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Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain

Pacha Ibiza Reviews

joseurekababe joseurek…
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Pacha - my review Sep 26, 2015
In short one of the better clubs in the world tha t I have been to.


A) it is a mansion style club , basically it was a house in the 70's converted into a club.

7 different nights to pick from.

B) crowd can be either jet setter, a little bit pretentious or a lot but

You can always count on the music being very varied , commercials house , underground techno

Or simply even rock and roll from the 60's and 70 's

I have been to this club many times and I have many fond memories of this club.

The show , the dancers , the decor all work with the style and nature of the music.

The crowd reflects these type of themes.

I love this disco/ club , it has a small feeling of amicability that builds towards later on the night.

Girls get dressed up the most to go to this club as do the guys. bearing in mind that the weather is usually hot. For the most part the club can be quite perceptive to one needs they do have everything covered , from customer service being decent to even a free magazine. Usually the club's best time are towards the end of the night , 4 am and onwards. Everyone is enhibriated and or the other , girls are usually more flexible and quite more liberal in their moods. Lots of guys are usually out on the prowl too. But the best part is the air of exhuberance and such a magical and friendly environment that the club creates . It does have a trademark house sound and its own magical sort of moments very much akin to the wealthy and fabulous facade or aesthetic illusion that the club projects. Jet setters , rich people , real life movie stars, clubbers , fashionistas , creative people , musicphiles , guys trying to pick up girls , etc etc

All so palpably at some sort of level of glamour or festive well endowed environment that ceeates a New Year's Eve atmosphere - nightly . That intense is the music that adds to the atmosphere , that type of people usually perouse it's terrace and quieter rooms looking for a chat or an adventure.

To say a few words and not be kind of nostalgic or almost poetic about pacha in at best nights would be akin to trying to make people feel bad for something that really is almost a necessity.

And usually can only be found at this club. Some of my best nights heave been here and some of my best moments have been here as well. I attribute it mainly to the environment , the music , the crowd's demand for this sort of jet setter like lifestyle or expectation of it. For the fact that most of the music is indeed commercial but the show is so darn good that it humbles you as a clubber to rethink of what defines underground music and how important big stars are to the overal dance scene.

Pacha to me is more than a regular huge club with a meat market mentality for boys prowling .

It is music , it is food, it is fashion , it is style - it is a global brand and if you like it enough it can be almost romantic . Forget the run of the mill pedestrian clubbing of your town , pacha on a good night can surpass it . It is better than just a few dance hits , cheap beers, ambulatory vendors and drunken fist fights . It is simply way above that!
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mydubaiguide mydubaig…
5 reviews
My Party @ Pacha Aug 20, 2013
After arriving late night in Ibiza & check-in, i am aware it's a big night at Pacha on Thursday specially with David Guetta on the decks. Though i have been when he showed down in Dubai. So i try to hold myself and make way to Ibiza town to sip couple of drinks & try shisha. It was great to be in town which itself was so happening specially with the small bars (they shut the music 2am). Many bars promoting various club tickets. After doing a little bit of research i came to a point, that its okay to buy tickets from permanent stores then from a stranger on the street. So i got my ticket and was ready for the mayhem. A 10euro drive by taxi from town i reached to my destination - Pacha. Though i had my ticket waited in the queue for 30 minutes & it was my turn to be at world´s most famous Nightclub. At the door the tickets were slight higher price. So i start my short sightseeing to know what's so great about the place. Its all about cherries, VIP tables, Dancers, absolute packed crowd, expensive drinks between 15- 20euros, amazing light & sound, different genre of music at different dance floors & ofcourse the big DJ's. The terrace over looking the El Pacha Hotel is nice place to relax. Music, crowd and atmosphere were electric & its pure Craziness from the time you enter. I enjoyed two nights in a row FMIF with David Guetta & Insane with John Digweed on the decks. Expect to be there until 6am. Finally picked up a Pacha T-Shirt from the Pacha Merchandise store inside the club. All in all I had a great night & stay in Ibiza. Pacha is strictly for crazy party people & better be a VIP.
Club Pacha
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roymckoy roymckoy
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pacha nightclub Mar 11, 2011
This club was bad ass...went to see Erick morillo. A lot of people but a lot of fun. Go to and there you can find out what dj is going to be out there all summer long. I recommend buying tickets online so it will be quicker to get in.
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Donnie_Duck Donnie_D…
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LEGENDARY - Expensive Jul 10, 2011
So Pacha Ibiza was the highlight of my trip, I went to David Guetta and Will I am's F*** ME IAM FAMOUS PARTY on a Thursday night..

I think that there 2ways of doing this, the right way and wrong way.. The wrong way is expensive, and the right way is ridiculously expensive...

We did it the right way, so as we are a big group we managed to book a table in the VIP area that night.. It was for 10people and the cost was E2000, which we were able to purchase alcohol with (almost 6 bottles and a lot of shots)..

So we arrive at the club and there was around 500 people in a que outside all with tickets trying to get in.. Since that wasn't the case for us, the club manager and escort took us straight to our table right above the dance floor facing the DJ stand..

We were sitting down with a number of celebrities around us, footballers, singers, olympic champions u name it... We really got the VIP treatment but obviously had to pay for it..

Looking at it from another point of view, if I purchased a regular ticket, waited outside for an hour, had no place to sit, lost all my friends, crowded with stinky people on the dance floor, bought 4drinks worth E25 each (min) that's already E170 with inconvenience... Otherwise I could just pay E200 upfront each with friends and get a bottle..

It was an amazing experience - good luck trying to book a table though.. UR best bet is to call and email pacha 1 month in advance or go through a VIP concierge service

Cheers x
Outside the club - a que of approx…
One of the VIP area bartenders
by the main dance floor
from the terrace down
wyatt13sox wyatt13s…
1 reviews
Insane Club Sep 16, 2011
I decided to attend the f**k me I'm famous event at pacha. It was 70 euros for a ticket, but worth it because I got to see David Guetta and Will I am perform who I was both big fans of. The music and atmosphere at this place were crowded though!!!! I mean you had to push your way through to get anywhere. The drinks were so expensive....Like 10 euros for a small water, about 25 for a mixed drink....So I would advise having a pre-party before hand. An amazing experience that I will never forget!

I wil definitely be going back to Ibiza again in the future!
hannahbonanner hannahbo…
18 reviews
PACHA Jul 22, 2011
If you have traveled to Ibiza, plan on going to Ibiza or even heard about Ibiza then you have had to heard about PACHA!?! This is one crazy club that throws it down! David Guetta has been djing here for a couple of years now. He owns the “F**k me I’m famous” company and this place goes off. Tickets were kinda pricy, around 75-80 euros for general admission! It was worth it though, you have to see party here at least one night while you’re in Ibiza! Drinks were expensive and everything else but expect to spend some major bucks when traveling here, the entire island is nuts!
Huge sign right outside
David G @ Pacha
View from up stairs
question1 question1
2 reviews
Pacha Ibiza Jun 15, 2011
Pacha at Ibiza was the start of all Pachas and according to me still the best one. I saw many (Moscow, Barcelona, NYC and more) but still nothing beats Ibiza. Please note that David Guetta nowadays get a little bit overrated. The prices are quite high and always sold out. Therefore the club is so crowded that it is not really pleasant anymore to dance and walk around. Still the club is amazing! If you still like to go to Guetta and you can spend some money, than make a reservation for a VIP table. Also note that when you have a dinner at the Pacha retsaurant often the entrance to the club is free. Check the website for that.
michaf michaf
3 reviews
pachaaaa! Mar 14, 2011
Ahhh also another great club. Expensive yess... However if your going to ibiza.. You go knowing that the clubs are world renound and therefore costly! I saw david guetta and calvin harris in the same night there weoo! Great memories.

also i got my ticket from the pacha store.. You can buy them online but i got mine for even cheaper at the store last min! All depends if you knwo when your going to be there and if you dont mind waiting last min!
katy_slo katy_slo
3 reviews
Pacha- fancy club Jun 13, 2011
Pacha in Ibiza is super great club, with party people really dressed up. Its quite expensive, but it depends on which night you want to go clubbing there. Most of the time you will spend around 50-70 euros for club ticket. If you want to spend some more you can always shop inside, where they have store open all night long.
PhilieB PhilieB
3 reviews
me likey Jun 10, 2011
Hands down the best club in Ibiza, and I've been to most.

I like how it is rather small, and how you can hang out on the rooftop. You also get great DJ's, and music other than house.

Two thumbs up!
danigmacedo danigmac…
3 reviews
Best night ever Mar 08, 2011
Pacha Ibiza! Fu** me I'm famous, best party ever! Buy a VIP lounge and enjoy Guetta at the best spot. Great music, drinks, beautiful people. The night begins at 1am and goes until 6/7am... Very good place to go!
aubrey_labuschagne aubrey_l…
4 reviews
Pacha Ibiza Jul 03, 2008
Probable one of the best club experiences I have had in the world. The Pacha brand ensures that people visiting there establishments are treated for a sublime experience. The club lives up to its reputation. The decor, the dancers, and different themes for each night. Excellent sound system,beautiful people and music that makes it a memorable night. It is expensive and very classy establishment but a experience you will not forget.
world-traveller123 world-tr…
288 reviews
Pacha Club in Ibiza May 23, 2007
This is my review of the Pacha Club in Ibiza.

First a lowdown of what it is and history.

Pacha is a clubbing franchise with headquarters in Ibiza. The Ibiza club, however, is the most well-known and prestigious venue today and is one of two of the island's top clubs located in Ibiza Town, the other being El Divino which is on the marina just a couple of blocks away. Pacha Ibiza was voted no. 4 in a poll of most popular nightclubs in 2006 conducted.

Pacha is the only major Ibiza nightclub that is open in winter. The club can hold about 3500 people at a time. Sarah Main is the current resident DJ. However, the Ibizan club is best known for nights such as "Pure Pacha" hosted by high profile DJ's

We went to this club, it would be my first top notch night club to ever go to . We got our tickets for about 25 euros to just go in.

Then you get one drink out of that.

In side the drinks were starting at 15 euros a shot. So drink before you go, but this is Ibiza, so go nuts.

We came as a big group and went to party hard.

The music was quite amazing, a booming sound system and best DJ"s in the world here.

We were all on the dance stage when we were asked to leave by all of these professional dancers. At first we were annoyed,but after seeing the talent of these dancers, it was amazing.

The club was really packed even though it was not opening season yet.

AS the night grew on, the party and energy got stronger and stronger.

Overall if your go to Ibiza, your there to party. You have to check out this place.

It may be $$$$ but overall worth the experience.

You only live once.!
ticket to fun
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