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Ochtina Overview

The village Ochtiná lies at the upper flow of the river Štítnik, under the hill Hrádok. The first written mention from the year 1243 mentions an existence of a mine and church in the territory. The name of the village arised from the old German word ocht, like acht. In the past Ochtiná was a significant mining and iron centre, but it still can offer a lot to its visitors. There is a precious sacral monument – evangelical church declared national cultural monument. The church was built in a Roman style in the first half of the 13th century. In the 17th century it was restored and they reconstructed it in the years 1958-1977 fot the last time. Precious wall paintings from the end of the 14th century situated in its interior has preserved up to the present. Nearby there is an evangelical presbytery. Monumental board in its frontage documents that professor Jonáš Bubenka, who prepared the first issue of Orbis Pictus, initiator of Slovak history and geography Ladislav Bartholomaeides worked here. The biggest tourist attraction in Ochtiná is the Ochtinská aragonitová jaskyňa (Ochtina Aragonit Cave). The cave is the world unique due to rich aragonite decoration creating various shapes similar to bunches, bushes, corals and nests. Appearance to its uniqueness the Ochtina Aragonit Cave was recorded to the list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage UNESCO. Besides those interests the village Ochtiná is famous for its handicraft of small bells and for beekeeping.

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