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#1 of 93 hotels in Oia
yasuyo says: "It's Airbnb. What do you imagine when you think of Santorini? Probably blue..."
#2 of 93 hotels in Oia
sarahthevegasbride says: "We stayed at this hotel on the 7th June - 14th June 2011 as a couple. We booked ..."
Average Rate
#3 of 93 hotels in Oia
laganeze says: "I spend my vacation in Aspaki this summer, and will come back for sure. Oia is m..."
#4 of 93 hotels in Oia
hvera001 says: "We flew from London to Thira, Santorini on Sunday May 15, 2011 and arrived after..."
#5 of 93 hotels in Oia
cpentland says: "Alexanders fit right in our budget and didn't disappoint! The rooms were clean,..."
Average Rate
#6 of 93 hotels in Oia
Klik311 says: "we stayed this hotel for 3 days 2 nights , and we found this hotel are perfect ..."
Average Rate
#7 of 93 hotels in Oia
marksreynolds says: "My wife Lena and I spent our entire two week honeymoon at Hotel Katikies, and co..."
#8 of 93 hotels in Oia
KevLin says: "It is probably one of the most surreal experience I've ever had. Wandering on a ..."
#9 of 93 hotels in Oia
averlont says: "John and his family were very friendly and helpful. Communication about my rese..."
#10 of 93 hotels in Oia
shehwar says: "Having spent a week in Santorini and travelling all around the island a fair bit..."
#11 of 93 hotels in Oia
bradleynoo says: "This used to be called Volcanos Villas. I searched and searched for a hotel in t..."
#12 of 93 hotels in Oia
lisahn says: "The location was quite far from the airport as it's on the northern tip of the i..."
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