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London, England

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magnusalliance magnusal…
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bring alongs Jun 28, 2011
Here are a few items that I have found useful when packing:

1. small roll of duct tape (recently used to keep the hotel curtains closed the the lights out)

2. universal tool (leatherman) always can be used for multiple reasons.

3. wine opener. Self explainatory!

4. sewing kit. never know when a button will come undone.

5. photocopy of passport in the event you loose original.

6. gallon zip locks bags. recently used to store some extra food and a messy shampoo bottle.
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Sannevankessel Sannevan…
1 reviews
Girls go Camping Apr 28, 2011
Girls! When you go backpacking, leave ALL of your make up behind. I went backpacking around New Zealand for two months and it is the most liberating thing ever! The only thing I would say you need is shampoo/soap/ and nivea cream. I made the mistake of thinking... oh no it is fine I'll bring some toiletries, in case of an emergency! Do not do it!
sdbleve sdbleve
22 reviews
Dec 01, 2006
How long are you planning on being in one place at a time? How are you traveling...suitcase, backpack? What kind of traveler are you...low key, high maintenance? :)
sdbleve says:

Athewinn brings up a good point about using the tube and dragging along suitcases. Pay attention to the tube maps. The stations that are handicap friendly are usually suitcase friendly. Also, I believe the interchange stations that allow you to switch trains with out having to switch platforms are marked. Use those stations when transfering to a different "line". It takes a little bit more pre planning your journey, but it is worth the extra effort.
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006
X_Drive says:
I use a "packing list" I have developed over the years, so that I don't forget some little thing, although even if you do in London you will be able to find anything you need. Meds and specialty items are easily left behind though. Over 3 weeks I'd plan on one laundry day. But be prepared to pay much more than planned. :)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006
Amanda says:
Hello there! The important thing to remember about packing for a trip through England, is that you'll most likely be using the underground and trains quite a bit; which means you'll be dragging your luggage, not only behind you, but up and down long flights of stairs from the underground stops to the land level. Things become very heavy, very fast. So keep picking things to remove from the suitcase before you go; make it as light as you possibly can! You're going when it shouldn't be too cold, so a good sweater or two should do I would think, and just keep re-using them over the same few tops. Then a couple of pairs of jeans... you get the idea. There is nothing worse than realizing too late that you have over packed, and trying to get your bags up yet another flight of stairs with the crowds bumping around you. Not the way to enjoy a trip! As mentioned above, dress for comfort and you'll be ok; and layer; some short sleeve shirts with some sweaters above, so no matter the temp you'll be ok!
Posted on: Dec 02, 2006

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