us - the political murals and the Peace Wall. It was so interesting to hear what he had to say and to see the murals. After the tour, he dropped us off at the Sunday market.

I wish it could've been longer as I felt the tour was a bit rushed - you have to fit in a lot of history in 1.5 hours. I'd love to learn more about the history of Northern Ireland with maybe a longer tour if I visit Belfast again.

I'd recommend Paddy Campbell's Belfast Famous Black Cab Tours...well-worth the money!

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