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Packing Light! May 22, 2011
Just before I head off on my trip, I thought I’d share with you how much you can actually take without weighing yourself down with a heavy backpack or an impractical suitcase.

When I initially thought of backpacking I thought of large 90L packs with sleeping bags and hiking shoes hanging off the side hindering mobility something chronic. Fortunately I stumbled upon a website (link) which helped me in my planning stages and convinced me that to take less is more. With a little bit of thought and research I found it’s quite easy to carry a lightweight backpack that you can take as hand luggage on an aircraft (I work in aviation, I know how bloody unreliable the baggage handlers are!). At the very least, being able to sling your bag under your seat on a long bus ride or quickly hop into a Tuk Tuk has major benefits.

So with all the tips I got from I condensed my pack into 7.6kg of stuff, and that’s taking much more than necessary! Here’s a list of what I packed and a few piccies along the way.


1 x Boardies (White, quick dry)

1 x Windbreaker Jacket (Lightweight, water resistant)

1 x Jumper (Merino Wool)

1 x Grey T-Shirt (Cotton)

1 x Cool Max Socks

2 x Explorer Socks (Wool)

1 x Thin Sports Socks

1 x Lightweight Pants (Cargo style, lots of pockets, khaki, quick dry)

1 x Joggers (New Balance)

1 x Thongs (Havainas)

1 x Dressier Shoes (Canvas, lightweight)

1 x Jeans (Lee)

4 x Undies (Bonds)

1 x Thermals

1 x Collared Shirt (Lightweight, quick dry, dark)

1 x Waterproof Wrist Watch (A22 Frog WP50M)


1 x Canon Digital IXUS80IS Camera 8MP

1 x Canon Battery Charger

2 x Canon NB-4L Li-Ion Camera Batteries

4 x AA Batteries (Duracell)

2 x 4GB SanDisk Card

1 x 2GB SanDisk Card

1 x iPhone 3G 16GB

1 x iPhone Charger

1 x iRiver Clix 8GB

1 x iRiver Clix Jinc Case (Black)

1 x USB 2.0 Lead

1 x Lexar 8GB USB Drive

1 x DesignGo World Travel Adaptor Pack

1 x Telstra T100 Mobile Phone

1 x Telstra T100 Charger

1 x 256MB USB Drive (Electronic Backup of; Passport, Itinerary, Tickets, Insurance etc)

First Aid, Cosmetics and Sleeping

1 x Basic First Aid Kit (St Johns Ambulance)

3 x Malaria Tablet Bottles

1 x Paracetamol (Nurofen Zavance)

1 x Nail Clippers

1 x Shampoo 90ml (Pantein Pro V)

1 x Deodorant 30g (Lynx Africa)

1 x Toothpaste 50g (Colgate)

1 x Hand Sanitizer 50ml (Dettol)

4 x Disposable Razors (Gillette)

1 x Sunscreen 50ml

1 x Travel Towel (Lightweight, quick dry)

1 x Packet of Condoms (Ansell Zero)

1 x Roll of Toilet Paper (Cardboard insert taken out)

1 x Travel Washing Line

3 x Safety Pins

1 x Silk Travel Liner (Sea to Summit)

Paperwork, Writing and Money

2 x Pens

1 x Permanent Marker

1 x Pack of Business Cards

1 x Pen with Duct Tape Wrapped Around It

1 x Travel Wallet (Passport, Itinerary, Tickets, Insurance etc)

1 x Hidden Wallet (USD, Cash, Cash Passport etc)

1 x Day Wallet

1 x Travel Journal (Leather)

1 x Copy of Important Documents (Waterproofed)


1 x Macpac AMP Race 40L Black Backpack

Several Extra Zip Lock Bags

3 x Garbage Bags

1 x Pack Cover (Kathmandu, Waterproof)

1 x 1L Tupperware Container

Multiple Zip Ties

2 x Combination Locks

1 x Wire Combination Lock


1 x 1.0 Litre Collapsible Water Bottle (Platypus, awesome space saver)

1 x Macpac Bottle (Probably 100ml)

1 x Pillow Case

1 x Ultra Lightweight Umbrella (DesignGo)

1 x Small, Bright Flashlight

1 x Queens Slipper Playing Cards

1 x Swiss Military LED (Red)

Ability to take as hand luggage on aircraft? CHECK!
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