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Calgary, Canada
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Olympic Plaza - The names are only known to the very depressed, AKA myself here
Olympic Plaza - Pink Plastic Gophers
Olympic Plaza - Strange ornaments
Olympic Plaza - Strange ornaments

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ladyluck13and7 ladyluck…
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You get more than you pay for here Aug 03, 2010
You do get more than you pay for visiting Olympic Plaza.

You pay nothing, so that doesn't set the bar very high. But you have enough fun to clear it.

It was built to present medals at the 1988 Winter Olympics. We wanted to show everyone that we were metropolitan and important enough to host the Winter Olympics.

Everyone knows that hosting the Olympics increases tourism.

Since their respective games, Lilehammer, Albertville and Sarajevo have had great difficulty dealing with the massive influx of tourism, all because of the Olympic coverage.

We didn't win any gold medals that year, despite being the host country and building a great big plaza in downtown to show off. Shame Shame Shame.

Our sportscasters every 4 years bring it up. Shhhh. Silly Canadian sportscasters! Keep quiet and maybe no one will remember!

$19.88 to the city in 1986 could get your name (laser!) engraved on the bricks that now pave the walkway of the plaza.

I think they were probably told in vague terms that the bricks "would form an integral part of the plaza". People probably imagined something grand would be done with those bricks, after all their names were on them.

I'm not sure if any of those people knew folks and bums would be stepping on their names in perpetuity. Nowadays, only the depressed people who look down at their feet when they walk around the plaza, get to know who paid $19.88 to the city in 1986. And those people are probably too busy thinking about stepping into the busy traffic nearby to care very much.

I'm sure in some cultures, stepping on a persons name dooms their soul somehow.

Today, in 2010 they had special decorations put up to celebrate the "The City of Calgary Parks 100th Anniversary".

What an extravaganza!

They had lots of expensive plastic ornaments laid out to put us in the "mood", probably "confusion".

They had green plastic conifers, presumably in celebration of the genuine ones in the parks.

They also had pink plastic gophers propped in little holes. How cute!

We don't have any pink gophers here. Our gophers are a boring shade of brown. Perhaps the poor workers in China got the colour wrong.

Maybe that's what happens when you get worked to death, you don't notice colours anymore.

I am glad we didn't send them back to be redone. It would be pointless, the 100th Anniversary is already upon us anyways!

They hold free electronic music shows there too, sometimes in the dead of winter- late at night when no one wholesome will show up.

The music is wonderful and the lights are bright and beautiful, but it doesn't matter if they aren't because you didn't have to pay.

You see lots and lots of young people dancing and swigging water like they're little fishies, and gnashing their youthful teeth into stumps and enamel powder. Shifty Shifty!

Somebody took a pit stop at the AAA Pizza Place!

Sometimes they have plays there too. They are also free. They are worth every penny.

The middle gets frozen and gets turned into a rink, when the weather is cold enough.

Canadians do love to skate. It doesn't have to be in the context of a hockey game, or a very dangerous ice skating routine, we are content to strap on a pair of skates and go in circles around the same patch of ice, for hours. It is the ultimate exercise...in complacency.

No wonder we are still in Afghanistan.

Sometimes, city hall has enough money, after visiting exotic places (Venice) and staying at five star hotels (all necessary to "represent us properly" of course) to throw the scraggly little doggie a bone.

That means free watered-down hot chocolate for everyone! Yum Yum Yum

During summer, the middle gets filled with water, and everyone in the city pretends that it's a pond! It's so fun and everyone splashes around! We all have such a good time!

You should come here one day, and join us.
The names are only known to the ve…
Strange ornaments
Pink Plastic Gophers
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ladyluck13and7 says:
I know Almond! We are having an election in October! You can join!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2010
almond72 says:
Silly people at city hall. They can now charge the same amount (or more !) for removing those names from the sidewalk ! I need to be elected mayor. hahahaha ;)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2010
mcphistino says:
I like that patriotism!
Posted on: Aug 08, 2010
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