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emmytravel emmytrav…
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what did you forget to pack? Jan 04, 2011
All right, I'm perhaps OCD with organization and truly wish I would learn to pack less, just can't help myself, LOL. Always pack a small umbrella and a flashlight. I was at Clearwater Beach hotel when the band blew the power at 2am for the hotel. Glad I had my flashlight. I also travel with a door bar - one that braces against the door to prevent intrusion. Never had it tried, not paranoid, just believe in an ounce of prevention. If you are traveling alone or with someone this could be the difference between a great stay and an unsavory life episode. Never say "I should have" just get one, bring it and use it.

Always pack your health insurance card and AAA if you have it. Wet ones can be helpful in airplanes and public places to keep germs down. Music! ya gotta bring music whether on MP3 player, CD or USB - no vacation should be without music! My two favorite catagories are my car singalong songs and my car START it UP songs! LOL
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seeUaroundtheWorld seeUarou…
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things you're likely to find in my backpack Aug 25, 2009
Over the years I've created my own packing list. Here are some of the items that can be found in my backpack.

Purse(handbag): a big one which can be used for a more dressy night in town as well as a in flight carry-on, a daypack or as a shopping bag.

Sandals: Ideally, these should fit as well with more dressy clothes than sport summer ware.

I got really nice, light, and comfortable ones from Crocs. Walked comfortably for long hours in them. Never got blisters!

Sunscreen lotion

Microfiber towel (beach size)

it dries in no time, can be used to lay on the beach, or as a small blanket for colder night.

Swiss army knife

Floor mat (when necessary)I got the shorter self inflatable one to reduce weight, it's perfect for sleeping at the airport or for short term camping

Sleeping bag (when necessary)I got the momie type to reduce weight

Silk sheets - perfect for warm summer days or not so clean hostel. very light and dries quickly.

mini-light (key chain type) may be useful to have a flashlight, these are sufficient for my need, don't add extra weight and battery last for about 12 hours.

Walking sticks (When trekking) also good to prevent dog bites
fluturas fluturas
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Dec 15, 2007
A backpack, handbag or a suitcase will do it just fine, as all of them are just common among Romanians. Just avoid to take too expensive stuff, as it is not a wise idea to stand up as a foreigner and to tempt people with things they'll never afford to buy.

Weather is generally mild in Bucharest, with an average of -5C in January and +30 / +35C in July-August. Sandals, sport shoes, fancy shoes, sleepers, boots, they are all common and therefore take what you wish... The same goes for shorts or Armani suits (even if the latter can turn out to be a cheap copy). LOL

There are all sorts of drug stores and hospitals, therefore you have no reason to despair in this respect. Toilet paper and female higiene products are easily accessible in all departments stores or supermarkets.

In Bucharest it is easy to find the right battery or the right film for your camera, but if you plan to go elsewhere in Romania, to avoid the time waste, buy them from Bucharest. Stores like Muzica (on Victoriei Avenue, S from the Royal Palace), Unirea Shopping Centre (Unirea Sq.) or most Kodak / Agfa / Fuji units in the city will help you in this respect.

This is difficult thing with Bucharest: the closest camping place lies about 30 km. N of Bucharest, in Snagov Park (on Snagov Lake, deviation to the E from Bucharest - Ploiesti Road)... Otherwise head to teh nearest forest (e.g. Ciolpani, Pasarea, Cernica) and try to camp, but that shall be at your own risk then...

Nothing special, apart from the good will and the smile on your face. These are compulsory though ;) Have a nice trip!

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