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Nestled in the Midwest region of the United States, Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie to the north, the Ohio River to the south, and the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, all of which combine to create landscape which varies from glacier planes in the northwestern parts of the state, to the Allegheny and Appalachian mountain ranges in the eastern regions of the state. With plenty of state parks, the Wayne National Forest, Lake Erie, the Ohio River, the North Coast Beaches, and cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Newark, and Columbus, Ohio is a state of great diversity, and one of great adventure just waiting for you to experience.

Ohio can be broken down into five major regions, each of which has its own unique advantages. The agricultural portion of the state is around Toledo in the northwestern section, while the northeastern is known as the Greater Cleveland portion of the state, with Lake Erie and the rolling hills and gently forested slopes of the Allegheny Mountains further north. The middle of the state is more agricultural in nature, while the southwest portion is rolling hills around the Ohio River and Cincinnati, down into Kentucky. The southeastern portion of the state is probably the most rugged, with the Wayne National Forest, the Appalachian Mountains, and plenty of coal-mining operations and history in the foothills.

Cincinnati boasts the largest National Historic District in the United States, and was the first boomtown in U.S. history. Between Cincinnati and Cleveland, not to mention the various other cities like Toledo and Akron, Ohio offers a unique look at Midwestern culture and history, while the rest of the state offers an up-close-and-personal view of some of the best natural landscapes that America has to offer. Regardless of which time of year you happen to come to the state, you're guaranteed to have an experience which will satisfy your craving for history and outdoor excitement all in the same trip.Ohio certainly is "The Heart of it ALL".

Columbus #1 most popular location
Columbus is a melding of several unique aspects of American cultural and geographical convergences, and could be considered a literal fusion of ideas. The Plains, the Appalachia, the Bible Be…
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Cincinnati #2 most popular location
One of the most well-known cities in the United States, long considered to be the first American boomtown in the heart of the country, Cincinnati has a history as one of the first major inlan…
423travelers 24reviews 22blogs
Cleveland #3 most popular location
Cleveland is located in the northeast corner of Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie. This is one of the largest cities in the state. The most important tourist attraction of Cleveland is The Rock …
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Sandusky #4 most popular location
Sandusky, Ohio is probably best known for the amusement park Cedar Point, which boasts 17 roller coasters, the most of any one amusement park in the world. While Cedar Point is probably the …
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Dayton #5 most popular location
Dayton, the Gem City (no one is really sure where the nickname came from, so just accept it), is a moderately sized city in southwest Ohio. About an hour's drive north of downtown Cincinnati…
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Akron #6 most popular location
91travelers 11reviews 8blogs
Toledo #7 most popular location
Toledo is a city in Northwest Ohio, located on the banks of the Maumee River and the shores of Maumee Bay on Lake Erie. The city proper has a population of 287,208 with metropolitan populati…
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Dublin #8 most popular location
This city of Dublin is surrounds by Scioto River in the northwest area of Metropolitan Columbus. It area is about [Approximately 24.55 square miles]. An access in city of Dublin are directly…
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Maumee #9 most popular location
In pre-historic times, Indians (notably the Ottawa) were the first to utilize the rich resources at the present site of Maumee, Ohio, in the Maumee River Valley. Throughout much of the eighte…
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Findlay #10 most popular location
Findlay, Ohio is located on I-75 in northwestern Ohio 47 miles south of Toledo and 108 miles north of Dayton. In 1974, Findlay was officially declared "Flag City USA" by Congressman Geyer fo…
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Canton #11 most popular location
Canton is a medium-sized town in northeastern Ohio, whose major attraction is the National Professional Football Hall of Fame. This area is, in fact, one of the cradles of professional footba…
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Mansfield #12 most popular location
Mansfield, Ohio is conveniently located in the north central part of Ohio. Located about 80 miles southwest of Cleveland and 65 miles north of Columbus, you can easily access the city on I-7…
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Mason #13 most popular location
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Lima #14 most popular location
Prounounced "Lye-ma" Ohio, this city is the county seat of Allen County in northwestern Ohio. Lima benefited from increased production during World War II and a growing population, but suf…
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Chillicothe #15 most popular location
Chillicothe is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Ross County. The municipality is located in southern Ohio along the Scioto River. The name comes from the Shawnee name C…
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Youngstown #16 most popular location
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Mentor #17 most popular location
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Port Clinton #18 most popular location
Port Clinton - an interesting city on the shores of Lake Erie. This gateway to world-class fishing, boating, beaches, golf courses and sightseeing is a small community but the population gro…
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Bowling Green #19 most popular location
The population of Bowling green is roughly around 30,000. It is a college town, the home of Bowling Green State University. Over 46% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 24. The…
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Sharonville #20 most popular location
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Perrysburg #21 most popular location
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Blue Ash #22 most popular location
Upper Sandusky #23 most popular location
Upper Sandusky is a small town on the way to many places. The City is at the junction of many major highways. US Route 23 (north/south highway) and US Route 30 (east/west highway) are two v…
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Miamisburg #24 most popular location
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Beachwood #25 most popular location
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Independence #26 most popular location
Marietta #27 most popular location
Marietta Ohio is a small town located along the Ohio River. Its a very historical town, and even still has some brick streets. It is a perfect town to go downtown window shopping in. It h…
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Logan #28 most popular location
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Wapakoneta #29 most popular location
Wapakoneta (pronounced WAH-pah-kə-NET-tə) is a city in and the county seat of Auglaize County, Ohio, United States with a population estimated at 10,474. It is located on the bamks of the A…
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Tiffin #30 most popular location
Tiffin is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Seneca County.GR6 The population was 18,135 at the 2000 census. It is the home of Heidelberg College and Tiffin University…
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Marion #31 most popular location
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Streetsboro #32 most popular location
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Westlake #33 most popular location
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Fremont #34 most popular location
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Saint Clairsville #35 most popular location
Englewood #36 most popular location
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Warren #37 most popular location
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Elyria #38 most popular location
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Marblehead #39 most popular location
Marblehead is set apart from the usual hustle and bustle of the Lake Erie shoreline. It will quickly tug at your heartstrings and you'll want to return. A very small town just minutes in be…
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Kelleys Island #40 most popular location
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North Lima #41 most popular location
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Hilliard #42 most popular location
Hilliard is a city in Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The population was 24,230 at the 2000 census. Hilliard's population was estimated to be 26,656 in 2005, and the city continues to g…
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Oxford #43 most popular location
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Boardman #44 most popular location
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Millersburg #45 most popular location
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Beavercreek #46 most popular location
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North Canton #47 most popular location
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Medina #48 most popular location
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Loveland #49 most popular location
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Friendship #50 most popular location
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