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Situated on the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is a country within the Middle East which borders Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as the United Arab Emirates. It is a country of rapid development in the latter half of the 20th century, a fact which its people are extremely proud of. It is an exceptionally safe place for travelers, with the entire culture having a decidedly Arabic feel to it.

The country is mostly Muslim, which should be taken into consideration if planning a trip to Oman. While the Omanis embrace Westerners and travelers from all corners of the globe, a little respect can go a long way. It is best to avoid wearing revealing clothing, and do not be offended if people looked strangely at you as a foreigner. It is not meant as disrespect, but simply as curiosity, and if you take the time to engage in conversation you will quickly find that almost everyone understands and speaks English.

As a relatively recent addition to the developed world, the network of roads and highways are fairly new. The country is simply ripe for the picking when it comes to tourism. The natural beauty of the landscape ranges from the pristinely-untouched beaches to the desert sands of the Sharqiya, or the mountains that hover over everything in the distance. From the Wadi Ghul (termed the Grand Canyon of Arabia) to the sub-tropical province of Dhofar, to the history of the sultans or the fishing town of Dibba, there is simply too much to take in during just one trip.

The food is exceptional, and is decidedly Middle-Eastern. Street vendors are the best way to taste some of the cultural diversity, but common sense rules apply. Bottled water is a given, and expect extremely hot temperatures regardless of which time of the year you happen to be visiting. Make sure you engage in bartering when purchasing items, as it is a common practice.

Muscat #1 most popular location
This capital city of Oman lies in the northeast of the country and is the seat of government. Landscape is dominated by the Western Al Hajar mountains and sits on the coast of the Gulf of Om…
269travelers 16reviews 20blogs
Salalah #2 most popular location
18travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Sur #3 most popular location
Sur is one of the primary cities of Oman, and a city of historical importance. Sur is located at the coast, next to a bay that serves as a natural harbor. Sur is well known for the wooden boa…
5travelers 1reviews 4blogs
Nizwa #4 most popular location
Despite having a population of only perhaps 70,000 people, Nizwa is clearly the "major" inland city of Oman. Formerly the capital of Oman (several times) this leading city of the Dakhiliyah …
3travelers 3reviews 5blogs
Sohar #5 most popular location
8travelers 2blogs
Khasab #6 most popular location
Khasab is an incredible small village located in the wee province of Oman completely separate from the rest of the nation by a swath of the United Arab Emirates. There are only two paved roa…
2travelers 3reviews 4blogs
Jabal Shams #7 most popular location
Jabal Shams (also Jebel Shams) is a mountain in the Hajar range and the highest point in Oman at 10,000 feet / 3,050 meters. Rather appropriately, Jabal Shams translates to "mountain of the …
3reviews 2blogs
Ibri #8 most popular location
Though fairly remote, Ibri is the largest town in the Al Dhahirah region of Oman. The village has experienced rapid growth in recent times due to its proximity to Oman's limited oil fields a…
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Bahla #9 most popular location
Bahla is a village in the mountainous Ad Dakhiliyah region of Oman. The major attraction to Bahla (about 40km from Nizwa; 200 km from Muscat), is the massive Bahla Fort - the only Omani fort…
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Dibba #10 most popular location
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Wadi Shab #11 most popular location
A wadi is a valley with a riverbed that is seasonally flooded or permanently wet. All along the eastern coast of Oman, rivers exit the mountain ridges and form wadis where people live in quie…
Tiwi #12 most popular location
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Nakhal #13 most popular location
Nakhal is a small, but very pretty oasis village in the Al Batinah region of Oman. Batinah is mainly known for its coastal villages, but Nakhal is inland and serves as the gateway to some of…
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Masirah Island #14 most popular location
Bat #15 most popular location
Bat is a small village in the Dhahirah region of Oman. The village is quite isolated and would be unknown were it not for the nearby Beehive Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although th…
Wadi Bani Khalid #16 most popular location
A wadi is a valley with a riverbed that is seasonally flooded or permanently wet. All along the eastern coast of Oman, rivers exit the mountain ridges and form wadis where people live in quie…
Wahiba Sands #17 most popular location
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Ras Al Jinz #18 most popular location
Sinaw #19 most popular location
Karsha #20 most popular location
Al `Ayn #21 most popular location
Fanja #22 most popular location
Misfat Al A'Briyeen #23 most popular location
Misfat Al A'Briyeen, commonly known as Misfah, is a small village in the Dakhiliyah region of Oman. Located up a steep and winding road about six miles from Al Hamra, Misfah is the town that…